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CRESS, James Cress, of VA., married JUDITH BYBEE, and they had 1 child, William C., who settled in Callaway Co., in 1833. He married MARTHA A. THOMAS, and they had 4 sons and 3 daughters. Mrs. Cress died in 1858, and her husband afterward married FRANCES GANNAWAY. Mr. Cress owns the celebrated BOONE HAYS place in Callaway Co.

CORDER, Benjamin Corder, of Va., married REBECCA RUNION, and they had John, William, James, Ephraim, Elias, Polly, Susan, Hannah, Eliza and Rebecca. James was married twice; first to JUDITH MURRAY, and second to LEAH J. HYLTON. He settled first in Benton Co., MO., and removed from there to Callaway in 1838.

COVINGTON, Melchizedec Covington was born in N.C., and lost both of his parents when he was quite young, consequently he received but little attention from anyone, and grew up without an education. When he was grown, he went to Christian Co., KY., where, in 1799, he married CATHARINE SUDDITH, who was born i Fairfax Co., VA. In 1827 they loaded their effects into a little one-horse wagon, and with their 7 children, came to Callaway Co., Mo. They had $13 in money when they started, and when they arrived at the end of their journey had but 50 cents left. Mr. Covington rented some land and went to work, and then as he became able, he entered land and obtained a home of his own. He raised 13 children, 6 sons and 7 daughters, and died at the age of 86 years.

CROWSON, William crowson and MARY THOMAS, his wife, lived in East Tennessee. Their children were Moses, John, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Thomas, Jonathan, Richard, Aaron and Jane. Thomas married JANE VINSON, whose father, DANIEL VINSON, came from Tennessee to Old Franklin, Howard Co., in a keel-boat of his own construction. He was on the different rivers seven months. Mr. Crowson and his wife had 15 children, 12 of whom are living, and the youngest is 36 years of age. Mr. Crowson was a very benevolent man, and sold corn on credit to all who were not able to pay the cash for it. When persons came with the money, he told them to go and buy of those who would not sell on credit to poor, suffering humanity.

CHICK, The widow of Harding Chick, of Christian co., KY., came to Callaway Co., MO. in 1830, with 8 of her children, viz.: Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy, Fanny, Frank, Lucy, Adeline and Joseph. She had 6 other children, Elijah, William, Harding, Asa, Alexander, and Amanda, who remained in KY. Elizabeth Chick married ALEXANDER READE, and they had a son, named John, who settled in Readesville. John was a small man, and he married SARAH MOXLEY, who was a very small woman. They built a small house, bought a small cow that had a small calf, and all their dogs, pigs, and chickens were small.

COLLINS, William Collins, of Halifax Co., VA., married MARTHA ISBELL, and settled in Sumner Co., TN., where they had Elizabeth, Thomas, George, Daniel, Nancy, William, Barba, Samuel and Martha. Mr. Collins died, and in 1808 his widow and children removed to Christian Co., KY. Barba was a soldier of the war of 1812, and was at the battle of New Orleans. He married MARTHA JOHNS, and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1831, where they had 12 children. Mrs. Collins died and he was married the 2nd time to the widow of WILLIAM READE, whose maiden name was POLLY CHICK. She died also, and he was married the 3rd time to the WIDOW MCMURTRY, whose maiden name was SERENA HAYS, daughter of BOONE HAYS, and great-granddaughter of DANIEL BOONE. Mr. Collins had 9 children by his 3 wives, and is a widower again, in his 83rd year.

CURD, Doctors Isaac and Thomas Curd, and their sister, Catharine, were born in Albermarle Co., VA. Dr. Isaac married JANE WATKINS, and in 1824 he removed to Ross Co., Ohio. In 1831 he came to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. His children were Catharine, Martha, John, Thomas, Isaac, Edward and two named Martha, both of whom died while infants. Catharine married FRANK DIGGS, John and Isaac live in St. Joseph, Mo., and Edward is a banker in Fulton.

CASON, William Cason married NANCY HAWKINS, of KY., by whom he had Hawkins, William, Larkin and Benjamin. Hawkins settled in Callaway Co., in 1827, and died a bachelor. William married SARAH J. OVERTON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. Larkin married NANCY SUGGETT, and settled in that co. in 1831. Benjamin was married first to MARY J. HAWKINS, who died in 1834, and he was married the 2nd time to ANN E. OVERTON, who died in March, 1872. After he death, he married the widow of DR. THOMAS HARDIN, of Boone Co.

