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EVANS, Benjamin Evans, of Charlotte Co., VA., had a son named Larry B., who married ELIZABETH COVINGTON, of Halifax Co. and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1834. He died in 1851 leaving a widow, 6 daughters, and an infant son in very poor circumstances. Mrs. Evans was an excellent tailor, and was the only person in that part of the county who could make fine clothing for gentlemen. She carried on the business before her husband's death, and continued it with success after his decease. She and her daughters also cultivated their farm, and did the work as well as it could have been done y men. Mrs. evans is an excellent lady, and deserves great credit for her energy and industry.

ELLIS, The parents of John, Abraham, Peter and William Ellis were natives of England. The 4 brothers came to America and settled in Fauquier Co., VA. Peter and Abraham came to Mo. in 1808, and settled first in St. Louis Co. Abraham was in the war of 1812. He was married first to a MISS LEE, and 2nd to MARY TRUSSELL, of Tennessee. By his 2 wives, he had Elizabeth, Jane, Polly, Peter, Ellen, Isabella, Mary, Ross A., John, James, Cynthia A., Malinda J, Barbara L., William, Amanda R., and one other that died in childhood. Mr. Ellis was a member of the Methodist church, and the first camp-meeting in Callaway Co. was held on his land and for many years afterward, camp-meetings were held there regularly. Religious services were also held in private houses, and Mr. Ellis was generally selected to announce the next appointment, which he would do from the top of a stump, in a loud voice, and then would add, "Bring along your guns and dogs, and make as big a show as you can." Peter Ellis settled in Boone Co.

EVERHART, Jacob Everhart was of German parentage. He lived in Loudon Co., VA., and his wife was ANN WALTMAN, a daughter of JACOB WALTMAN. They had Jacob, John, Joseph and Sarah. Jacob married SARAH STUCK, and they had one child, a daughter. John was married twice, the name of his first wife being SARAH PRINCE. Sarah married HENRY BRUCE. Joseph was married in 1826 to LYDIA STUCK, and they had James L., and Jacob E. Mrs. Everhart died in 1830, and her husband subsequently married ANN C. DEAVER, by whom he had Jesse D., Joseph V., Margaret A., Martha, Virginia, Catharine, John and William B. Mr. Everhart settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. He was married the 3rd time to the widow of WILLIAM DYSON, whose maiden name was LUCINDA DAVIS. She was also married 3 times, her first husband being a MR. WREN.

ESTENS, James and John Estens settled in Callaway Co. in 1815. They lived for two years on wild meat, without salt or bread. They were said to be the first American settlers within the present limits of Callaway Co.

EWING, Patrick Ewing, of Ireland, settled in Maryland, where he married a MISS PATTON, by whom he had Joshua, Robert, Putnam, Samuel, Polly, Eleanor, Catharine and William. Mr. Ewing's first wife died, and he was married the second time to a MISS POTTER, by whom he had Patrick and Elizabeth. William settled within the present limits of MO. while it was a Spanish province. Joshua married RACHEL GEORGE of Pennsylvania, and settled in Lee Co., VA., where they had Robert, Patrick, Joshua, Jr., James P., Samuel, William, David C., Jesse, Margaret, Eliza S., and Polly. Patrick, who was born in Lee Co., VA., in 1792, served as a soldier in the first part of the war of 1812, and in 1814 he came to MO. and located in Darst's Bottom, St. Charles Co., where he taught school for some time. He afterward married NANCY DARST, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. He became the second Sheriff of that county, and was Captain of a company in the Black Hawk war. He was married the 2nd time to MRS. FISHER, whose maiden name was ANN ELIZA RATAKIN. By his first wife he had David D., Joshua, Jesse, Rosetta H., Rachel C., Elizabeth, Jane, Mary and Margaret. James Ewing, brother of Patrick, married BELINDA NEIL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. Samuel married SELENA BEATTY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835.

