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The families whose records are provided here are the many ancestor families in Sør-Trøndelag from whom I descend along with many others that I have researched as part of doing lookups for others. I have used their farm names as surnames. Keep in mind that the farm name (and thus the surname) often changed as a person moved from one farm to another. The exact spelling of surnames and farm names also varied from one generation to the next. And for those who emigrated, their "surname" was often adapted or even totally changed.

The Ancestor charts listed below are provided in Adobe Acrobat file format (.pdf). Viewing these files requires that you have Acrobat installed on your computer.  Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded for free from the Adobe web site:


* Many of the  4- or 5-generation charts listed below are for those who emigrated from Norway.  Hopefully this will help someone make the link back to Norway or to find what happened to their relative in the U.S.  Contact me if you want more information about them.  I often have more generations about these individuals in my database

Among my ancestor families not yet posted are Indset, Bones, and another Storrø line.


Aakerli (Agerlie), Ole Berntsen (1855-1951)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Aarhaug, Even Jensen (1797-1871)
     3rd Great-Grandfather

Aasenhus, Arne Olufsen (1595-1665)

Aasenhus, Esten Nilsen (1683-1733)

Aasenhus, Marit Eriksdatter (1843-1871)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Aasenhus, Nils Arnesen (1644-bef. 1696)

Almaas, Hans [from Singsås] - Descendants Page

Anderson, John (1866-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Asmundhus, Oluff - Descendants Page
10th Great-Grandfather

Aunbak, Margrethe Jensdatter (1866-1943)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Aune, Erik Jonsen

Aune, Henrik Johnsen (1771-1850)

Aune, Henrik Joensen (1771-1850)

Aune, John Henriksen (1740-1804)

Aune, John Henriksen (1740-1804)

Aune, Ingeborg Pedersdatter (1813-1900)

Aune, Kari Iversdatter (1877-1932)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Aunøyen, Gunhild Iversdatter (1779-1849)

Aunøyen, Ildri Ingebrigtsdatter (1866-1941)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Bakken, Jon Eriksen

Bakkergjerdet, Marit Sivertsdatter

Bjerkset, Lars Knudsen (Lars/Louis Knutson) (1847-1899)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Bjørgen, Ingebrigt Pedersen (1868-1944)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Bjørgen, Ole Olsen (1866-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Bjørgen, Ole Olsen (1873-1945) - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Bogan/Buset, Anne Olsdatter (1750-1831)

Bones, Iver Olsen (1698-1761)

Bones, Kari Iversdatter (1733-1812)

Bones, Stephen Andersen (1767-aft. 1825)

Bonesvold, Erik - Descendants Page (1600-?)
     8th Great-Grandfather

Bonesvold, Erik Estensen (1672-1748)

Bonesvold, Esten Eriksen (1628-1690)

Bonesvold, Kjersti Eriksdatter (17-7-1773)

Bordal, Ingebrigt Olsen - Descendants Page
     5th Great-Grandfather

Bræk (Brekke), Ole Olsen (1863-?)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Buset, Anne Olsdatter (1750-1831)

Dahl, John E.

Dragset, John Haldosen (1876-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Enodd, Beret Pedersdatter (1767-abt. 1849)

Enodd, Peder Olsen (1735-1811)

Estenstad, Ingebrigt Andersen - Descendants Page

Folstad, Arne Tomassen - Descendant Page
     8th Great-Grandfather

Folstad, Arnt Olsen (1638-1718)

Folstad, Eli Arntsdatter (1672-1756)

Folstad, Guri Rolfsdatter (1682-1746)

Folstad, Ingeborg Ingebrigtsdatter (1868-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Folstad, Ingebrigt Olsen (1817-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Folstad, Ole Jonsen - Descendants Page

Folstad, Rolf Arnesen (1656-1692)

Fossum, Joen Taraldsen

Fossum, Ole Olsen (1858-1898)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøset, Anders Olsen (1836-1923)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøset, Arnt Olsen (1832-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøset, Erick Andersen (Stensås) (1868-1907)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøset, Ole Johnsen (1826-1881)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøseth, Berit Pedersdatter (1867-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Froseth, John E. (1842-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Frøset(h), Ole Andersen (1866-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Garli, Esten Olsen (1857-1914)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Gaarlid, Peder - Descendants Page 3/20/01  
11th Great-Grandfather

