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TATE, Nathaniel Tate of Bedford Co., VA., had Zachariah, Henry F., Nathaniel, Jr., Richard and Polly. Zachariah married POLLY NICHOLS of Bedford Co., and they had John G., Nathaniel N., Jesse N., Henry M., Caleb W., Richard C., Susannah and Mary J. John G. married JEANNETTE HIPINSTALL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1837. Nathaniel N. was married 1st to SARAH RICHARDSON, and second to PERCY A. HAMLIN. Jesse N. was married 1st to JULIA L. HIPINSTALL, and second to MARY CARTER. Caleb W. was married first to EMILY HAMLIN and second to ORVA HAMLIN. Richard C. married ELIZABETH HAMLIN, and was killed in 1863 by the Federal soldiers. Susannah married SAMUEL WILKES, who settled in MO. in 1834. Henry M. died in Mo., unmarried. The members of the Tate family are a reading, intelligent people and excellent citizens.

TATE, James Tate, of Augusta Co., VA., was a captain in the Rev. war, and was killed at the battle of Guilford Court House, in N.C. His wife's maiden name was SARAH HAIL and at his death he left a widow and 5 children. The names of the latter were Polly, Elizabeth, Sarah, John and Isaac. John married SARAH HALL, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1829. His children were Calvin, Milton, Isaac, James ,Elijah, Sarah, Margaret and Mary. Mr. Tate died in 1864, in his 83rd year. Sarah Tate married WILLIAM SCOTT, of KY., who settled in Callaway C. in 1837. Margaret married MAJOR DANIEL NALLY, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. Mary married ROBERT R. BUCKNER, of Callaway Co. James was married 1st to CLARINDA P. TATE, and 2nd to SOPHIA LYSLE. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1823. The Auxvasse Presbyterian Church was organized at his house that year, and it was the first organization of that religious denomination west of St. Charles. Elijah Tate died in KY. Milton married RACHEL B. GRANBERRY. Isaac was a colonel of militia for many years. He married JANE HENDERSON. Calvin was married first to ELIZABETH ALLEN, and second to a widow lady named MILLER. Mr. Tate went to California in 1849, and was engaged for some time in hauling with his six-horse wagon. During his sojourn in California, he served on a case in which several Chinamen were witnesses, and they swore to everything but the truth, until the judge had a rooster brought into the court room and placed on a table, when a blank expression of dread came over the face of each Chinaman, and after that, they swore to the truth.

THRAILKILL, Hiram Thrailkill, of Scott Co., KY., married NANCY CRAIG, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1835. His children were Marcellus N., Elcina, James, John, Siara, Mary, Eliza A., Ellen and William. After the death of Mr. Thrailkill his widow married CREED CARTER, of Callaway Co.

TRIMBLE, John Trimble, of KY., married a MISS TURLEY, by whom he had 7 children. His eldest son, James, was drowned by falling in a well. Mr. Trimble and the rest of his family settled in Callaway Co. at an early date, and he and his wife died in that county a number of years afterward. Mr. Trimble was a good-hearted man, and liked by all who knew him. He was very quiet, and rarely had anything to say, even at logrollings, where it was customary to get tight and have a "high old time."

TODD, John A. Todd and his wife, whose maiden name was MARY HOWARD, were raised in Warren Co., KY. They settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1826, and had 21 children, ten of whom lived to be grown. The names of that latter were Margaret, Robert L., Hugh A., Elizabeth S., Nancy J., Mary A., John A., Mildred F., Asa M., and Joseph H. Mr. Todd was married the 2nd time to a widow lady, by whom he had William and Sarah J. He built a mill on Loutre creek, and the first Methodist preaching in that part of Callaway Co. was held in his house. He died in 1862.

TURNER, Lewis Turner, of Scotland, was a soldier in the Rev. war. He lived in VA., and his children were Lewis, Edward, James, Mary and Ann. Lewis married SARAH MARTIN, of VA., by whom he had William, Martin, Casey, Graham, Henry S., Elizabeth, and Mary. In 1825 Mr. Turner removed to MO. with his family, and settled in Callaway Co. where he died in 1826. His son William was married first to MARGARET MCADAM, and 2nd to MARY J. SCRUGGS. He lives in Platte Co., MO. Martin married DEVOLIA HORNBUCKLE. Casey married ELIZA RAWLINGS. Graham was married first to CYNTHIA A. NUIR, and 2nd to her sister, LUCINDA NUIR. Henry S. married NANCY HOUK, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. He was justice of the peace 12 years, assessor of the county 4 years, and Judge of the county court from 1865 to 1868. He also represented the county in the legislature in 1855. Elizabeth Turner married RUFUS HORNBUCKLE, and settled in Johnson Co., MO. Mary married GARRET NICHOLS, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1824.