ELEY, Edward Eley, of Culpepper County, VA., had a son named Henry, who married MARY JAMES, by whom he had Mary, Catharine, Benjamin F., George, James, Harriet and Sally. He was married the 2nd time to the WIDOW SIMMS. wo also died, and he was married the 3rd time to SALLY FITZHUGH. Mr. Eley settled in Callaway Co. in 1835.

EVANS, Major Jesse Evans, of Wythe Co., VA., was married twice. His children were John, Joseph, George, Jane and Nancy. He came to MO. in 1816, and settled in Cotesansdessein, Callaway Co. His son, John, married SALLY NEWELL, of VA. and settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. Joseph married ELIZABETH SMITH of VA. and settled in Callaway Co. the same year as his father did. Jane married THOMAS FARMER, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. Nancy married COLONEL GEORGE KING, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. George married HANNAH PRITCHETT and settled in Callaway Co. in 1818.

FRENCH, William and Simon French were brothers, and lived in S.C. William died, leaving a widow and 7 children, viz.: Hugh, John, Jane, Sally, Hannah, Mary and Susan. The widow and her children removed to Warren Co. East Tennessee, in 1795. Her son, Hugh, married his cousin, SALLY FRENCH, of Christian Co., KY., and settled in Boone Co., MO., in 1820. His children were Simon L., William H., John N., Caroline M., Mary J., Susan A., Sarah J., and Emily E. John French settled in Callaway Co., MO in 1820. He was married first to JANE CLARK, of Montgomery Co., by whom he had William H., Bryant, Milton, and Sally A. His 2nd wife was ISABELLA DILLARD, by whom he had Hugh, Thomas and Lucy. Jane French married JOHN DUTTON. Sally married JOSEPH ELLEDGE. Hannah married SAMUEL CO. Mary married ISAAC CLARK, of Montgomery Co. Susan married SAMUEL MCRUNNELS. Simon French, Sr., settled in Christian Co., KY. His children were Lewis, Pinckney, Andrew J., William N., Isaac C., Sally, Susan and Mary A. Lewis married LOUISA SIMPSON, of Montgomery Co., MO., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1821. Pinckney was married first to DEVONIA CLARK, of Christian Co. KY., and settled in Callaway Co., Mo. in 1836. They had Henry, Isaac, Edward and William. After the death of his first wife, Mr. French married ELIZABETH JONES, of Christian Co., KY., and they had Albert and Virginia. Andrew J. French married SALLY TOWLEY. William N. married COMFORT E. PARTS. Isaac married NANCY MONROE. The three las mentioned all settled in Morgan Co., MO. Sally married her cousin, HUGH FRENCH. Susan married ENOCH FRENCH, of Morgan Co., MO. Mary A. married BELL MURE, of Christian Co., KY.

FOXWORTHY, William Foxworthy, of Prince William Co., VA., was a soldier of the Rev. war. His children were William, Samuel, John, Thomas, Alexander, Sally, Lilly and Harriet. William was a soldier in the war of 1812. He married ELIZABETH HEALER, of PA., and they had Alexander, Joseph, John, Isabella, Clarissa and Sarah. Mr. Foxworthy settled in Callaway Co., MO in 1836, and was subsequently killed by a horse. His widow removed to California when she was 75 years of age. Alexander married EMILY BRYAN, of KY., and they had 4 sons and 4 daughters. John married MARY BURT. Isabella married WILLIAM H. WILSON. Clarissa married GALBRETH WILSON. Joseph and Sarah reside in California.

FREEMAN, John Freeman was an orphan Irish boy, and was raised in S. C. When he was grown, he settled in KY., where he married NANCY LENOX. In 1832 they came to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. Their children were John, Thomas, Michael, David, Harvey, William, Mary, Jemima, Lucretia, Pernina, Mahala, Arnetha, Lourena, Elizabeth and two that died in childhood. Mary married THOMAS MOXLEY. Jemima married JAMES BOYCE. Lucretia was married first to FRANK DRISKARD, and second to a MR. BLESSING. Pernina married ALLEN TICER. Lourena married HANDY MOXLEY. Mahala married DAVID CROSS. Arnetha married CHARLES CRAVENS. John, Thomas, Michael, Harvey and Jemima lived and died in Callaway Co.

