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LEEPER, James Leeper and his wife, whose maiden name was MARGARET HENDERSON, were natives of Nicholas Co., KY. In 1829. they came to MO., and Mr. Leeper bought a New Madrid claim of 640 acres near Concord, in Callaway Co., upon which he settled. His children were Ellen, Susan, Elizabeth, Louisa, Isabella C., Amanda, John, David, James A., and William C. Mr. Leeper was a soldier of the war of 1812.

LANGTRYE, William and Hillery Langtrye came to America from Ireland, and settled in Madison Co., VA. Hillery was a bachelor, and was in the employ of the government at Washington City for a number of years. In 1861 he returned to his native country, and died there in 1869. His brother, William, married KITTY B. ARBUCKLE, of Madison Co., VA., and they had Hillery J., Anna, Archibald, Margaret and William. Anna was married first to WILLIAM GRAY, of Callaway Co., and second to JOSEPH ALLEN, of the same county. Archibald married ELIZABETH HAMILTON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1837. Margaret married MADISON MCMULLEN, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1838. William married SARAH HAMILTON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1836.

LARCH, John Larch, of Pennsylvania, had 4 sons and 2 daughters: Christopher, Joseph, Michael, John, Barbara and Jane. Christopher and Michael settled on Clinch river in VA. Joseph was killed at the battle of Tippecanoe. John married MARGARET LONG, of Maryland, and they had Daniel, Joseph, John, Abraham, Isaac, Jonathan, Catharine, Rachel, Mary and Eve. Daniel settled in Montgomery Co., MD., in 1820, and married ELIZABETH S. JOHNSON. Joseph settled in Callaway Co. in 1822, and married NARCISSA DAVIS, by whom he had 12 children. Daniel and Joseph Larch are both living the former in his 78th year, and the latter in his 76th. Daniel owned a tanyard on Loutre creek many years ago, and bought a great many hides in Lincoln Co., which he conveyed to his tanyard by tying them to his horse's tail and dragging them on the ground, a distance of twenty miles.

LAWRENCE, David Lawrence, of Ireland, came to America, married a MISS MCKINNEY, and settled in Shelby Co., KY. His children were Mary A., Thomas, James M., Elizabeth an David. Mary A. was married first to RICHARD BOWEN, and they had Judith A., Elizabeth, William, Richard, Mary E., and Effie. Mr. Bowen died in KY., and his widow subsequently married WILLIAM RODMAN, who settled in Callaway co. They had Margaret and Susan. Thomas Lawrence settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. He married SALLY RIDDLE, and they had Durrett, David, Thomas, James and Russell. James M. married LUCY D. MARTIN, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1823. They had David R., William M., James T., Mary A., Peggy B., and Larissa W. Elizabeth Lawrence married JAMES METCALF, of KY. David married ELIZABETH SCOFIELD, of KY.

LAIL, John Lail was born while his parents were prisoners in an Indian camp in KY. When he was grown, he married SUSAN WILLIAMS, and settled in Harrison Co., Ky. They had George, John, Charles, Elijah, Nancy, Margaret, Jane, Lucinda, Elizabeth an Susan. George, John, Charles, Margaret and Susan all married and remained in KY. Nancy married and lived in Indiana. Jane was married first to JOHN SPEIRS, and after his death, she married EDWARD WINGFIELD, who settled in Montgomery Co., MO. in 1834. Elizabeth was married first to NOAH COIL, and second to MR. A. HALL. She has twelve children, living. Lucinda married ELIJAH COIL, by whom she had six children. Elijah married HARRIET ALLEN, of KY., by whom he had 14 children. He died in 1869 leaving his children all well off.

LARRIMORE, Abraham Larrimore, of Madison Co., KY., had 1 child, Eliza, by his 1st wife. He was married the 2nd time to MARY DAVIS, of KY., by whom he had Samuel, Nancy, Henry, Elizabeth, Silas, Sally, Phoebe, John, Mary and Susan. Nancy married BURGESS ELLIOTT, who settled in Buchanan Co., MO. Elizabeth married FIELDING LANE, who settled in Jackson Co. Sally married LOUDON BURK, and also settled in Jackson Co. Phoebe married ALLEN COX, and settled in Buchanan Co. Henry married JANE THOMAS, and settled in Callaway co. in 1835. He is one of the fine stock raisers of MO., and his herd of thoroughbreds is not surpassed by any in the state.