Godøyen, Marit Pedersdatter (1849-1918)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Granøyen/Granøien, Ole Olsen (1866-?)   5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Grøner, Anders Andersen - Descendants Page

Gunhildsøien, Jon Larsen (1815-1903)

Gunhildsøien, Jon Mensen (1751-1808)

Gunhildsøien, Kari Mensdatter (1771-1838)

Gunhildsøien, Lars Jonsen (1840-1901)

Gunhildsøien, Mens Jonsen (1717-1776)

Gunhildsøyen, Peder Jonsen (1842-1929)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Gynnild, Ole Olsen (1893-1968)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Halgut, Marit Jensdatter

Hallråen, Anders Jonsen [from Skaarvold farm]

Haanshus, Jens Nilsen (1871-1967)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Hammer, Bertha (Berit Antonsdatter Hammer) (1891-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Hanshus, Joen Sivertsen (1693-1763)

Hanshus, Siuffuer - Descendants Page
     8th Great-Grandfather

Hanson, Jon (Kirkvold) (1843-1910)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Haugen, Arnt Andersen (1698-1773) - Descendants Page

Haugen, Hans Olufsen

Haugen, Sara Hansdatter

Heggvold, Ingri Andersdotter (1718-1776)

Heggvold (Wold), Jens Pedersen (1845-1922)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Heggvoll, Anders Pedersen (1681-1765)

Heggvoll, Aren (1592-aft 1664) - Descendants Page
     9th Great-Grandfather

Hegvoll, Peder Arntsen (1634-1721)

Holte, Arnt Jacobsen (1840-1928)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Holte, Guru Andersdotter (1856-1945)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Holte, Jens Bersvendsen (1840-1918)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Hongrø, Siri Svendsdatter (1858-1926)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Hugås, Arne - Descendants Page

Hugdalsmoen, Steffen Pedersen (1848-1919)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Husby, John (1854-1925)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Huus, Anne Ingebrigtsdatter (1876-abt 1920)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Indergård, Johan Reginius Johnson (1854-1925)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Indsetløkken, Gjertrud Olsdatter (1737-1821)

Indset, Guru Estensdotter (1709-1767)

Jensdatter, Berit (1655-1725)

Joensdotter, Karen

Joensdatter, Marit

Kirkvold, Dordi Pedersdatter (1698-1773)

Kirkvold, Jon Hansen [Jon Hanson] (4-Generation Ancestor Chart)

Kirkvoll, Hans Ellevsen (Setereng) (1644-1700)

Kjelstad, Arnt Estensen (1709-1773)

Kjelstad, Eli Arntsdatter (1731-1800)

Kjelstad, Esten Andersen - Descendants Page

Kjelstad (Lund), Iver Andersen - Descendants Page
5th Great-Grandfather

Kjelstad-Kalvhagen, Arnt Iversen (1759-1810)

Klefstad, Sigrid Eriksdatter (1861-1923)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart 

Koolmo, Jens Olsen [aka Jens O. Økdal] (1856-?]  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Kverneng/Kverning, Marit Larsdatter (1855-?)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Ler, Kari Olsdatter (Stensås) 1867-1952 (5-Generation Ancestor Chart)

Lillebjørgen, Erik Arntsen (1844-1913)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Lillebjørgen, John Eriksen (1842-?)   5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Lillebjørgen, Marit Ingebrigtsdatter (1847-1939)

Løkken, Arnt Nilsen - Descendants Page
7th Great-Grandfather

Løkken, Ole Arntsen (1706-1768)

Lundåsen, Esten Larsen (abt.1650-1725)

Lundåsen, Randi Estensdatter (1699-1773)

Lyngdal, Esten Johnsen (1856-1934)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Merket (Market), Peder Johnsen (1846-1910)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Midtli, Randi Rasmusdatter (1765-1809)

Mosløkken, Marit Pedersdatter (1870-1959)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Nilsdotter, Kirsten