CRUMP, Richard Crump, of VA., was born in 1772, and was married in 1796 to SARAH SMITH of that state. Their children were Lucinda, Turner, Nancy, Richard W. S., America, Thompson S., Henry S., Sally, Mary F., James S., John H., Benedict, and Lydia A. Mr. Crump settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. america, his 3rd daughter, was drowned in the KY river in 1819. His sons all made fortunes, and are good and highly respected citizens.

CALLERSON, Reuben Callerson, of Augusta Co., VA., married ELIZABETH MITCHELL, and they settled first in KY., from when they removed to MO. Their children were James, John, Robert, William, Elizabeth, Isabella, Dorothea, Nancy, Polly, Jane, Martha, Margaret and Ann. Robert, Polly, Dorothea and Isabella came to MO. James married NANCY CHICK, by whom he had 6 children. John married a MISS LOCKRIDGE, and died leaving a widow and 3 children. William married NANCY MOORE, by whom he had 11 children. Elizabeth married ANDREW HAMILTON, and they both died without issue. Nancy and Martha never married. Jane married JOHN BOARD, and they had 3 children. Ann married a MR. GILMORE, and is now a widow.

COIL, Jacob and Elizabeth Coil were natives of Ireland, but came to America and settled in bourbon Co., KY., where they had Solomon, Noah, John, George, Elizabeth, Elijah, Polly, and Margaret. Solomon and Noah settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. The former died in 1842 and the latter in 1843. Noah married ELIZABETH LAIL, by whom he had 9 children. John Coil also settled in Callaway Co. and married DINAH BRADFORD. He died in 1865. Elijah married LUCINDA LAIL, and died in 1863. Elizabeth, Polly and Margaret remained in KY.

CULBERTSON, Joseph culbertson was born in PA., but removed to Bourbon Co., KY. He was married 1st to ELIZABETH MARTIN, by whom he had Samuel, John, Joseph, Alexander, Robert, Patsey and Polly. He was married the 2nd time to a MISS MCCLANNAHAN, by whom he had 4 children. Samuel, John, Robert and Polly settled in Indiana. Patsey married and removed to Ohio. Joseph was married in 1829 to SALLIE A. GRIFFIN, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1832. Their children are Joseph M., James A.G., Amanda J., Rosa E., Mary E., Sarah A., William T., and Samuel A.

CARTER, Adam Carter, of VA., married MARY A. ROBERTS, and they had Joseph R., Robert H., Elizabeth, William and Creed C. Joseph and Robert remained in VA. Elizabeth married GIBSON GOODRICH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. Their children were Martha P., Abraham C., Joseph, Edwin, Robert, Mary, Rebecca and Elizabeth. William Carter died in Arkansas. Creed C. married MARY CLANSBURG, in 1822, and in 1830 he settled in Callaway Co. They had Thomas A., Emily J., Mary C., Nancy E., Susan E., Ann M., Phoebe E., Amanda S., and Robert C.

CROOK, John Crook, of PA., married ELIZABETH DEEN, by whom he had 17 children. His son, John, married MARGARET HUGHART, of KY., and settled in Callaway co., in 1834. His children were Martha E., Trennvilla J., Elizabeth M., Letitia E., Mary C., Sophia M., and John. Mr. Crook and his wife lived together 51 years, and never had a quarrel; nor did he ever quarrel with one of his neighbors. He lived in Callaway Co. 50 years without going beyond its limits.

COONES, Jacob Coones, of VA., married LETTIE KEMPER, by whom he had Nancy, Henry, Jacob and Joseph. Nancy married ROBERT EVANS, and died in KY. Henry married NANCY EVANS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1836. Their children were John W., Isaac F., Joseph N. Louisiana J., Cynthia A., Nancy M., and Mary J. Mr. Coones and his wife were members of the Christian Church. Jacob Coones married JANE HOWE, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. Their children were Joseph W., John D., Cynthia J., Amanda and Elizabeth. Joseph Coones married LACRETIA I. DALZELL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835. They had Thomas J., William H., Joseph W., Robert, Nancy A., Isaiah and Martha.

