Ecclefechan Churchyard

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Ecclefechan Churchyard

BELL- 282, 293, 462
BLACK - 1, 467
BLACKLOCK - 281, 282, 283, 469
BROOK - 462
BROWN - 291, 465
BYERS - 284
CARLYLE - 1, 2, 288, 289
CLARK - 284
DOWNIE - 295
GEDDES - 287
HANNAH - 459
HILL - 294
IRVING - 288, 460, 461, 462
LITTEL(LITTLE) - 281, 463, 464, 465, 466, 468
MacKENEY - 468
McINTOSH - 285
McNAY - 464
MILLER - 465
RAE - 1, 291, 292, 467
REE - 470
TOD - 289

Wm. Carlyle in Sandbed who died 09 Jan 1776 age 64 also Ellen Black his wife who died 28 Dec 1775 age 63. Also Ellen d/o Rbt. carlyle in Trailtrow, their son, who died 20 Dec 1785 age 13 mo. and the said Rbt. carlyle who died there 16th Sep 1797 age 55 yrs also Martha rae his wife who died there 1804 age 66 yrs also Martha d/o Wm. Carlyle in Trailtrow, son of the above Rbt. Carlyle who died 1814 age 2 yrs also Jane Bryden his wife who died at Williamwath 1825 age 36 yrs and the said Wm. carlyle who died at Gibsonhill, Tundergarth 19 Jun 1857 age 74:
(post 1855 inscription)
Janet Nisbet spOuse to John Carlyle in Pennersaughs who died 23 Jan 1809 age 60 also John Carlyle who died at Millpart 16 Jun 1822
(post inscription)
Here lyes Margraet Littel (sic) spouse to John Blaeklock (sic) in Puromstoun who died October 1726 of age60 years

Here lyes the body of Thomas Black of Albie who died September 22 in the year 1786 of age 70 years also Jean Blacklock his daughter she died 20th November1757, her age 9 months also Margaret Bell his spouse who died 7th August, 1801 aged 70 years ( Coat of Arms)

Robert Blacklock son to Thomas Blacklock in Albie who died 3rd July, 1783 aged 37 years

William Clark in Cleughbrae who died 7th February, 1804 aged 54 years also Agnes Byers his wife who died ay Fairyhall 5th June 1835 aged 76 years

Alenander McIntosh in Ecclefechan who died 16th January, 1775 aged 25 years

John Lorimer in Swaughpark who died 30th of October, 1838 aged 48 years

James Geddes in Ecclefechan who died 19th November, 1837 aged 60 years

Here lyes John Henderson in Wallastoun and 'Babra' (sic) Carlyle his spouse who departed this life March 2, 1705 aged 68 years son to Gvin Henderson in Park - erected by Jannet Irving his spouse.
Heir lyes the man that hated non and was beloved of everyone,
who was pleasant in his life and pleasant in his death.

John Carlyle in Sandbed who died 26 January, 1788, aged 85 years. Also Agnes Carlyle his spouse who died 27th December, 1773 aged 72 years. Also Euphemia Tod who died 25th May, 1807 aged 65 years. Also John Carlyle son to John Carlyle and Euphemia Tod who died 27th March, 1790 aged 24 years. Also Jean Carlyle their daughter who died 2nd July, 1807 aged 20 years (Coat of Arms)

Walter Paisley in Ecclefechan who died 18th April, 1787 aged 65 years and Barbara Paisley his daughter who died 26th August, 1780 aged 19 years

John Brown in East Bowhill who died 1802 aged 73 years also Mary Rae his spouse who died there 18th January, 1803 aged 74 years

John Rae who died 25th April, 1719 aged 21 years and Jein (sic) Rae April, 1720 aged 22 years children of Thomas Ras in Luss (The backside of this stone carries a Blacksmith's trade badge)

Here lyes Blanch (sic) Bell spouse to John Rae in Longdyke who died 24th May, 1731 of age 35 years