Øien, Marit Larsdatter (1862-1926)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Økdal/Øgdal [Koolmo/Kulmo], Jens Olsen (1856-?)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Overlie, John Estensen (1856-1934)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Øverøyen, Berit Evensdatter (1712-1778)

Øyan, Elev Anderssen (1681-1744)

Øyan, Ragnhil Elevsdatter (1731-abt. 1828)

Øyen, Even Ingebrigtsen (1680-1744)

Pedersdatter, Marit

Peterson, Steffen (1848-1919)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rambraut, John Andersen (1866-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rambraut/Rambrudt, Marta Arentsdatter

Rambrudt, Marit Arntsdatter

Refset, Ingeborg Olsdatter - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Refset, Iver Andersen

Refseth, Anders Olsen (1877-1963)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Refsetås, Gertru Stephensdatter (1820-1863)

Refsetås, Stephen Andersen (1767-aft 1825)

Reppe, Erick Olsen (1866-1950)   5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Repseth, Steffen E. (1851-1886)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Anders Ingebrigtsen (1847-1928) - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Arenn - Descendants Page
  8th Great-Grandfather

Rognes, Arnt Estensen - Descendants Page
     6th Great-Grandfather

Rognes, Arnt Estensen (1738-1803)

Rognes, Esten Arntsen (1701-1750)

Rognes, Jon Olsen (1828-1913) - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Jonetta Olsdatter (1850-1928)

Rognes, Marit Andersdatter (1852-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Marit Jonsdatter (1861-1947)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Siri Ingebrigtsdatter (1857-1939)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Ole Olsen (1847-1889)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rognes, Peder Ingebrigtsen (1849-1927)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rogness (Rogneslien), Esten Jonsen (1869-1959)  4-Generation Ancestor chart

Rogneslien, Ellev Estensen (1814-1912)

Rogneslien, Gunhild Ellevsdatter (1863-1953)

Rogneslien, Gunhild Ellevsdatter (1863-1953)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rogneslien (Overli), Jon Estensen (1831-1898)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rogneslien, Marit Jonsdatter (1872-1950)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rogneslien, Steffen Ellevsen (1851-1886)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rogstadøyen, Siri Andersdatter (1846-1878)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Rønningen, Else Sivertsdatter

Røsbjørgen, Anders Olsen (1732-1805)

Røsbjørgen, Ole Andersen (1672-1741) - Descendants Page
     6th Great-Grandfather

Røsbjørgen, Ole Olsen (1703-1784)

Røsbjørgen, Stephen Andersen

Røttum, Anders Olsen (Andrew Reiten) (1868-1939)  4-Generation Ancestor chart

Røttum, Gjertru Estensdatter

Røttum, Mens Jonsen (1717-1776) - Descendants Page
     5th Great-Grandfather

Saltnes, Marit Andersdatter (1856-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sandboe, Ole Hansen - Descendants Page (includes: Fossum, Gynnild, Moen, Hasselbraut, Rogstad, Flaa)

Score, Andrew J. (1844-1926) [Anders Jonsen Gunhildsøien]

Score, John (1860-1908) [Jon Arntsen Skaarvold]

Score, John (1879-1953) [Johan Johansen Kiland Skaarvold]

Score, Mike (1854-1925) [Mens Arntsen Skaarvold]

Score, Ole J. (1853-1939) [Ole Jonsen Gunhildsøien]

Score, Ole Olsen (1873-1945) - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Score, Ole P. (1845-1923)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Score, Peder J. (1842-1929) [Peder Jonsen Gunhildsøien]

Score, Sigwald (1899-1991)

Sætereng, Ragnhild Ellevsdatter (1793-1837)

Setereng, Aun Hanssen (1682-abt. 1748)

Setereng, Ellev Hanssa (1765-abt. 1805)

Setereng, Hans Aunsen (1727-bef. 1787)

Setereng (Kirkvoll) Hans Ellivson - Descendants Page
  7th Great-Grandfather

Singsåsmo, Mons Toresen (1882-1961)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Anders Andersen

Skaarvold, Anders Jonsen

Skaarvold, Anders Jonsen

Skaarvold, Anfinn Olsen (1869-1928) - 4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Arnt Mensen (1823-1909)