FRUITE, enoch and Alexander Fruite settled in Callaway Co. in Feb. 1819. They were raised in Christian Co., KY., and lived several years in Howard Co., MO., before they settled in Callaway. Aleck Fruite lived on Nine Mile Prairie, and was the first postmaster in that part of the county. He was a hunter and trapper, and devoted most of his time to those occupations. His stock of firewood gave out once, during a very cold spell of weather, and he and his family had a good prospect of freezing before them, until a bright idea struck him. He took down the wooden chimney of his cabin, hung a blanket across the fireplace, and then built a fire of the sticks of his dismantled chimney in the middle of his cabin, the smoke ascending through the roof. By this means, they kept from freezing until the weather moderated. Mr. Fruite was opposed to slavery, being what was then called an Abolitionist, and in 1832 he removed to Illinois, so he could live in a free state. Enoch Fruite also settled on Nine Mile Prairie, and devoted the principal part of his time to hunting and trapping. He was elected a justice of the peace and became an influential citizen of the county. He finally sold out and removed to Monroe Co. Some time afterward, he had occasion to visit his old neighborhood, and while crossing the prairie in Audrain Co., on his way to Callaway, he caught four young wolves, and carried them in his saddlebags to the house of WILLIAM B. DOUGLASS, whose wife kept them for him, in a chicken coop, until he returned home. The scalps of those wolves paid his taxes for two years.

FITZHUGH, John Fitzhugh was a soldier of the Rev. war. His youngest son, Alexander C., married NANCY CASON, and settled in Pike Co., MO. in 1823. Their children were John, Thomas, Sarah, Lucy, Ann, Elizabeth, Hart, Mary, Permelia and Frances, most of whom married and settled in Callaway Co.

FISHER, William Fisher, of VA., married SUSAN PECK, and they had Thomas, James, Elizabeth, William, Joseph, Richard, Margaret, Charles W., and Mary. Thomas married ISABELLA HUMPHREYS, of VA., and settled in St. Charles Co., MO. in 1819, and the following year he removed to Callaway Co. His children were Mary J., William H., Susan, Isabella and Elizabeth. Joseph Fisher married MARY CRAIGHEAD, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. His children were William R., Charles P., Mary J., Elizabeth G., James M., Richard B., Joseph S., Sarah M., Catharine F. V., and Cordelia A. William Fisher, Jr., settled in St. Louis. The members of the Fisher family are nearly all zealous Methodists.

FERRIER, Nathaniel Ferrier, of east Tennessee, settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. His 2 sons, Thomas and Samuel and his nephew, Thomas, (better known as "Long Tom") came with him from Tennessee. Thomas, the son of Nathaniel Ferrier, married the widow of JAMES H. GOODRICH. Samuel married ALICE SHANNON, daughter of JAMES SHANNON, who was the first settler on Hancock's Prairie, in Callaway Co. Mr. Shannon was a Catholic and donated four acres of land to his church, upon which he also built a house of worship. He was a native of Ireland, where he married. After his marriage, he decided to emigrate to America, but being too poor to bring his wife, he came over by himself, and after he had made money enough, he sent for her. He met her in St. Louis, where they celebrated the event by drinking liberal draughts of the liquid which elevates the soul and makes the spirit glad. They drank a little too much, and began to quarrel about the time they were married, one claiming that it was during a certain year, and the other, that it was altogether a different year. Being unable to agree, they decided to settle the matter by getting married again; so they repaired to a convenient priest and were soon made one again. Samuel Ferrier, in his old age, removed to Washington Territory, and soon afterward wrote a glowing letter back to his cousin, Long Tom Ferrier, who was then about 80 years old, telling him that deer, bears and bee trees were abundant out there. Long Tom was so captivated by the description that he shouldered his gun the next day after the receipt of the letter, and, with his dogs following at his heels, started for the distant land of promise, on foot.