THOMAS, Soloman Thomas, of east Tennessee, settled in Callaway ci. in 1817. He had no education, but was elected justice of the peace and performed his duties reasonably well. He was a great yarn teller, and could entertain a crowd as well as any other man.

TIPTON, Joel Tipton settled in Callaway co the same year as Mr. Thomas did, (1817) and near his place. He was a very large man and a good trapper, but no hunter.

THORNTON, William Thornton and his son, James, also settled in Callaway co. in 1817. They were great hunters and trappers.

TRUETT, Samuel Truett, of KY. married ELLEN PARKER and they had Thomas, William, Mary and Nancy. Thomas married SALLY KIMBROUGH, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. His children were Nathaniel, Benjamin, Susan, Elizabeth, George, Mary, William, Sarah, John, Ellen, Martha and Thomas. William, son of Samuel Truett, married ELLEN BRANNON, and settled in Boone Co., MO. Mary married BERKLEY ESTUS, and settled in Boone Co. Nancy married JOHN CATONHAM, who settled in Monroe Co., MO.

THORNHILL, Jesse Thornhill and his wife, ELIZABETH STEPHENSON, of Buckingham Co., VA., had a son named Thomas, who married AGNES PATTERSON, by whom he had Samuel, Charles B., Nelson, Albert, Thomas, Jesse, Jermima, Hattie, Elvira, Susan and Mary. Samuel was married first to SUSAN STEVENS; second to AGNES ROBINSON, and 3rd to MARGARET MCCRACKEN. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1838. Charles B. was married in VA. to ELIZABETH MOSELEY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. Nelson married his cousin, ELIZABETH R. THORNHILL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1845.

TAYLOR, Thomas T. Taylor, a Rev. soldier, settled in Smith Co., TN. He had 3 sons, John, Thomas and Robert, and 8 daughters. John married PEGGY SMITH, of TN., by whom he had Thomas, William James, Wilson Y., Patsey, Elizabeth, Sally, Polly, Frances, Susan, Lucinda and Nancy. Thomas married LYDIA V. DEARING, William married LUCY HAM, and James married POLLY DEARING, all of whom settled in Callaway Co. from 1821 to 1829. Wilson, Elizabeth and Polly also married and settled in Callaway Co. during the same period of time.

TAYLOR, William Taylor, of Stokes Co., N.C. married SARAH SCRUGGS, and they had a son, Isaac, who married CATHARINE VAUGHAN, a sister of MARTIN VAUGHAN, of Audrain Co., MO. Their children were Carter, Fountain and Mary. The mother died while they were young, and their father having married again, to a widow lady of Indiana, they were adopted by their uncle Martin, who came to MO. in 1830. Carter, the eldest, married MINERVA CALLOCK, and settled in Howard Co., where they lived and died. Mary married JAMES DUNCAN, who settled in Monroe Co. Fountain settled in Callaway Co. He married ANNA WILBURN, and they had a large family of children. Mr. Taylor is a stone mason by trade, and once while blasting rock, he was blown up and badly burnt with powder. The marks of the powder are still plainly visible on his hands and face.

THOMAS, James Thomas, of KY., married a MISS HAYDEN, by whom he had William, James, Robert, Presley, George H., and Susan. George H. married EVELINA NICHOLS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. He was married the second time to NANCY P. CRAIGHEAD. Presley Thomas married PHOEBE MIEUR, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. He was married the 2nd time to the WIDOW COLLIER, and the 3rd time to the WIDOW CALBREATH. James married FRANCES VAUGHAN, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. Susan married JERRY MIEUR, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830.

TARLETON, Jerry Tarleton, of Maryland, married MARY BRISCOE, by whom he had Raphael B., Nancy, Alfred, Emily, John, Catharine, Meredith, Amanda, and Lewellen P. Emily married SAMUEL MOORE, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1819. Meredith married MARY E. LOCK, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1840.

