The Scogin Family

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Including any and all possible spellings:
Scogin, Scogins, Scrogin, Scrogins,Scoggin, Scoggins, Scroggin, Scroggins, Scogan, Scogen, Scoggen, Scrogans, Schoggen, Schoggins, and whatever other variations you can think of

Welcome to the Scogin Genealogy page. We're still under construction, so we don't have much up yet. Please return often - we plan to have a lot more information up soon.

This site is being built by the members of the Scogin mailing list at Rootsweb. We cover a wide range of alternate spellings, including Scoggins, Scrogin, and many others. We are researching several different branches of the Scogin tree, and learning new information every day.

We plan to have information on each of our Scogin lines posted here soon. Until then, please visit the following sites; they are the homepages of some of our list members, and have a lot of Scogin information.

Debbie Phillips' Homepage
The descendants of Wright Scogin (1802, South Carolina -1875, Texas) and Susan Hawthorne (1806-1876).
The Endless Search
The Southern Georgia Scoggins back to 1820's
Kevin Scoggins' Genealogy Project
The descendants of Marble Benson Scoggins, born 1831 in North Carolina
Scogin Genealogy
About 10 generations starting with Susan "Lake" Scogin and going back to the Mayflower...
Guenther-Tindle Genealogy
The descendants of Thomas Scroggins and Fannie Minton
Steve Scoggins Family Tree Web Page
Covers the descendants of Jesse Scoggins (born between 1790-1810, VA) and Mary Frances Sandland
The Steven Harper Scoggins Family Home Page
Steve Scoggins' Family Tree Maker page on the descendants of Jesse Scoggins and Mary Frances Sandland
The Sutphen Family of Texas
The Sutphens and related families: Crawford, Oxsheer, Scogin, Walker, and others. Includes the descendants of John Scogin, born in 1770.
Scoggins - Scroggins Home Page
Genealogy of the Andress, Bryan, Jordan, and Scoggins - Scroggins Families of Navarro County, Texas. Covers the descendants of James M. Scoggins (1830-1864) of Georgia.
Scoggins Lineage
The descendants of Richard Scoggin (Abt. 1698 - Abt. 1770)

You may also want to visit the Scogin Cluster Resources Page. This is a new concept established by ROOTSWEB and GENCONNECT. There are seven boards where anybody (do not have to be a subscriber) can post information for all to see. There is a board to post queries, and six additional newly established boards to post Biographies, Bible Records, Deeds, Obituaries, Pensions, and Wills. Since this is a new resource, there have not been many sources posted yet, but we'll get them up there soon.

If you would like to include a link here to your Scogin genealogy site, please e-mail our webmaster. If you would like to pose a Scogin question to the group, e-mail the list, and put "visitor question" in the subject line. If you would like to join the list, go to Surname/Family Lists Hosted by RootsWeb and follow the instructions for joining a list. For questions and comments regarding this website, please e-mail our webmaster.