FERGUSON, John Ferguson, of VA., whose father was a sea captain, married FRANCES LUCAS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. They had Moses, ann, John, Sarah, Nancy, Swan, Napoleon, and Mary. Moses married JANE PEW, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. Ann married ARTHUR NEAL, who settled in that county in 1820. John married PEGGY PEW, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. Sarah married BRADDOCK BEASLEY, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1833. Nancy married HENRY NEAL, who settled in Callaway co. in 1820. Major Swan Ferguson was born in Va in 1796. He married JANE HOLLOWAY, and settled in Cotesandessein, Callaway co. in 1820. He purchased a farm and lived upon it 46 years, and raised and educated 7 children, 6 of whom are living. On a certain occasion, as he was returning from Santa Fe, N.M., he was surrounded by Indians, but cut his way through them and escaped in the midst of a shower of arrows. Major Ferguson is now in his 80th year, and lives with his son-in-law, COLONEL C. W. SAMUELS, who was formerly a member of the Legislature, and is now a merchant at Cedar City. Napoleon Ferguson married ELIZABETH ALLEN, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. Mary married MILTON CLEVELAND, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1820.

FOSTER, Richard Foster, of Prince Edward Co., VA., had a son named James, who married ELIZA TAYLOR, by whom he had George, William, Philip, Louisa, Ann, Eliza, Judith, Edmonia and John J. The latter married SARAH GILCRESAC, of VA., by whom he had George and William. Mr. Foster settled in Callaway co. in 1837.

FERGUSON, Joshua Ferguson, of Fairfax Co., VA., was a wagon master in the Rev. war. After the close of the war he settled in KY., where he married MARY STONE, by whom he had John S., William, James, Polly, Sally, Nancy, Elizabeth and Rachel. Mr. Ferguson came to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. in 1817. His son, John S., married MARY JONES, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., the same year as his father did. He had 15 children, 12 of whom lived to be grown, viz.: Thomas J., Elizabeth, John R., William S., Joshua J., Sarah, Marion, Louisa, Nancy, Emma, Jane and Lucy. Joshua and Thomas built the first courthouse at Fulton in 1826, for which they received $1,300. such a house could not be built now for loess than 4 or 5 thousand dollars. James Ferguson married MARY A. MCGRUDER, of KY., and settled in Callaway co., in 1817. Rebecca married DENNIS ASKRENS, who settled in Callaway co. in 1817. Nancy married GEORGE HIRSCH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1823.

GALBRETH, Torcal Galbreth, of N.C., married a MISS CALVIN, and settled in Callaway Co., in 1819. They had Neal, Catharine, Isabella, Mary and Elizabeth. Neal died unmarried. Catharine died at the age of 70 years. She never married. Isabella married ROBERT GRAHAM. Mary married her cousin, DANIEL GALBRETH. Elizabeth also married her cousin, JAMES GALBRETH. She was married the second time to NEWTON CARPENTER. Torcal Galbreth was married the 2nd time to CATHARINE GRAHAM, and they had Agnes, John, Daniel, Sally A., Margaret and James.

GLENDY, John and William Glendy, of Scotland, came to America at an early date, and in 1796 John was a Presbyterian minister in the city of Philadelphia. William was married twice, his second wife being ANNA ROBINSON, of Augusta Co., VA. They had John, David, Samuel, Thomas, William, Jr., Robert and Mary. Samuel married MARY SHIELDS, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1829. Thomas married ELLEN SHIELDS, and settled in that co. the same year. Samuel is a politician, and very few persons can out-talk him.