WHITE, John White, of KY., was a soldier in the Rev. war. He had a son named Archibald, who married a MISS SIMPSON, and they were the parents of Morgan B. and Archibald White, Jr. Morgan B. settled in Callaway Co. in 1826, and became a prominent and influential citizen. He has always been a staunch Democrat, basing his political faith upon the true Jeffersonian doctrine. He represented Callaway Co. in the Legislature in 1834-5, with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of his constituents. He is now past the age at which men participate in public affairs, but he still feels an interest in the success of his beloved party, and the supremacy of honesty and good government. He reads a great deal, and keeps himself thoroughly posted in the events of the day. "Uncle Morgan's" opinions and ideas still carry weight in Callaway Co., where he is respected as one of the few remaining actors in a better and more prosperous era of our government. The white haired pioneer is always given a prominent position at public meetings and office-seekers can do no better than declare, as they point to him, that they will endeavor to perform their duty as faithfully and disinterestedly as he and his associates did. Mr. White tells an amusing anecdote on himself that occurred during his stay in Jefferson City, while attending the session of the legislature of which he was a member. He boarded at a private house kept by a widow lady, who put hi to sleep in a bed surrounded by heavy damask curtains. It was the first bed of the kind that he had ever seen, and for his life, he could not tell how to get into the thing. He finally concluded that he would have to go in over the top; so drawing a table and chair to the side of the bed, he mounted on to them, and rolled over, expecting to land on a nice, soft bed; but instead of that he was caught by the floor, and, like the Irishman, was considerably hurt by the "sudden stopping." He learned the trick, however, and after that had no difficulty about getting into his bed. Mr. White was married first to MARY ANN MARMADUKE, of Shelby Co., KY., by whom he had 12 children. His 2nd wife was a widow lady named HUGHES, whose maiden name was MCMURTRY. His children are intelligent and cultivated, and his sons are among the most enterprising men of the counties in which they live. One of his sons, Archibald H. White, is an ex-sheriff of Montgomery Co., and an influential citizen. Another of his sons, Morgan B. Jr., is a large stock raiser and successful farmer of Montgomery Co. He also takes a great deal of interest in politics, and exercises considerable influence in his county. Archibald White, brother of Morgan B., Sr., settled in Callaway Co. in 1832, and died 2 years later, leaving a widow and 1 child.

WRIGHT, William Wright was a native of England. He had a son named John, who was Tobacco Inspector at Fredericksburg, VA., at a very early date. The latter married ROSAMOND GRANT, daughter of CAPTAIN JOHN GRANT, by whom he had Margaret, Rosamond, Elizabeth, William, John and Winfield. The latter married JUDITH TINSLEY, daughter of EDWARD TINSLEY, of Madison Co., VA., and settled in Franklin Co., KY., in 1817. They had William, Henry T., James G., Rosamond, Elizabeth, Margaret P., Judith and Polly. Henry T. married REBECCA TINSLEY, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1837. They had Henry, Jr., Winfield, Charles and George. After the death of his wife, Mr. Wright married PEACHEY TINSLEY, and they had 1 child, a daughter. Mr. Wright was married the third time to ELIZABETH JAMESON. James G., son of Winfield Wright, married REBECCA HAWKINS, of Franklin Co., KY., and settled in Audrain Co., MO. Elizabeth married REUBEN OVERTON, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. Margaret P. married WILLIAM R. MARTIN, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1827. Judith T. married SAMUEL P. MARTIN, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. See Note below.

WILBURN, John Wilburn married MARY CURTIS, by whom he had Caroline, Ann, Rebecca, St. Clair, William, Robert and John. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1816.

WORD, John Word, of England, settled in Goochland Co., VA. He had 2 children, John and Mary. John married LUCY RICE, and settled in KY. in 1803. They had William, Charles R., Matilda and Nancy. Mr. Word removed to MO in 1817 and settled in Callaway Co. William, his eldest son married POLLY RIVES, who, after an affliction of 7 years, went entirely blind. Charles R., now living, was a celebrated auger maker in his younger days. His augers were of such a superior quality that he could not make them fast enough to supply the demand. He married JANE MCCORMACK, and they had Nancy, John, Lucy Martha, Charles W., James R., Margaret G., Mary E., Montezuma, and George W.

