Penpont Churchyard Inscriptions

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Penpoint Churchyard

DALZIEL - 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
McMORINE - 3, 5
NIVEN - 10

Here lies the body of MARGARET HEWETSON, spouse to James Dalziel in Druidhall who died 6 aug 1772 aged 35. Also JOHN DALZIEL son of said James Dalziel who died 11 Oct 1780 aged 18 mths Also the foresaid JAMES DALZIEL in Druidhall who died 26 May 1808 age 71 Also of JOAN DALZIEL, daughter of William Dalziel in Holm of Drumlanrig who died 11 June 1812 age 17 and of WILLIAM, son of the above named William who died 18 Feb 1817 aged 61 Also MARY HUNTER, spouse of the said James Dalziel who died at Druidhall on the 15th March 1812 age 96 years.
In Memory MARY DALZIEL Daughter of the late George Dalziel, Marklund, who died 22 Feb 1850 age 23 years Also the above GEORGE DALZIEL who died at Marklund 11 tnarch 1852 age 82 HENRY SMITH DALZIEL, his grandson, who died at Marklund 26 June 1866 age 31 JANET FISHER, widow of the above George Dalziel died at Bankhead, Kirkmahoe 6 March l 873 aged 77 years Also MARGARET SMITH, wife of George Dalziel died at Marklund, 3rd Jan l883 age 45 And also the said GEORGE DALZIEL late of Marklund who died at Goldellea Uddingston 7th Sept 1906
Sacred to the Memory of JAMES DALZELL, born at Auchencruith Sanguhar Jan 26th 1834 died at Trinidad USA May l7th 1901
In memory of THOMAS DALZIEL, son of the late William Dalziel, Holm of Drumlanrig who died 7th August I 875 in the 73rd year of his age. And of JANET McMORINE, his wife, who died 17th May 1887 aged 77 years
In Memory of THOMAS son of George Dalziel, Holm of Drumlanrig who died 30th November 1853 aged 2yr 5mths And of GEORGE, also son of the foresaid, who died 29th June 1859 aged 10 years and of THOMAS also son of the said george Dalziel who died 4th Feb 1876 aged I7 and of NICHOLA McMORINE, wife of the said George Dalziel, who died 6th January 1879 aged 60 years And of WILLIAM, son of the said George Dalziel who died at Dundee, Feb 1872 aged 27 years Also the said GEORGE DALZIEL who died at Penpont 20th August 1884, aged 74 And of JANE, his Daughter who died at Penpont 16 Aug 1855 aged 31 years
In memory of MARY CORSAN spouse of James Dalziel, Druidhall, who died 3rd August 1836 aged 65 years Also JAMES DALZIEL, son to James Dalziel jnr, Druidhall who died 8th June 1836 aged nearly 3 years Also in memory of the above JAMES DALZIEL who died at Druidhall on 3rd Feb 1864 in the 98th year of his age
In memory of JEAN EDGAR, spouse of William Dalziel, Holme of Drumlanrig who died 24th November 1838 aged 69 years and of MARY DALZIEL, their daughter who died 28th of June 1821, aged 14 years Also of MARGARET DALZIEL their daughter who died 8th Oct 1821 aged 24 years And the said WILLIAM DALZIEL who died 20th Feb 1850 aged 89 years And of WILLIAM DALZIEL, grandson of the above and son of James Dalziel of Aucheclcruith, Sanguhar, who died on l9th Sept 1855 aged 23 years while prosecuting his studies in the reformed Presbyterian Theological Hall at Paisley. he was seized by a fatal disease and was thus in the wise but mysterious providence of God denied the opportunity which he earnestly longed for of preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ 11 Cor. V111 12 Also of the said JAMES DALZIEL who was born at Holm of Drumlanrig 23 Jan 1799 and died at Auchengruith 5 April 1861 And of JANE his daughter who was born at Auchengruith 20th Jan 1832 and died there 1st Aug 1867 And of JANET WALSH, wife of the above James Dalziel who died at Moffat l6th Oct 1885 aged 82 years and MARGARET daughter of James Dalziel and wife of John Mundell who died at Bimgaban, Queensland, Australia l0th May 1892 aged 64
In Memory of JAMES DALZIEL who died at Druidhall on l5th Sept 1874 aged 67 Also ELISABETH KENNEDY his wife who died at Thornhill 11th Dec 1888 aged 78 and of ADAM DALZIEL late of Chanlockfoot, son of the above James Dalziel who died at Thornhill 9th June 1918 aged 85 years
Erected by John Dalziel in Floors in memory of AGNES HAMILTON his spouse who died 29th Dec 1822 aged 51 years
MARY DALZIEL, wife of William Niven, died 4th Feb 1865 age 86 years
In Memory of JAMES DALZIEL who died at Blackorie,10 July 1848 age 47 years also ARCHIBALD DALZIEL, his son, who was drowned in the river Nith, 22nd November 1867 aged 28years also JANE CAMPBELL, widow of James Dalziel who died Shinnel Bridge, 3rd Feb 1883 age 84 years also JONE DALZIEL, granddaughter of the above died at Thornhill, 26th Feb 1893 in her 24th year Also MARGARET BLACK DALZIEL who died at Thornhill on 9th Aug 1913 age 72