GRANT, Israel Grant, of Scott Co., KY., married SUSAN BRYAN, a daughter of JAMES BRYAN, and niece of DANIEL BOONE'S WIFE. They had 3 children, James, William and Israel B. Mr. Grant died when his youngest son was quite small, and James, the elder, educated his brothers from the proceeds of their father's farm. When Israel B. was 15 years of age, he came to MO. with his uncle, JONATHAN BRYAN, and taught school one year, when he returned to KY., and began the study of medicine. But he soon grew tired of medicine, and bound himself to a silversmith at Lexington, KY., to learn that trade, his term of apprenticeship to last 5 years. After the expiration of his apprenticeship he came to St. Louis, MO., and worked at his trade five years in that city. He then paid a visit to his uncle, JONATHAN BRYAN, who persuaded im to quit his trade and go to farming. He accompanied his nephew to Callaway Co., where the latter entered a tract of land, and then returned to KY., where on the 28th of March, 1820, he was married to LETITIA WARREN. He brought his bride to her new home in Callaway Co. the same spring. Mr. Grant was elected county judge several times, and served two terms in the state legislature. During Christmas of 1835, he was killed by two of his negro slaves, as he was returning from Fulton, where he had gone to collect some money. One of the negroes was named Jacob. They were both hanged and Jacob's skeleton remained in a doctor's office in Danville for many years. James Grant was married twice; first to a MISS EASTON, and second to SALLY HUNT. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1823, where he became an influential citizen, and represented the county in the legislature one term. He was also judge of the county court for some time. He subsequently removed to the southwestern part of the state and settled on the Neosho river, where he died. William Grant enlisted as a private soldier in the war of 1812, and was soon afterward promoted for gallantry to the rank of Lieutenant. He was killed at the disastrous battle known as Dudley's Defeat, under the following circumstances. After the defeat and capture of the American forces, they were driven under guard into an enclosure, where the Indians at once began to rob them of their money, watches, etc. Grant still had his sword, which had not been taken from him, and was standing with it in his hand, conversing with a friend, CAPTAIN MICAJAH MCCLENNY, when an Indian came up and demanded the weapon. Grant turned to McClenny and said, "They will kill us anyhow, and I intend to sell my life as dearly as possible", and dropping the point of his sword to the level of the Indian's breast, he plunged it through his body to the hilt, killing him in his tracks. The next instant, Grant's body was pierced with a hundred rifle balls, and he fell dead at the feet of his friend. McClenny was not hurt, but was afterward exchanged and lived to be an old man. Grant was married before he entered the army, to MISS MOSBEY, and they had a son named William, Jr., generally known as Captain Billy Grant. He was married in 1820, to SALLY A. WARREN, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO., the following year. His house was the first one in Callaway Co. that had glass windows and a staircase, and people came twenty and thirty miles to look at it. The names of Captain Grant's children were Thomas W., James E., Samuel, Sally W., Mary L., Agnes, Elizabeth, Eveline H., and Martha. Captain Grant died in 1849, and his widow in 1875. Sally W. married JOSEPH I. GRANT, a son of SAMUEL M. GRANT, and they settled i Callaway co. in 1834. Mrs. Grant died in 1875. Israel boone Grant, who was known as Licking Grant, because he came from Licking rover, KY., was a son of SQUIRE B. GRANT AND SUSAN HAND. He settled in Fulton, Callaway Co., and was county clerk for 21 years. The names of Mr. Grant's children were James, Moses, Robert, William T., John, Agnes, Martha and Mary.

GILBERT, The children of Michael Gilbert, of Franklin Co., VA., were Kimwell1, Preston, James and Michael, Jr. Kimwell1 married MARY SMITH, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. Michael, Jr., was married first to ELIZABETH ASHWORTH, and second to ELIZABETH KEMP. He also settled in Callaway Co.

GOODRICH, Benjamin and James Goodrich, sons of James Goodrich, Sr., of Tennessee, settled on Coats' Prairie, in Callaway Co. in 1817. They built a horse mill and a distillery soon after they settled there. James was married in Tennessee, to PATSEY TAYLOR, and they had Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Eden. His first wife died, and he was married again, to CHARITY PHILLIPS, who is the oldest white person living that was born in Callaway County. They had James H., Martha, Matilda, and John B. Mr. Goodrich was one of the first grand jurymen of Callaway Co., and he donated the ground upon which the Baptist church called Salem, was built.