WILKERSON, Moses and William Wilkerson were sons of Moses Wilkerson of England, who came to America and settled in VA., before the Rev. war. He died some years afterward, and his widow married again. After their mother's 2nd marriage, Moses and William went to KY., and lived for some time in the fort at Boonesborough. Moses married ALETHA ANDERSON, who had lived in the fort with her parents 3 years, and was there when JEMIMA BOONE and the CALLAWAY girls were captured by the Indians. They afterward settled in Montgomery Co., KY., and raised 9 children, whose names were John, William, Abraham, Henry, Hiram, Haley, Nimrod, Cenia and Sally. Mrs. Wilkerson died in KY. in 1833. William, the 2nd son, received a limited education, and after his father's death, he was appointed executor of the estate and guardian for his brothers and sisters. The duties thus imposed upon him gave him a practical knowledge of business affairs, and the people of his county had so much confidence in his ability and integrity that they elected him a member of the county court while he was quite young. The court at that time was composed of 12 men, selected with reference to their ability and experience, and it was no small honor to be so chosen. Mr. Wilkerson enlisted in the war of 1812, and was chosen First Lieutenant of CAPTAIN GEORGE MCARTHUR's company. They belonged to that portion of the army which operated in Canada, and Lieutenant W. assisted in capturing a fort in which several hundred of the enemy were garrisoned. After the close of the war he was elected Colonel of militia, and was subsequently chosen to represent his county in the legislature. In 1830 he came to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. In 1836 he was elected a member of the legislature, and afterward represented the county in the same body during a portion of two terms. He wa also presiding justice of the county court for several years. He died in 1845; his wife died in 1839. Her maiden name was ELIZABETH CLARK, daughter of JAMES CLARK, who came from Ireland, married a MISS ARBUCKLE and settled in Greenbriar Co., VA. Colonel Wilkerson was a high-toned, honorable gentleman; moral and upright, but not a member of any church. He was highly respected in his community, and his counsel and advice were sought by all, which he gave without ostentation or display, and always for what he considered best. He was modest and unassuming in his manners and possessed an excellent mind, which he diligently cultivated. He was temperate in his habits, and never used profane language. in his family circle he was kind and indulgent, but firm in requiring his children to do what was right. He was an honest politician and no competitor could ever say that he took an unfair advantage of him. The names of his children were Harrison, Archilles (a physician), William H., Narcissa, Martha C., Elizabeth and Emily. WREN, James Wren of Fairfax Co., VA., married SARAH M. LEE, daughter of HANCOCK LEE, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1833. His children were Sarah E., James, Mary C., and John E. Mr. Wren was married the 2nd time to the WIDOW WILLIAMS, and died in Callaway Co in 1875, aged 79 years. He was a soldier in the war of 1812.

WINN, Joseph Winn, of KY., was married first to a MISS BARTLEY, and 2nd to PEGGY TURMAN. Mr. Winn settled first in KY., and afterward removed to Clark Co., Ohio, where he died. His children were John, Charles, Martha, Jane, Susan, Myrtella and Douglass. The latter married ELIZABETH RAWLINGS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1838. His children were Mary, Myrtella, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Richard, Malvina, Douglass, Jr., Martha, William, Susannah, and Ascenia.

WATSON, John K. Watson was an early settler of Callaway Co. He made his living by splitting rails and was known as the rail splitter of Callaway Co.

WALKER, Edward Walker settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. His children were John, Edward, Griffin, Samuel, Elizabeth, Permelia, Patsey, Charlotte and Harriet.

WILLIAMS, William Williams was a native of England, and was a soldier in the British army during the American revolution. He became so well pleased with the Americans and their country from what he saw of them during his soldier days, that when the war was over, he remained, and settled in Va., where he soon after married SALLY MARTIN. Their children were William, Asa T., Peyton, Robert, Richard, John, Joseph, Polly, Lucy, Sally and Elizabeth, all of whom settled in Callaway Co., MO. from 1814 to 1824. Asa T. settled at Cotesandessein in the spring of 1815, and was the first American settler in that part of the county. He afterward married ELIZABETH LANGLEY, and they had John, Isaac, Henry B., Peyton T., Robert B., James M., Asa T. Jr., William G., Sally, Mary, Elizabeth J., Mordecai A., Matilda and several others who died in childhood. William, brother of Asa T., Sr., married ELIZABETH MAY, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1822. Peyton married POLLY LANGLEY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. Robert married FRANKIE MAY, and settled in Callaway Co. the same year. John married ELIZABETH JOHNSON, of Tennessee, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. Joseph settled in that county in 1817, and married ELIZABETH LANGLEY.

WAGONER, Jacob Wagoner, of Roan co., N.C., married a MISS ZOUNT, and they had a son named George, who married ALICE WILLIAMS, of N.C., and settled in Tennessee. They had Edward, Susan, Jane and Martha. Mr. Wagoner was married again, after the death of his first wife, to SARAH ENGLE, by whom he had Catharine and Stokeley. all of this family settled in Callaway Co. from 1828 to 1831.