LANGLEY, Moses Langley, of Georgia, settled in Callaway co. in 1817. His children were Moses, Isaac, Jane, Carter, John, Collett, Agnes, Uley, Sally, Polly and Elizabeth, all of whom married and settled in Callaway Co. Moses married POLLY CLANTON. Isaac married NANCY CHANDLER. James married MATILDA HAYNES. John married LUCY BOYD. Collett married THERESA EVANS. Uley married COLLETT HAYNES. Sallie married her cousin, WILLIAM LANGLEY.

LOVE, Charles Love, of Maryland, married POLLY BARNES, and removed to Prince William Co., VA. They had William, Philip, Thomas, Samuel, John, Margaret, Lucinda, Harriet and Emily, all of whom, except Thomas, who died in VA., settled in Bourbon Co., KY. Philip married ELIZABETH SPARKS, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co, MO. in 1828. His children were Charles, James (a physician), Margaret A., Mary F., Lucina J., Thomas S., William H., John W., Robert T., Emily and Stephen.

LYNES - The parents of Joseph Lynes died when he was a small boy, and he was raised by his aunt, MRS. WAYNE. When he was grown, he married MARY MILLER, of KY., and settled in St. Louis Co, MO., in 1805. In 1819 he removed to Boone Co. His children were William, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Harrison, Jackson, Perry, Elizabeth, Malinda and Paulina. Jefferson, Washington and Jackson married and settled in Callaway Co., the 2 latter in 1836, and the former in 1831. Jefferson married CATHARINE SUGGETT. Washington married SUSAN SUGGETT, and Jackson married MARY E. HERVEY. NICHOLS, John Nichols, of Bedford Co., VA., had Archa, John, Frall, Elisha, Jesse, Catharine and Jane. Archa married JULIA HATCHER, of Bedford Co., and they had Daniel, Bartley C., Elizabeth, Catharine, Byer, Lucy, Julia & Patsey. Bartley C. married POLLY RICHARDSON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1886. His first wife died, and he was married the next time to MARY J. LOVE.

MCMAHAN, John McMahan, Jr., of Ireland, came to America before the revolution, and settled in Roan Co., N.C. In 1780 he went to Bryan's Station, in KY., where he lost his wife. He afterward married a daughter of ISRAEL BOONE, a brother of DANIEL BOONE, by whom he had James, Jesse, William, John, and David. He was married the 3rd time, but had no children by his last wife. Jesse McMahan married POLLY FOX, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1827. His children were John, Richard, Shem, George and Sophia. Jesse McMahan came to MO. in 1800, with a party of hunters, on a hunting expedition, and while on Loutre Prairie they found a man living alone in a miserable hut, and devoting his time to hunting and trapping. They took dinner with him one day, which consisted of nothing more than potatoes and buffalo milk.

MCKINNEY, Major James McKinney, of VA., removed to KY and settled at Crab Orchard. In 1818 he came to MO and settled in St. charles, where he remained two years, engaged in hauling wood to town and settling it to the citizens. In 1820 he bought AMOS KIBBE's place in the southern part of Grand Prairie, Callaway Co., and settled there. He was married in KY. to LAVISA WHITNEY, and they had Liberty, Esther L., Charles, Sally A., Samuel, William and Freeman. Major McKinney was a member of the Ironside Baptist church and the second organization of that church in Callaway Co. was effected at his house. He was an intelligent man and a useful citizen, and served as county judge from 1827 to 1832. He had 12 brothers, three of whom were killed in the Rev. war. One of his brothers, Abraham, settled in Randolph Co., MO., at an early date, and was a great hunter. Liberty, eldest son of Major James McKinney, never married, and died in New Orleans. Esther L. married NATHANIEL CRAIG. Charles married MARY A. CRAIG. Sally A. married GEORGE MCCREDI. Samuel married HORTENSE MCLANE. William married and settled in KS. Freeman joined GENERAL WALKER's expedition against Central America, and was killed with his commander.

