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The LAWS Message Board has been established to allow us to share our Laws family history information in a convenient way.   You can post your queries, wills, obituaries, Bible records, birth, death, deeds, cemetery and biographies, etc. so that others may be able to respond in years to come.

With the Laws Message Boards, we can share our LAW, LAWS (and related lines) information in a searchable format on the Internet. 

As you post to the message board, be sure you choose an appropriate "Classification."  If you choose no classification, it is assumed that your message is a query. 

Please feel free to post your queries to both the Laws Mail List and the Laws Message Board.


Posting Guidelines:

Use the Queries button above to post and read LAWS queries, biographies, obituaries, wills, Bible records deeds, etc. All posted information must show a LAW, LAWS connection. 

  When posting information, please provide appropriate information in the subject area, such as name(s) of primary individual(s), location, and dates. If it is an obituary, it is suggested you include the word OBIT to make a quick scan of messages easier.

Please be sure that all surnames are listed in the surname box. 

Please identify the source of all information (e.g., specific book, record, newspaper, etc.)

For biographies, copyrights should not be violated. Portions of a work may be used under the "fair use" policy. 

Commercial use of the information posted is not allowed. 

Be sure to read the Message Board Rules and Message Board FAQs at the bottom of the Laws Message Board.


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All Rights Reserved.

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