WINTERBOWER, Jacob Winterbower, of PA., married POLLY STONE, and they had 20 children. One of their sons, named John, married ELIZABETH ZUMWALT, of MO., daughter of JACOB ZUMWALT, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1817.

YATES, Benjamin Yates was born in Va in 1767, and died in Shelby Co., KY., in 1558 (that's what it says! I'd guess it's 1855 or 1858). He was married twice; first to MARGARET FORD, of KY., by whom he had John, Edith, Gilson, Mary, Nancy, Milton, Benjamin F., Jeptha and William F. His second wife was a MISS SULLIVAN, of KY; they had no children. John Yates came to MO. in 1816, when he was a young man, and began to learn the tailor's trade with DANIEL COLGIN, of St. Charles. But he soon grew tired of that business, and obtained a situation as porter in Collier & Co.'s store at $12 per month. He had been in the store only a few days when MR. GEORGE COLLIER wanted a legal paper drawn up for some purpose, and made inquiry among his employees to know if any of them could do it. Mr. Yates replied that he could, and the matter was entrusted to him. He performed the work so well and neatly that Mr. Collier was both pleased and surprised, and finding upon conversing with him that he was an educated man, he employed him as bookkeeper, at good wages. A few years later he sent a stock of goods to Elizabeth, the first county seat of Callaway Co., and sent Mr. Yates with it as superintendent. The goods were opened in the house of MR. HENRY BRITE, which was also used as a tavern, court house, clerk's office, etc. This was the first store in Callaway co., except one at Cotesansdessein, owned by DANIEL COLGIN, JR., of St. Charles. Mr. Yates soon became a partner in the store, and in 1825 he removed to Fulton, where he carried on the business for many years, and made a fortune. After his removal to Fulton the sales increased largely, and he ordered goods so often that Mr. Collier became uneasy and went to Fulton to see that all was right. Mr. Yates showed him the books to prove that the sales had been made as represented, and then handed him all the money due to date. This satisfied Mr. Collier, and he returned home. Soon after this, Mr. Yates bought his interest in the store and carried on the business himself. Mr. Yates was married first to MARY NICHOLAS, by whom he had one son, George, who is now a druggist in Williamsburg. His second wife was ELIZABETH DAWSON, of MO., by whom he had Benjamin D., William, Martha (MRS. SAMUEL GRANT), Thomas, John and martin. The latter is a physician. Edith, daughter of Benjamin Yates, Sr., married THEODORE DRAIN, and they had Stephen, Dulcinea, Emma and Franklin. Gilson Yates married CATHARINE FORD, of KY., and they had James, John and Frances. Mary Yates married WILLIAM GUTHRIE, and they had 6 children. Nancy married H. WOODS; they had 4 children. Benjamin F. died when he was 16 years of age. Jeptha married ELIZA J. HARRISON, and they had John, Mary, and Lucy J. William F. married NANCY HOPKINS, and they had but one child.

YOUNG, Sennett Young, of Bath Co., KY., married BARSHEBA CATLET, and they had Elizabeth, Polly, Original, Sennett, Jr., Edwin, Daniel and Willis. Original married DORCAS MOON, of VA., and they had Hiram, Reuben, John A., Sally and Hannah. John A. was married twice, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834.



Wright, William:
I came across your site, and on one page where you list families, under William Wright you say that he was from England which is incorrect. William Wright was the son of Richard Wright who died Oct. 10, 1700 Stafford Co., VA at the home of Capt. Richard Fossaker. He left his two young boys orphans. He had Mary Ellis take his youngest son William and Gilbert Alsop to take his oldest son Richard. I have copies of the Will and deposition.

William Wright was born abt. 1699 in Middlesex Co.. Va and died Oct. 15, 1789 Fredricksburg Va. His father was Richard Wright b: July 5, 1664 Bolton on Swaile, England and d:Oct. 10, 1700 Stafford Co. VA. Richard Wright's father was George Wright b: abt. 1627 Bolton on Swaile, England, and d: June 7, 1674 Bolton on Swaile, England. George married Beatrice Maulevere. George was the older brother of the "famous" Richard Whittington Wright who married Anne Mottrom. George stayed in England and inherited his father's estate.

Now William was married twice first to a Rosamond (?) mother of all of his children, then married after the death of his first wife to Mary Brent (no issue), his death was documented in Fredricksburg, VA newspapers. His oldest son John Wright married Rosamond Grand (daughter of Capt. John Grant). I have alot more information if you would like to see it.

Carla Orcutt
[email protected]


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