MARTIN, John P. Martin is the son of Bailey Martin, of VA. He married SALLY HATCHER, of Richmond, and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in the spring of 1819. They had 3 children, Permelia, Polly A., and William J. Mrs. Martin died in Sept. 1873, in her 79th year, but her husband is still living, in his 83rd year. He has been one of the most successful farmers of Callaway Co., and has accumulated a fortune. In early days he raised cotton and flax, which his wife spun and wove into cloth. She made her loom with her own hands, and it was the first loom in Callaway Co.

MCCALL, Robert McCall, of Ireland, came to America and settled in Franklin Co., VA., from whence he removed to Bruke Co., N.C. His children were William, James, Robert, Samuel, Henry, Alexander, Nancy and Jennie. William married MALINDA HOLLAND, by whom he had Peter H., Lydia, Robert H., Jane, William S., Mary L., James E., John M., Thomas F., and Frances, nearly all of whom settled on and near Coats' Prairie, in Callaway Co., from 1834 to 1837. Robert H. married ELIZABETH M. GILBERT, and they were the parents of Dr. William S. McCall. The Doctor says that when he was learning to crawl his mother put sheep skin gloves on his hands, and padded his knees with sheep skin, so he could crawl over the rough puncheon floor without getting splinters in his hands and knees. Jane McCall married WILLIAM BELL, who settled in Callaway Co in 1839. William S. was married first to MARTHA SMITH, and second to the WIDOW GILBERT. He settled in Callaway co. in 1839. Mary L. married STEPHEN SMITH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1839. James E. married ANGELINE GILBERT and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. Frances married THOMAS GILBERT, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1846.

MOORE, William Moore married HANNAH RAMSEY, and settled in KY, where he had William, Wharton, John, Thomas, Henry, Charles C., Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth and Nancy. Wharton married POLLY BROWNING, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1819. His children were William G., James B., John R., Wharton H, Charles C., Mary C., Nancy S., Elizabeth and Margaret J. Samuel Moore married EMILY TARLETON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. His children were William, Alfred J., Merideth T., and John H. After the death of his first wife, Mr. Moore married CATHARINE TARLETON, and they had 1 daughter, Emily. Mary Moore married JAMES GRAY, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. They had Virginia, Mary F., Caroline, William, John and Wharton. Elizabeth Moore married HENRY BRITE, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1813, but afterward removed to Texas, where he died. Their children were William, Charles, Wharton, Thomas, Barton, Lucas, Hannah, Anna and Eliza. Nancy Moore married JUDGE BENJAMIN YOUNG, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. They had Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth and William.

MURPHY, Augustus H. Murphy, of Louisville, KY., settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. He married NANCY CURRY, by whom he had Augustus C., Richard T., John, William, Margaret A., Sarah J., Susan J., and Charles W.

MURRAY, Robert Murray and his family came from Scotland to America on the first ship that sailed after the revolution. They settled in Fauquier Co., VA., and one of their sons, named John, married DORCAS ROBINSON, and settled at Bullett Station, Ky. His children were Jesse, John, Enoch, Alfred, James, Joseph, Nancy and Dorcas. John was killed at Dudley's Defeat in the war of 1812. Enoch was born in 1779. He married JEMIMA GRAY, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co., MO in 1817. At that time he had 1 son, Andrew R., and after his settlement in Callaway Co., the following children were born: Benjamin F., Elizabeth B. and Nancy G.

MOSELEY, Drury Mosely, (different spelling... which is correct?) of Tennessee, married MARY THOMAS, by whom he had a son named Benjamin L., who married ELIZA THOMAS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. His children were John, Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Andrew, Jr., Frances, Sarah J., Susan E., and Eliza.

