July 1879 - December 1879

July 1879 - December 1879

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Jan. 1, 1879.
The past year has been memorable for the prevalence of yellow fever in the South.  This day begins the resumption of specie payments after suspension of 18 years.

Jan. 5, 1879.
Mrs. Martin is still growing worse.

Jan. 8, 1879.
Wrote to my sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary Johns, Austin, Texas.

Jan. 31, 1879.
Went to St. Louis yesterday to consult brethren on the settlement of our church case by a committee.  We to select two and the other side two and the four to choose a fifth man.  We selected Dr. Rutherford and William G. Clark.  The Supreme Court of the State gave us the property by two decisions several years ago. They have sued us in the Federal Courts and we have offered to compromise in the above mode rather than have the expense of a suit at law.  It has been an exceedingly expensive and troublesome case, lasting for 12 years.  I took dinner with Mr. Clark.

Feb. 4, 1879.
Went to my farm in afternoon.  Called at William Schafer's and was taken through his new house.  It is very large and fine.  Ready for plasterers.  It is quite an ornament to that part of the Prairie.

Feb. 9, 1870.
Last night we attended the Silver Wedding of Mr. Alex Garvin and wife.  It was a happy affair and a large company of friends present.

Feb. 10, 1870.
Went to St. Louis on business about the old church property.  Both parties have agreed to a committee of two on each side, they to select a fifth man if necessary.  We had selected Dr. E. H. Rutherford and William G. Clark but they objected to Mr. Clark because he is related to some families in our church.  This is most unreasonable.  In Mr. Clark's place we selected Mr. Vietch.  I sincerely hope this old bone of contention will be taken out of the way.  The committees appointed by the two Synods in this State to consider a plan of cooperation to support Westminster College met in Judge Breckinridge's office at 4:00 p.m.  Present were Drs. Brank and Rutherford, Mr. Vietch and myself of the Southern Synod.  The Northern Synod brethren expressed themselves as favorable to cooperation if they were satisfied with the location and financial condition of the college.  They will go up in the spring to look at it.

Feb. 12, 1879.
Yesterday Fred was appointed Physician and Superintendent of the County Asylum, his being the lowest bid ($240.00)  This will help him and give him a start as a physician.  In afternoon attended old Mrs. Redmon's funeral, 87 years old.

Feb. 27, 1879.
Went to St. Louis today on our church case.  Efforts to compromise it likely to fail.  The other side disposed to back down from their own proposition.  This matter has given me a good deal of trouble and they are acting in very bad faith.

Mar. 1, 1879.
Received a letter from an old friend, R. C. Saunders in Austin, Texas, whom I haven't seen for 35 years.

Mar. 2, 1879 Sabbath.
County Bible Society meeting tonight at Methodist Church.

Mar. 3. 1879.
Glover made his first speech at the bar today in the Blair case.  He did very well.

Mar. 5, 1879.
The jury in Blair case gave a verdict in first degree.

Mar. 6 1879.
Oliver Stonebraker died this morning.

Mar. 8, 1879.
Clear and beautiful, very warm, mercury 66° this morning.  Mrs. Martin was thought to be dying last night, she revived.  (Later)  Mrs. Martin died this morning at 9 o'clock.

Mar. 9, 1879 Sabbath.
Clear, mild and beautiful.  Yesterday the mercury went up to 80°, Today it is 76°.  No service in our church today on account of Mrs. Martin's death.  She is to be buried today at two o'clock.  Mr. Wilkie of Troy is expected to officiate.

Mar. 10, 1879.
Mrs. Martin's funeral in church at two o'clock yesterday conducted by Reverend Mr. Wilkie of Troy.  A very fine sermon on the text "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints".

Mar. 19, 1879.
Mrs. Glenday came from Sedalia at half past eleven o'clock last night.  Glover took Anna and John Pearce to St. Louis to put them on the cars to meet their father and mother.

Apr. 3, 1879,
Attended the funeral of Mrs. Oliver Stonebraker.

Apr. 4, 1879.
Rev. Thomas C. Smith and wife came on a visit to us.

Apr. 6, 1879.  Sabbath.
Pleasant morning, milder.  Communion in church today.  Mr. Smith preached for us a most precious sermon "By grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the Gift of God".  He spoke with peculiar tenderness and unction.