Skaarvold, Berit Johnsdatter (1727-1810)

Skaarvold, Berit Mensdatter (1830-1873)

Skaarvold, Even Arntsen (1864-1910)

Skaarvold, Ingeborg Andersdatter (1855-1901)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Ingebrigt Olsen (1817-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Johan Johannesen Kiland (1879-1953)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, John Johnsen; aka, John J. Score (1849-aft 1930)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, John Arntsen (1860-1908)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Jon Andersen - Descendants Page (1685-1734)
     6th Great-Grandfather

Skaarvold, Jon Mensen (1835-1904)

Skaarvold, Mens Arntsen (1854-1925)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Mens Jonsen (1792-1880)

Skaarvold, Ole Ericksen (1822-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skaarvold, Ole Pedersen (1845-1923)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skjærli/Skjerli, Arnt Jacobsen (1840-1928)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Skjærli, Ingeborg Ingebrigtsdatter (1828-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sneen, Anders Nilsen (1860-aft 1930)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sneen, Henrik (Henry) Larsen (1872-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sneen, Siri Arnfinnsdatter (1839-?)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart 

Soknes, Even Ingebrigtsen - Descendants Page
     8th Great-Grandfather

Soknes, Even Ingebrigtsen (1607-1680)

Soknes, Even Pedersen

Soknes, Ingebrigt Evensen (1638-1701)

Soknes, Ingebrigt - Descendants Page

Solberg, Berit Olsdotter (1871-1951)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solberg, Gjertrud Eriksdotter

Solberg, Ingeborg Pedersdotter (1836-1919)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solberg, Ingri Joensdotter (1856-1913)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solberg, Kjersti Pedersdotter (1843-1933)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solberg, Oline Estensdotter (1873-1951)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solberg, Peder Olsen (1850-1925)  4-Generation Ancestor Char

Solberg, Siri Arntsdatter (1819-1891)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solem, Anders Pedersen (1862-1945)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Solem, Anne Olsdatter (1824-1919)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sørtømme, Esten Arntsen (1860-1949)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Staverløkk, Brynild Ingebrigtsdotter (1765-1834)

Staverløkk, Gjertru Henriksdotter (1800-1835)

Staverløkken, Kari Evensdatter (1823-1911)

Staverløkken, Lars Olsen (1870-abt 1920)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Stenbro, Kjersti Andersdotter (1877-?)   4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Stever, Andrew (1843-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Stever, Louis E. (1846-aft 1925)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Storbudal, Guri Jensdatter (1743-1805)

Stor-Hugdal, Guru Pedersdotter (1729-1813)

Storrø, Berit Eriksdatter (1758-1838)

Storrø, Erik Olsen

Storrø (Storøesgierdet), Erik Olsen - Descendants Page
     5th Great-Grandfather

Storrø, Ingri Olsdatter (1735-1782)

Storrø, Kari Olsdatter (1675-1752)

Storrø, Karl Olsen (1590-1660)
     8th Great-Grandfather

Støver, Kjersti Olsdotter (1862-1951)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Støverhaug, Anders Ingebrigtsen (1843-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Støverhaug, Lars Ingebrigtsen (1846-aft 1925)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Sundli, Ole Olsen (1827-1906)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Tangen (Skaarvold), Erik Rasmussen (1870-1942)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vagnild/Wagnild, Anders Ericksen (1822-1914)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vagnild/Wagnild, Guru Olsdotter (1830-1920)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vagnild/Wagnild, Marit Olsdotter (1857-1929)  4-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vinsnes, Jens Jensen (1882-1956)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vold, Else Jensdatter (1832-?)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Vold, Ole Halvorsen (1846-1930)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Voldkleven, Marit Olsdatter (1855-1927)

Voll, Ingeborg Estensdatter (1685-1737)

Vollum, Ingeborg Hildbrandsdotter (1685-1747)

Wagnildaune, Henrik Joensen (1718-abt. 1796)

Wold, Cora (1900-1999)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Wold, Else Jensdatter (1832-?)  5-Generation Ancestor chart

Wold, Ole Halvorsen (1846-1930)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart

Wold, Marith (1855-1927)  5-Generation Ancestor Chart


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