MCCLELLAND, William McClelland, of PA., married MARTHA MILLER, by whom he had Jane, Martha, Robert, William, Elisha and James. Robert married ELIZABETH AMOS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1827. His children were William, Thomas, James, Elisha, Joseph, Elizabeth and Martha. Elisha, son of William McClelland, Sr., married SALLY JAMES, and settled in Boone C., MO. in 1827. His children were Mary J., Martha, John and James. James, son of William McClelland, Sr., married POLLY HUNT, and settled in Boone Co. in 1826. His children were Elizabeth, Julia, Oliver, Mary A., James, Noah and Robert.

METEER, William Meteer married NANCY KIRKPATRICK, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. Their children were Polly, Catharine, Jane and John. Mr. Meteer was married the 2nd time to the WIDOW MILLER, by whom he had Samuel, Sally, Ann and Virginia.

MILLER, Abner Miller, of N. C., was married 3 times, and settled in KY. His children were Aaron, John, Henry, Jacob, Dolly, James, Margaret, Sally and Matilda. John married MARGARET FOWLER and settled in Callaway Co. in 1823. Henry married ELIZABETH OLIVER, and settled in that co. in 1826. His children were William B., Isaac, Henry, John, George W., Lucinda, Elizabeth, Rachel and Harriet.

MOSELEY - The children of Arthur Moseley, of VA., were Arthur, Daniel, Robert, William, John, Judith, Martha and Thomas. John and Thomas settled in KY. in 1796. The latter married MAGDALENE GUERRANT, by whom he had Daniel P., Robert, Thomas, John, Polly, Magdalene, Patsey, Elizabeth, Judith, Louisiana, and Peter. John settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1829 and married SOPHIA MCMAHAN. Magdalene married EDWARD SALLEE, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. They had 13 children. Patsey married PETER GLOVER, who settled in Callaway co. in 1827. They had 10 children. Judith was married first to JOHN MOSELEY, and after his death she married THOMAS SWEARINGER, who settled in Montgomery Co., MO., in 1834. Louisiana married GLOVER SMITH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1827.

MANNING, Stephen Manning settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. His brother, Asa had settled in Montgomery Co. at a much earlier date. Stephen Manning came from Warren Co., KY., where he married SALLY LEET, by whom he had Asa, Robert, Rozelda and Nancy J. Mrs. Manning was a very large woman, but her husband was very small, and his neighbors used to tease him a good deal about his diminutiveness. He would reply by saying that he and Sally would make as good a man as any of them.

MAY, Harry May settled on May's Prairie, in Callaway co. in 1820, where he built a horse-mill and opened a race track. This race track became a place of note in those early times, and a great many races were run upon it. On a certain occasion, the WILLINGHAMs and KILGOREs, of Audrain co., borrowed Sanford Jameson's fine race nag, Janus, filled her mane and tail full of sheep burs and took her to May's race track to run against a crack pony known as Nick Biddle, which had been brought from KY. by THOMAS, DAVID and SINGLETON SHEHAN. The mare presented such a poor appearance with the burs in her mane and tail, that the bets were all in favor of the pony, and nearly every one present staked some money on the favorite. COLONEL JEFF. JONES, who was a boy then, was there with $7.50 in his pocket, and he bet $5 of his money on the pony. When the race came off the mare beat the pony 250 yards in a run of 600, and there were some pretty long faces in the crowd that witnessed the result. Mr. Jameson afterward sold his little mare to a gentleman from Louisiana, for a large sum of money, and the latter won $80,000 with her while he kept her. She made the fastest time on record in the United States, in a race of 600 yards. Mr. May's children were Gabriel, Hannah (Mrs. JOSEPH SITTEN), Frances (MRS. STEWART), Susan, (MRS. CRUMP), Matilda (MRS. ROBERT ARM), Richard, John and Harry, Jr. MCFARLANE, George McFarlane was the only son of Duncan and MARIA McFarlane, of Scotland. He was born Jan. 12, 1796, and received a classical education from his father, who taught 46 years in a parish school in Scotland, and was a finely educated man. George subsequently studied law at Edinburgh, and then wrote and studied several years more in a lawyer's office in Glasgow,. In 1821 he came to the U.S., and landed at Philadelphia. The vessel was 49 days by the steamers that ply between Europe and America. Mr. McFarlane remained in Philadelphia a short time, and then went to New Orleans as supercargo of a trading vessel. In 1823 he came west, and settled in Boone Co., MO., where he taught school two years. He then, (1825) settled in Callaway Co., a few miles north of Fulton, where he resided until his death, which occurred in April, 1866, from injuries received by falling out of a wagon. He never practiced law in America, but would occasionally write a deed or other legal instrument for the accommodation of his neighbors. He married CATHARINE BENNETT, of Boone Co., formerly of Madison Co., KY., and they had William W. (who is a physician), Mary M., George B., and John D. Mrs. McFarlane is still living (1876), in Callaway Co.