GILMAN, William Gilman, of Virginia, married MARY MANN, and settled in KY., where he had George, William J., Elizabeth, Lucy and Emily. George married SALLIE GLAZEBROOK and settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. William J. (Dr. Gilman) married LARICIA CALLAWAY, and settled in callaway co. in 1829. Emily married JOHN GIBNER, who settled in Callaway in 1825.

GLOVER, Robert Glover, of VA., married OMON JONES, and they had Jesse and Creed. Jesse was married first to ELIZA ANDERSON, and second to SUSAN WILLIAMS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. He was a soldier of the war of 1812. Peter and Robert Glover settled in Callaway co. in 1827. The former was secretary of state one term. He married PATSEY MOSLEY. Robert married PATSEY ANDERSON.

GATHRIGHT, William Gathright, of VA., had a son, William, who married JANE WOODSON, by whom he had Benjamin, Matthew W., William Jr., Thomas M., John S., Malinda, Elizabeth and Jane A. Matthew W. married MARY J. WITHENS, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. His children were James W., William B., Matthew W., Jr., John T., Jane A., Malinda and Mary E.

GRAY, Alexander Gray, of Scotland, married ELIZABETH FITZHUGH, and settled in Halifax Co., VA. Their children were James, John, Alexander, Robert, George, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and Sally. George was married in 1799 to FANNIE BROOKS, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. His children were John B., Alexander, George W., Martha, Elizabeth, Rachel, Polly, Fannie and Anna, all of whom were born in VA., but settled in Callaway Co. with their parents.

GILMORE, Thomas Gilmore, of KY., settled in St. Charles Co., MO., in 1808. The was a ranger in CAPTAIN CALLAWAY's company during the Indian war, and after its close he settled at a noted place, which has since been known as Gilmore's Springs, in the western part of St. Charles Co. He married INDIA RAMSEY, daughter of CAPTAIN WILLIAM RAMSEY, and they had William, Thomas, Robert, Nathan, Ephraim and John, all of whom, except Thomas, who was killed at Callaway's defeat, settled in Callaway Co. from 1826 to 1830.

GARRETT, Richard Garrett was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married NANCY WEARE, of Richmond, VA., by whom he had James, John W., Nancy, Frances and Agnes. James first settled in Warren Co., KY., where he married a daughter of JOSEPH LAET, a soldier of the war of 1812, and removed to Callaway Co., MO. in 1832. They had Sarah, Mary V., Margaret H., Nancy, Lucretia, Francis M., Lucy A., Amanda J., James T., and John P.

GARRETT, Stephen Garrett, a Frenchman, setting in Buckingham Co., VA. His children were Stephen, John, David, Elijah, William, Mary and Elizabeth. William married MARY COLEMAN, of VA., by whom he had Spillsberry, james, William B., Stephen, Reuben, John, Elijah, Coleman, Magdalene, Lucy and Mary. Spillsberry married BIDDIE HOCKETT, and settled in Ralls Co., where he died. James married NANCY BROWN, and settled in Tennessee. William B. was born in Buckingham Co., Nov. 1, 1795. When the war of 1812 began he was a mere boy, but, carried away by the patriotic fervor of the day, he enlisted and served during the war. He was married on the 3rd of June, 1827, to MARY OCKAMAN, and came to MO. in 1829. He settled on Hancock's Prairie, in Callaway Co., where by industry and economy, united with good business qualifications, he made a fortune. He built the first steam mill in Callaway, from which he realized a good income. His children were Wilson, Jane, Leneus B., Amanda C., John A., William H., Benjamin F., George W., and James M. Elijah Garrett married MARTHA GLOVER, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1823. His children were Mary, Eliza, William E., Martha, Sedona, Chesley and Benjamin. James, Ann and Magdalene all married and settled in Tennessee. Coleman, Mary and Reuben married and settled in Illinois. Stephen settled in South MO. John lives in VA., and Lucy married and lived in KY.

