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7/9/2008 - Unfortunately for personal reasons I have not had time to make changes to this web site in several years. Please accept my apology if there are facts in error which you told me to correct and I have not done yet. There is a lot more data available now and I look forward to the time when I can do more research. At this point, I need to revamp this entire web site - something which will be quite time-consuming.

While it's believed that the Laws family originated in England, earliest records of this Laws branch were found in Virginia in the 1700s. The family migrated from there to Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. In the 1800s, some Laws families went south to Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, while others moved to Kansas and then to California.       

The data presented in this web site is by no means all inclusive. There are no guarantees as to its total accuracy. No matter how hard we try, we can never be sure that everything is correct.


PHOTOS above beginning from the LEFT: Dr. Ovid S. Laws, about 1900.  MIDDLE: Junius E. Laws, Los Angeles, CA, late 1940s. RIGHT: Carmen Laws Tremble, in 1923, with son John E. Tremble.

  Index to Laws Surname in 1870 Census

     Some of the surnames included in this Laws family line: Bailey, Beckham, Bennett, Brenton, Bugg, Calvert, Campbell, Canady, Cundiff, Durham, Fuquay, Hale, Jones, Kenton, King, Mattingly, Russell, Sturgeon, Taylor, Tremble, White, Woodford, Zabala and others.

     If you have additional information related to any of the families included here, please contact me. This is a work-in-progress. If you find any of my data to be either incorrect or incomplete, or if you would like any additional information, please e-mail me. Hopefully this site will continue to grow as we meet new "cousins." Thanks!
.. Linda Schwartz                                        

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