MCPHEETERS, Alexander McPheeters, of Ireland, settled in Virginia, and married JANE CAMPBELL, of Augusta Co. by whom he had 8 children. His oldest son, Alexander, was married first to JANE KELSO, by whom he had 5 children. He was married the 2nd time to FLORENCE HENDERSON, by whom he had 2 sons, Robert and William. He was married the 3rd time to a widow lady named ARNOTT, of KY. Robert and William McPheeters settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1839. The former married JANE MCKEE, of KY., and the latter married MARY R. HENDERSON, daughter of DAVID HENDERSON, of KY.

MADDOX, Sherwood Maddox, of Fauquier Co., VA., married ELIZABETH FERGUSON, and in 1795 they removed to Scott Co., KY. Their children were James, Jacob M., Sherwood, David, Larkin, Frances and Elizabeth. James and Jacob M. married and remained in KY. Sherwood married AMERICA M. JONES, and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1830. His children were Uriah, Wilson, David, Jacob, Irvin, Mary E., Catharine, Henry L., Larkin and Elizabeth. Larkin married JANE POWERS, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. They came to MO. in an ox cart, drawn by a yoke of oxen and a blind horse, and after they settled in Callaway Co. he and his wife used to ride the horse and one of the oxen to church, frequently going a distance of fifteen or twenty miles, and back home the same day. After the death of Mrs. Maddox, her husband married EMELINE BELCHER, of Case Co. He had 12 children by his 2 wives. Mr. Maddox was an outspoken southern sympathizer during the late war, and fearing that the government would confiscate a large body of land which he owned in Johnson county, he deeded it to a friend to hold for him until the troubles were all settled. The next day he was killed by an accident on the cars, and the friend to whom he had entrusted so much, endeavored to keep the land, but had to relinquish it after four years of litigation. Mr. Maddox was killed in the early part of 1865, about the close of the war. David and Elizabeth, brother and sister of Larkin Maddox, remained in KY. Uriah and Wilson died unmarried in Callaway Co. Jacob married LOUISA E. MORRIS. Irvin is a bachelor. Mary E. married SAMUEL HARRISON. Catharine married THOMAS HARRISON. Henry S. married NANCY MCINTIRE.