Apr. 7, 1879.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith left to visit friends in St. Louis.

Apr. 8, 1879.
Glover went to Portage with Joe Lackland today.  I expect to go to St. Louis this evening to meeting of Presbytery.

Apr. 9, 1879.
I was in St. Louis today attending meeting of Presbytery, staying at Dr. Rutherford's, Pastor of the Pine Street Church.  Took tea with Arthur.

Apr. 10, 1879.
The important matter before the Presbytery is adoption of the Revised Book of Government and Discipline.  The subject was fully and ably discussed and then adopted, by 23 to 5.

Apr. 11, 1879.
Presbytery adjourned this afternoon.  I came home to Tea.  This was a very important and interesting meeting of Presbytery.  I met many old friends and brethren.  The grass around home looks so beautiful and fresh after the rains.

Apr. 16, 1879.
Our cow is giving about two gallons milk at a milking and about 6 lbs butter per week.  Went to Mrs. Durfee's farm this afternoon.  The wheat looks very fine on hill as well as on Prairie.  The ditch carried off the water finely after the heavy rains.  Annie, Fred's wife, gave birth to a daughter between five and six o'clock this evening (Mary Glenday Johns).

Apr. 20, 1879  Sabbath.
Fine day.  In afternoon went to the Episcopal Church to hear Reverend Mr. Portness preach.  Knew him here thirty years ago as a teacher.  He married about that time Eliza Sheppard, an acquaintance of ours.  She died some years ago and her daughter is to be married on the 22d and the grandmother lives here now.

Apr. 27, 1879   Sabbath.
Reverend Robert Morrison of Potosi preached for us today.  He is agent for Westminster College.

May 4, 1879.   Sabbath.
Reverend Dr. Farris preached for us this morning.

May 5, 1879.
Dr. Farris preached a glorious sermon yesterday morning.  Arthur left this morning for St. Louis.

May 11, 1879.  Sabbath.
Reverend Mr. Vardeman, Baptist Minister of Wentzville, preached for us morning and evening.  He preached with great power.

May 12, 1879.
Reverend Mr. Vardeman took dinner with us today.  He is a fine talker, a good deal of humor, a man or great courage, of strong convictions and decided piety.

May 18, 1879.  Sabbath.
No preaching in our church today.  Went to methodist Church and heard a funeral sermon on the death of Mrs. Pritchett.

Arthur C. Johns
2632 Locust St.   St. Louis, Mo.
A. C. Johns
3211 Pine St.,  St. Louis Mo.

May 22, 1879.
Mrs. Glenday went to St. Louis today with Miss Virginia Fawcett.

May 27, 1879.
Called to see Dr. Overall who is sick and Mrs. Alf Stonebraker.

June 11, 1879.
A great many farmers are using the self-binder.  It saves all the labor nearly.  What wonderful improvements in farming in 30 years.  The old cradles were in operation 30 years ago and I used one of the first McCormick reapers introduced in the West in 1849.  Then came the self rakes and now the self-binder.

June 14, 1879.
Our Pastor, Mr. Martin, returned home from the East last night.

June 18, 1879.
Annie, Fred's wife, and baby left this evening for Boonville on a visit.  Mary Kohlman came to us today from St. Peters as a servant at $6.00 per month.

June 19, 1879
Yesterday and today about 10:00 a.m. I had a paroxysm producing confused vision and headache lasting several hours.

June 23, 1879.
Went to St. Louis to consult Judge Dryden on our church case in U.S.C. Court.  Exceedingly unpleasant business are church law suits.  We have tried every way to avoid it, but the other side will drag us into it.

June 27, 1879.
This is 60th Birthday.  Mattie and Shirley Borden came this morning from Philadelphia.  George stopped in St. Louis this evening.  George was one of the prize orators at Commencement at Princeton.

June 30, 1879.  Monday.
Henry Gauss and Lizzie came this morning from Sedalia with the body of their son, Charles Frederic, aged 14 months, to lay it in the family burying ground here.  He died Saturday evening at 8:00 o'clock of a terrible bowel disease.  He was a most lovely and interesting boy.  We all mourn his death, but how sweet the thought that Jesus said, "Suffer little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven".


Source: Location of handwritten original unknown.  Transcription and excerption by Florence Johns in 1960s.   Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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