CRAIGHEAD, Robert M. and Isaiah Craighead were brothers, and they had a nephew named John who was a son of their brother, John, of VA. Robert M. married NANCY POWELL and they had William, Solomon, Robert, Jr., Jonathan, Stephen, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and Nancy. They settled in Callaway Co. in 1819. Isaiah married FEMININE ROBINSON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. His children were John R., George, James, Isaiah W., William A. B., Jane, and Nancy )P. John R. married SARAH HALL, and they had Isaiah O., John W., Mark A., James, Patrick H., Caroline, and Lucy J. John Craighead, the nephew of Robert and Isaiah, married JULIA SMITH, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828.

COATS, Rev. William coats was born in S. C. When grown he removed to Smith Co., Tennessee, where he married NANCY BAKER, by whom he had James, William, John, Wilson, Hiram, Lemuel B., Rachel, Frankie, Tabitha, Mahala, Nancy and Laodocea. In 1817 Mr. Coats removed with his family to Callaway Co., MO., and settled on the prairie which has since borne his name. There was no minister in that part of the country at that time, and his neighbors appointed him to preach, which duty he performed at stated intervals until his death. He organized most of the Old Baptist Churches in that region. His son, James married POLLY CALLAWAY, of Tennessee, by whom he had two children, Matthias S., and Laura A. William Coats, Jr., was married first to PATSEY TRACY, and second to the WIDOW MCLAUGHLAN, whose maiden name was CELIA CALLAWAY. John married NANCY SMITH. He was sheriff of Callaway Co. for several years, and was a good auctioneer. Wilson married a MISS PHILLIPS, and moved to California. Hiram married PERMELIA WALKER and was afterward killed by lightning. Lemuel B. married ELIZABETH MADDOX. Rachel married ROBERT READE, and is now a widow. Frankie married a MR. MCLAUGHLAN. Tabitha married WILLIAM CALLAWAY. Nancy married JOSEPH P. CALLAWAY. Laodocea married DANIEL PHILLIPS.

CALLAWAY, Joseph Callaway, of S. C., married POLLY BARRETT, by whom he had John, Nancy, Joseph, Jr., Polly, Elizabeth, William, Vinson, Cenia, and Thomas. Mr. Callaway removed to Tennessee in 1804, and in 1818 he settled on Coats' Prairie, in Callaway Co. His sons, John and Thomas served in the war of 1812. Thomas married ELIZABETH GRIFFITH, and settled on Crow Fork, a branch of Auxvasse Creek. During the night of July 4, 1831, there came a very heavy rain, which raised the creek so that it washed away his stable and smoke house. He had a horse in the stable, which by some means, climbed into the loft, got out at the window and swam ashore. The smoke house contained some meat and a barrel of whisky, which Mr. Callaway succeeded in bringing ashore with a sugar trough, which he used as a canoe. Mr. Callaway died some time ago, but his widow is still living.

CROW, Joseph Crow, of Nelson Co., KY., married SARAH HUMPHREYS, and settled in Callaway Co., in 1819. His children were John H., Rolly H., Joseph R., Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy and Sarah A.

CHILDS, Benjamin Childs of Halifax Co., VA., married ELIZABETH FALKNER, by whom he had John H., William F., Henry, Samuel, Keziah, Nancy and Mary. John H. married MARY BOYSTER and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835. His children are William H., John D., Benjamin F., Samuel J., Henry C., Walter S., Nathaniel R., Elizabeth, Frances, Ann and Saladay.

CURRY, William Curry, of Ireland, married SARAH BIGUN, emigrated to America, and settled first in VA., from whence he removed to Mercer Co., KY. They had William, James, Robert, Samuel, John, Ann, Polly, and Jennie. John married POLLY MCCAMLY, of KY., by whom he had William, Rosana, Sarah and Nancy. Mr. Curry settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. His son, William married MARY SNELL. Rosana married WILLIAM NASGAL. Sally married JOSIAH DIXON. Nancy married JUSTICE MURPHY. All of the above are living in Callaway Co.

CHEATHAM, James Cheatham, of KY., married MISS TURLEY, by whom he had David C., and Turley, both of whom settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. David C. married AMANDA RICE.

CRESWELL, James Creswell, of Ireland, married a MISS MACKENNON, of PA., and settled in KY., where they had Martha, Robert, William, George, Elizabeth, John, Sally A., Jane and James. Mr. Creswell and four of his children settled in Callaway Co. in 1827. Robert Creswell, his son, settled in St. Charles Co. in 1818. He was a carpenter and did the wood work on COLONEL NATHAN BOONE'S stone house, on Femme Osage creek. He also assisted in making DANIEL BOONE'S second coffin. In 1819 he and his brother, William, removed to and settled in Callaway Co. Robert married NANCY NEVENS, and William married ELIZA NICHOLS. George married ELIZABETH FITZHUGH. James married JANE ALLEN, and Jane married SINGLETON SHELBY.

