Copyist's Note

Copyist's Note

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    It is not this copyist desire to refute any of the statements made in this diary by my grandfather, John Jay Johns, but his notes were from memories of fifty years prior and the names may have become mixed in his mind. From Page #32 [November 3, 1880 - November 18, 1880] I beg to change the information to the following:

    Anthony Winston (1750-1828) married in 1776 Kesiah Jones (1760-1826).  Anthony Winston was born in Henrice Co. Va., and died in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  Kesiah Jones' brother, Arthur Jones married Sally Baker.  A son of Anthony Winston and Kesiah Jones Winston named Isaac Winston married Catherine Jones a daughter of Arthur Jones, namely his first cousin.  another son, Anthony Winston, Jr. Married Sally A. Watson.

    From Page #33 [Letter to Mary Rice], additional information:

Jones Family

    Peter Jones born in Wales in 1599, came to America from Southampton in 1623.  He settled in Henrice Co. Virginia.
    Peter Jones married Margaret Wood, daughter of Major General Wood.  He died in Henrice Co. Va., in 1662.
    Peter Jones and wife, Margaret Wood Jones had a son:  Captain Peter Jones born in Henrice Co. Va. in 1651 and died in Prince George County in 1726.  Captain Peter Jones married Mary Wood daughter of Abraham Wood.  They had a son:  John Jones born in Buckingham Co. Va., about 1710.  He married Elizabeth Walker who was born in Kent Co. Va., about 1719.  They had a son:
    William Jones, Born in Buckingham Co., Va., in 1745 who was killed at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781.
    He married Agnes Walker, a daughter of James Walker.  Agnes Walker was born in Buckingham Co., Va, in 1749 and died in Buckingham Co. Va. in 1819.
    Their children:     (William Jones and Agnes Walker Jones)

James Jones, John Jones, David Jones, Joel Walker Jones and William Jones.

Joel Walker Jones married Agnes Gibson daughter of Thomas Gibson and Wife, Martha --- Gibson.

    The children of William Jones and Agnes Walker Jones were young apparently and the Court appointed a guardian and considered them orphans.  William Jones' estate was settled in Campbell Co, Va in 1783.  Agnes Walker Jones died in 1819 and so far as I have been able to find out did not remarry.


Source: Photocopy of typewritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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