MILLER, William Miller, of PA, settled in Bourbon Co., KY., in 1778. He had Robert, Thomas, William, Motley, Jane and two others whose names could not be obtained. Thomas married a MISS DODD, and settled in Callaway co. in 1826. He laid off and founded the town of Millersburg. His children were James, Sally and William. Horace Miller, son of John Miller and CAROLINE WEST, of Millersburg, Ky., settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. He married NANCY VERNON, of Bourbon Co., KY. The other children of John Miller were John T., Alvin W., Marguery, Robert W., Joseph A., Richard S., Jemima W., and Preston A., all of whom came to MO. except the latter. Stephen Miller, of Maryland, had 10 sons and 1 daughter. Four of his sons came to MO. Their names were Philip, William and Abraham. Philip was married twice; first to a MISS RICHARDSON, and second to LUCY MCINTIRE. He had 21 children by his 2 wives, and gave each of them a quarter section of land when they were grown. William Miller settled in St. Louis co. in 1798, and removed to Callaway Co. and settled in Millersburg in 1831. He was such a large man that he could hardly pass through the door of a house. He was a ranger in NATHAN BOONE's company in 1814. He married JANE MARTIN, and they had Elizabeth, David, Martin A., Allen D., Luretha and Harriet. Elizabeth married ALBERT CARUTH. David died in Callaway Co. Martin A. was married first to JANE MILLER, by whom he had 10 children. After her death he married MRS. RAMSEY, whose maiden name was SALLY D. MILLER. Allen D. married MARIA REED, of KY. Luretha married ZADOC BARNES. Harriet married J. E. ZERLEY. Abraham Miller settled in Callaway Co. in 1818. He married POLLY RULE, of KY., by whom he had Warden, William B., Minerva, James W., Noah W., Telemachus, Leander, Lycurgus, Vernile and Barton S., all of whom settled in Callaway Co. Samuel Miller was a carpenter by trade. He settled in St. Louis Co. in 1817, where he married POLLY A. HATTON. In 1819 he settled in Callaway Co., and built the jail at Elizabeth in 1821. His children were William P., James E., Albert H., Wesley G., Benjamin M. (a physician), John O., Elizabeth A., Angeline, Cordelia, Catharine and Frances. Wesley G. Miller is a distinguished Methodist minister, and Professor of Theology in Central College at Fayette, MO. Samuel Miller died in 1858, and his remains were taken up in 1875 and reinterred in the cemetery at Miller's church. They were found to be in a perfectly sound state when the grave was opened. Mrs. Miller is still living, in her 88th year. She resides with her youngest son, on the old homestead, and takes great pleasure in recounting the perils and adventures of pioneer life in MO. She was the first member of the Methodist church in Callaway co., and the first class of that denomination was organized in her little cabin, 16 x 18 feet in size, in 1819. Preaching was held there regularly for 30 years, and her house was often filled night and day, with people who had come to head the gospel preached. They frequently came as far as twenty and thirty miles, and she would borrow beds from her neighbors for them to sleep upon. The men would bring their guns and dogs with them. The guns were stacked in one corner of the house, while the dogs remained outside and fought. On one occasion, the dogs treed a catamount during services, which were immediately closet so that all could go and witness the fight. The first election in Callaway Co., was held under a large oak tree near Mrs. Miller's house, and she had to cook dinner for the "big men", as she called them, while the rest sat around trees and ate gingerbread that they had brought with them.

MOSS, Frederick Moss, of VA., married SARAH TOMPKINS, by whom he had John, Edward, William, Pleasant, James, Mason and 4 daughters. Mason married CATHARINE HOGAN, by whom he had William, James, John and Sarah. He was married the 2nd time to LUCY HICKMAN, by whom he had David R., Margaret, Benjamin F., Henry W., Clara, Thomas T., Nancy B. and Charles. Mr. Moss settled in Callaway Co. in 1825.

MOORE, John Moore, of Ireland, emigrated to America and settled in Halifax Co., VA. He had 3 sons, Bird, Armistead and Tarleton. The latter married ELIZABETH STANFIELD, of VA., by whom he had Sarah, Banks, Armistead, Catharine and Edwin. Banks married ELIZABETH J. WILSON, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1837. He had 5 sons and 3 daughters. Bird, son of Bird Moore, Sr., married ANNA G. SITTEN, of Callaway Co., who died, and he afterward married SARAH BLACKWELL.

MCDONALD, Joseph McDonald, of New York, was married first to ELIZABETH OGDEN, and settled in Henderson Co., KY., where they lived until 1818, when they removed to Boone Co., MO. Their children were Daniel, Susan, Hiram, Nash and Joseph. Mr. McDonald was married the 2nd time to NANCY WILLINGHAM, and they had Icham, Cash, Giles, Clark, Nancy, Plackney and Sally. Joseph Icham, Susan and Nash live in Ohio and Cash, Giles, Clark, Nancy and Sally live in Texas.