GALBRETH, Neal Galbreth, of Scotland, settled on Tar river in North Carolina. He had a son named Torcal, who married a MISS MCLOOKING, and they had Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, and Neal. He was married the 2nd time to CATHARINE GRAHAM, by whom he had Marion, Ancus, John, Daniel, Sally, Margaret and James. Mr. Galbreth removed from N.C. to KY., and in 1819, he settled on the Auxvasse in Callaway Co. He built the first water mill in Callaway Co., on that stream. The work was done by JOHN AND GEORGE W. BURT. Mr. Galbreth had the plank sawed for his coffin several years before his death, which occurred in 1825. SIRENUS COX made his coffin.

GREGORY, William and John Gregory, of Buckingham Co., VA., settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. The former had married NANCY FUQUE, by whom he had John B., Richard F., Wilson and Martha. Mrs. Gregory died, and her husband afterward married NANCY ROBINSON, by whom he had Thomas J., William, Mary and Sarah. Mr. Gregory is dead, but his widow still survives. The eldest son, John B. married ISABELLA SCHOLL, and is one of the wealthy men of Callaway co. Richard F. married CATHARINE OLIVER, and lives in Montgomery Co., MO. Wilson and Martha died unmarried. Thomas J. married BETTIE MCCALL, and lives in Callaway Co. William died in California, unmarried. Sarah was married first to SAMUEL GILBERT, and second to STOKES MCCALL. Mary married JOHN BAILEY, of Williamsburg. John, brother of William Gregory, Sr., married ELIZABETH FUQUE, of Virginia, and they had Hopson, James H., John D. (a physician), Granville L., Thomas M., Eliza, Sarah and George W. Mr. Gregory was married the 2nd time to the widow of JESSE SCHOLL, whose maiden name was ELIZABETH MILLER, and died, leaving no children by her. She is still living. Hopson Gregory was married first to a MISS MOSLEY, and second to MARTHA A. HOUSE. James H. married MARY SCHOLL, and lives in Callaway Co. Dr. John D. was married first to SALLIE A. GROOM, and second to ELIZABETH NUNNELLY. He lives in California. Granville L. married SUSAN NUNNELLY, and she is now a widow in Callaway Co. Thomas M. went to California, and married there. Eliza died single. Sarah married JOHN WINDSOR, who removed to California. George W. married MARY WHITE, and lives in Montgomery Co. The Gregorys are industrious, energetic people and good citizens, and stand high in their communities.

GAMES, John Games, of Scotland, came to America and settled in Maryland. His children were Robert, Absalom, James, Basil and Rachel. Absalom married MARY WOOD, and they had Absalom, Jr., John, Gideon, Benjamin and Elizabeth. Absalom, Jr., and John lived in Ohio, and the latter became a member of the legislature of that state. Gideon was in the war of 1812, and was at the battle of the Thames, where the celebrated Tecumseh was killed. He saw the great chief fall after he was shot by COLONEL JOHNSON. Mr. Games was married first to RACHEL STROTHER, of KY., by whom he had Mary, Minerva and Eliza. He was married the second time to PATSEY W. CRAIG, by whom he had Martha, Craig, Catharine, Fanny, Amanda, John, Benjamin, Gideon, Jr., Alice and Louisa. HARDING, Rev. John L. Harding, of England, settled in Maryland. He had 2 sons, Elias and Reason. The latter married Cassandra Ford, and they had Elias H., Charles, Loyd, John, Cassandra, Rebecca F., and Eliza. Elias H. married HARRIET HALL, of Maryland, and they had William H., Francis L., Howard D., John H., Elias H., Amanda, Henrietta and Emeline. He was married the 2nd time to MARY HARDING, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1838.

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1. Kimwell should be Kemuel.


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