Here lyes John Hill tayler in Lockerbie, he died 16th February, 1754 aged 33 years. Also Christopher Hill his son who died 5th November, 1745 aged 3 months. Also Agnes Hill his daughter she died 16th March, 1750 aged 18 months

Andrew Robinson in Ecclefechan who died 1760 aged 55 years. Also Elizabeth Downie his spouse who died 11th November, 1785 aged78 years

In affectionate memory of Helen Hannah daughter of James Hannah and wife of William Urquhart, merchant, Langholm, who died 18th November, 1881 aged 56 years " Her counsel to her family while she lived was repeated in her dying hour, ' Trust Jesus, Love Jesus, He has blessed us in the past and he will bless us still.' Also the above William Urquhart born Feb 16th, 1823, died March 16th, 1893

Mary Irving, daughter of Jon Irving in Cattels who died 1738 aged 11 years also John Irving his son who died 22nd of September, 1816 aged 74 years also Harbert Irving his son who died at Langlands 22nd July 1822 aged 82 years also George Irving his son who died at Langlands the 16th September, 1833 aged 88 years also Mary Johnston wife of the above George Irving who died at Langlands 15th March, 1836 aged 85 years. Also Mary Irving their daughter who died at Lockerby 15th February, 1839 aged 75 years

In memory of John Irving who died at Newbigging 18th January 181_ aged 66 years

In memory of Jessie Elizabeth Bell-Irving wife of Edward Jonas Brook of Hoddom who passed away 30th August, 1940. In memory of Edward Jonas Brook of Hoddom who passed away July 17th, 1924 aged 59 years "Blessed are the pure in heart."

George Little son of Andrew Little, farmer Boggside who died in Shawbrea 1st May 1824 aged 79 years and Agnes Little his sister who died at at Shawbrea 27th May, 1825 aged 58 years also Mary Little his sister who died at Shawbrea 8th June 1826 aged 72 years

Andrew Little in Over-Boggside who died 23rd January, 1788 aged 80 years also Helen Little his daughter who died August 24th, 1772 aged46 years also Helen McNay his spouse who died March 25th, 1811 aged 82 years and Janet Little their daughter who died at Shawbrea 1st May, 1824 aged 57 years also William Little their son who died at Shawbrea 27th June, 1825 aged 62 years

In memory of Jean Brown spouse to John Little in Over-boggside who died January 30, 1785 aged 30 years also Nellie Little their daughter who died January 28th 1785 aged 26 years(?) also Andrew Litte son of John Little who died 5th March, 1780 aged 11 days also Margaret Little his daughter who died 17th January, 1797 aged 2 years also Helen Little his daughter who died 13th June, 1802 aged 22 days also Margaret Little his daughter who died 3rd February, 1809 aged 10 years also Mary Miller his spouse who died 20th September 1811 aged 40 years and the said John Little who died at Ecclefechan Juy 12th, 1822 aged 71 years
Andrew Farish son to Robert Farish who died at Bectonhall Feruary 26, 1792 aged 9 months also Andrew his son who died at Learshead November 15, 1817 aged 23 years and the above Robert Farish who died at Ecclefechan 25th June, 1811 aged 73 years and Elizabeth Little his spouse who died 31st June 1842 aged 82 years
Walter Black late in Meinbank who died December 1747 aged 48 years also Janet and Jean Rae his spouses. Janet 1733 aged____, Jean died____also Helen Black daughter to John Black in Dykesmare their son who died August 1790 aged 18 years also Walter Black his son who died April 13th, 1795 aged 36 years.
Here lyes Jean MacKeney spouse to George Little in Bank who departed this life February 18th, 1716 aged 33 years. Here lyes George Little in Bank. He died December 8th, 1746 aged 8_? years.
George Roddick in Bridge of Dalton who died July 12th, 1791 aged 85 years also Jean Blacklock his spouse who died 8th January, 1817 aged__? years also Margaret Roddick who died in ______? 27th December 1853 aged__?
Here lyes James Rae in Hoddam who departed this life August the__?day, 1706 aged 63 years, Erected by George his son