MCGARY, Major Hugh H. McGary, who, it will be remembered, took a prominent part in the battle of Blue Licks, KY., settled in that state and was married several times. his children were Daniel, Robert, William R., Hugh, John, Jesse, James, Elizabeth, Nancy, Ross and Sally. William R. married PATSEY DAVIS, of VA., by whom he had James D., Hugh H., and America I. James D. married NANCY MURRAY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1822. He was a member of the legislature one term, and is now living in Texas. Hugh H. married SUSAN DAVIS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. He was married the 2nd time to ROSETTA EWING. America I. married THOMAS W. LANGLEY, who settled in Callaway Co in 1838. She is now a widow and resides in Howard Co., MO.

MCCRACKEN, Ovid, Cyrus, Isaac, William, Seneca and Elizabeth McCracken were born in Ireland, but came to America prior to the revolution. Ovid married and settled in Indiana. Cyrus settled in KY., and died, leaving 5 children. Isaac was captain of a company of KY. militia, and was killed at the disastrous battle of Blue Licks. He left a widow and two daughters. William was also captain of a company in the same battle, and was likewise killed. When COLONEL LOGAN's army returned to the battlefield the next day, his body was found and buried in an old house, which was burned to prevent the Indians from finding the grave. His remains were afterward taken up and buried at Lexington, KY. Seneca was married first to REBECCA WILLIAMS, and second to REBECCA REYNOLDS. Elizabeth married JOHN HAMILTON, who settled in Warren Co., MO. Otho, a son of Cyrus McCracken, is now living in Callaway Co., in his 86th year. He was a soldier of the war of 1812. He was married in 1832, to JANE BELL, of KY., who died in 1840, leaving 2 children. He afterward married SARAH WILSON, by whom he had 3 children. She died in 1875. Mr. McCracken is noted for his wit and humor, and the felicitous manner in which he can crack a joke. He can tell anecdotes all day, and never repeat the same one; but he rarely smiles even in his most humorous moments.

MCCLANAHAN, Robert McClanahan married ELIZABETH MCCLUER, and they had Margaret, John and Sophronia. Margaret married and lived in Indiana. John married MARY GRIFFITH, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1832. They had Robert, Margaret, James N., Amanda S., Nancy S., John and Samuel W. Mr. McClanahan was married the 2nd time to JANE MARTIN, of KY.

MCCAMEY, Robert McCamey, of Pennsylvania, married ROSANNA MCCONNELL, and settled in KY. They had Nancy, Ross, Margaret, Elizabeth, Polly, John and Robert. Nancy married JAMES MCAFEE, who settled in Boone Co., MO., in 1826. John was married 1st to MARGARET MCAFEE, of KY., and after her death, he married MARGARET ADAMS, of the same state, and settled in MO. in 1828. Robert settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. He married SUSAN MCAFEE, of KY., by whom he had Lucinda, William A., Amanda, James I., Joseph and John. Lucinda married JOSEPH BENNETT, and is now a widow with 4 children. Joseph and John died unmarried. James I is still living, unmarried. Amanda married CHARLES H. BROWN, SR. William H. married ANGELINE SCOTT.

MARTEIN, Abram Martein was a native of France. He came to America and settled in VA. He had a son named Nicholas, who settled first in N.C., and in 1804 he came to Mo. and settled in Callaway Co. His children were William, Abraham, Louis, Robert, Elizabeth and Polly. William, better known as ESQUIRE BILLY MARTEIN, was born in 1786. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, furnishing his own outfit and paying his own expenses during the entire war. On one occasion he assisted in capturing 100 Indians. He was married in Dec. 1818, to WINIFRED HARDYSHELL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. He was Justice of the peace for 21 years, and was a zealous member of the Regular Baptist Church. He died in 1872, leaving a widow and 12 children. Mrs. Martein died in 1813. The names of their children were Nicholas P., John L., George W., William B., Cynthia, Malinda J., Mary A., Martha C., Louisa W., Caroline M., Elizabeth C. and Virginia.



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