CALDWELL, Robert Caldwell, of Scotland, was married in South Wales, emigrated to America and settled in Pennsylvania, where he had a son, Robert, Jr., who married MARY STEPHENSON, and settled in Bourbon Co., KY. His children were James, Robert, William, John, Alexander, Thomas and Patsey. Thomas married ELEANOR BOYD, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. He established the pottery works there, now known as Pottersville. His children were Robert, Thomas, Jr., James, John, Newton and Grizella. Robert, brother of Thomas Caldwell, Sr., married ANNA AVERY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1844.

CLATTERBUCK, Reuben Clatterbuck, of VA., settled first in Shelby Co., KY., and removed from there to Callaway Co., MO. in 1826. His children were John, Leroy, James, Cageby, Richard, William, Nancy and Caroline. John married MARTHA REYNOLDS. Leroy married MARY GRAY. James married PERMELIA HOWARD. Cageby married MARGARET HOWARD. Richard married ANNA REYNOLDS. William married CAROLINE LAFORD. Nancy married REUBEN GERDON, and Caroline married GEORGE W. GRIFFIN. All of the above settled in Callaway and adjoining counties.

COONCE (KOUNTZ) - This name was formerly spelled Kountz, but by agreement among the different members of the family the orthography has been changed to its present form. Jacob Coonce, of Pennsylvania, settled in St. Charles Co., MO. in 1797. He had John, Jacob, George, Henry, Nicholas, Polly, Elizabeth, Eliza, Nancy, Harris, and Ibby. John married BARBARA RUDY, by whom he had Abraham, Charlotte, George W., Maria, Euphemia, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Edna. Henry Coonce married MAHALA BUCKNER, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835. Sarah married SAMUEL MAYCOCK, who also settled in that county. Nicholas Coonce married REBECCA MCCONNELL, and settled on the Booneslick Road in St. Charles Co., where he was killed by a fall from a horse. He hunted a great deal, and was not afraid of anything. It is said that he used to crawl into hollow trees and dens, where bears were hid, and feel of them to see if they were fat enough to kill.

CARRINGTON, Samuel Carrington, of Montgomery Co., MD., married MILDRED MCDANIEL, and settled in Montgomery Co., KY. They had Thomas, Randolph, Timothy, John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Susan, Sally and priscilla. Randolph married CATHARINE MCGAREY, and they had William, John, Samuel, Randolph, Jr., Emily, Nancy and Permelia. They settled in Callaway Co.; in 1826. William Carrington was judge of the county court one term. He married SUSAN FISHER. John was married first to ELIZA RANDOLPH, and second to NANCY HYTON. Samuel married LYDIA A. BOWEN. Emily married JOHN MARTIN. Nancy married ELISHA DAVIS. Permelia married HIRAM HOLT. All of the above live in Callaway Co.

CLANSBURY, Thomas Clansbury married CATHARINE BROWN, and their daughter, Mary, married CREED C. CARTER. They also had a son, Thomas, Jr., whose children were Susan, Mary W., William H., John A., Martha, Virginia, Elizabeth, Robert and James, all of whom settled in Callaway Co.

CRAIG, One day, a great many years ago, as a ship was sailing from an Irish Port to America, a sailor named Toliver Craig fell overboard and was drowned. The next morning a boy baby was found on the deck of the vessel, with no one to claim him or take care of him. The ship was loaded with emigrants, among whom were his parents, who doubtless felt too poor to assume the care of the little fellow in the new county to which they were going; so they took that method of throwing him upon the charities of the ship's crew. After some consultation, it was decided to name the little waif for the lost sailor, and he was accordingly christened Toliver Craig. He grew to be a man, married and had a son, whom he also named Toliver. The latter also grew to man's estate, married, and had a son, whom he named Toliver, Jr. The latter married ELIZABETH JOHNSON, of VA., and removed to Scott Co., KY., during the early settlement of that state. The Indians were very hostile at the time, and they lived three years in a fort. They had 7 children, Jack, Elijah, William, Nathaniel, Mary, Nancy and Toliver. Jack, Elijah, William and Nancy married and lived in Tennessee. Nathaniel married POLLY EALEY, and lived in KY. They had William, Nancy, Martha, Robert, Ann, and mary, all of whom settled in MO. Toliver married PATSEY WRIGHT, an English lady, by whom he had Elizabeth, Polly, Larkin, Permelia, Catharine, Patsey W., Sally, Nathaniel, Margaret, Fannie, Carter T., and John T. Larkin married FANNY FICKLIN, and settled in Callaway Co. at an early date. Catharine married her cousin, LEVI CRAIG, who died, and she afterward married COLONEL THOMAS SMITH, of St. Aubert, Callaway Co. Patsey W. married GIDEON GAMES, of Callaway Co. Nathaniel married EASTER L. MCKINNEY. Margaret married SAMUEL CRAIG, her cousin. Fanny also married her cousin, HENRY CRAIG, and lived in Boone Co. Carter T. married SALLY S. GAMES, and lives in Callaway Co. John T. married ADELIA BERGER, and settled in Callaway Co.

