Charles Henry Gauss - 1898-12-21

Charles Henry Gauss - 1898-12-21

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Colorado College,
Colorado Springs, Nov. 20, 1898

Mr. Charles Henry Gauss,
                    My dear Sir:
                                                    As a specialist in mathematics and the history of mathematics, I have always been interested in your celebrated grandfather, C. F. Gauss.  Lately I have, through your brother Robert Gauss of Denver, become specially interested in the great mathematician and his descendants.  Your brother has given me some interesting particulars about your father; he has given me a photographic copy of a letter written by your grandfather to your father shortly before the latter's wedding.  Your brother has also shown me the translation of a second letter written by your grandfather.  The original of that letter is in your possession, he says.  It has occurred to me that you would be willing either to supply me with an accurate copy of the original, or to send me the original for inspection.  Should you send me the original, then you may rest assured that I shall take good care of it and shall return it to you promptly, after making, for my own use, a copy of it.
                I am planning to weave the letters and the historical material that I am collecting into one, possibly two, articles about Gauss and his descendants.  I received to-day a very interesting letter from Carl Gauss (the son of Joseph Gauss) of Hameln, Germany.  Some days ago I had also a letter from the Rev. O. W. Gauss of Kansas City, Mo.
                Trusting that you may be able to grant me my request, I am,

Very respectfully yours,                                  
Florian Cajori                                  
Professor of Mathematics            
Colorado College,                
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Source:   Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family.   Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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