DAVIS, Joseph Davis, of Georgia, settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. His wife's maiden name was MARY BOXLEY, and their children were Marion, Nancy, William, Joseph, John, Susan, Jesse, Levi, Isaiah and Margaret, all of whom, except Isaiah, were married by ESQUIRE WILLIAM J. JACKSON, at one dollar each.

DRISKALL, Dennis Driskall and his wife, whose maiden name was THACKER, were natives of Ireland, but came to America and settled in Danville Co., N.C. They had Timothy, Dennis, Jr., David, Polly and Sarah. Mr. Driskall died, and his widow and children removed to Franklin Co., KY., in 1805. Dennis, Jr., was married In N.C. to BARBARA CRAFT, by whom he had Jesse, John, William, David, Thomas, James H., Denuis, Frances, Elizabeth and Sarah. James H. was married in KY. to MARTHA WALLACE, and settled in St. Charles Co., MO. in 1825, and the following year he removed to Callaway Co. where he and his wife are still living. They had 8 children; 3 sons and 5 daughters. Mr. Driskall is called the working man of Callaway Co., and by industry and economy, has made a fortune. He is a carpenter by trade, and built the first Auxvasse Presbyterian Church. It is related of him that he once bought a yoke of oxen and some bacon in St. Charles Co., and conveyed the bacon home, a distance of 60 miles, by tying it around the necks of the oxen with hickory withes. Not long afterward, while he was lying in bed one morning, he heard the oxen jump the fence, and knowing they would go back where they were raised, he sprang up and followed them, dressed only in his shirt and drawers, without hat or boots. He failed to head them, but followed them to St. Charles Co., and drove them back home, performing the journey of one hundred and twenty miles in twenty-four hours, and with nothing on but his shirt and drawers.

DILLARD - The parents of John Dillard were natives of England. He settled in Caroline Co., VA., and married LUCY TALIAFERRO, whose parents were natives of Ireland. They had John T., Thomas, Mary, Isabella, William, Margaret, Franklin E., and James D. Thomas was a surgeon in the U.S. army, and lived and died in Philadelphia. John T. married MARGARET STEELE, of MO., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. Mary married JOHN WALLER, of KY., who settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Isabella married JOHN FRENCH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1821. William was a physician, and was married first to MARTHA HOCKADAY, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., in 1832. After the death of his first wife he married ELIZABETH HUGHES. Margaret married JAMES HOCKADAY, of KY., who settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Franklin E., also was a physician. He was married first to ANN BERNARD, who died, and he then married her sister. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1833. James D. married SALLY A. FRENCH, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1833. The members of the Dillard family are distinguished for their social qualities, intelligence, hospitality and polite manners. They possess good business qualifications and are excellent citizens.

DULEY, James Duley married DEVOLA SHIELDS, of Montgomery Co., MD., and settled in Scott Co., KY, in 1799. They ha Enoch, Nathaniel, Alexander, Susan, Devola and Nancy. Nathaniel was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married his cousin, SARAH DULEY, and settled in Indiana, from whence he removed to Callaway Co., MO., in 1821, and settled on the bank of the MO. river, where he died July 11, 1832. His widow died July 10, 1843. They had Paul H., Ferdinand C., John S., Margaret T., Samuel M., George W., Enoch C., William M., and Milton D. Paul H. was married first to the widow of SAMUEL B. LONG, whose maiden name was HARRIET BURNETT, by whom he had 2 daughters. After her death, he married the widow of THOMAS KELLEY, whose maiden name was MALINDA ELLIS. Ferdinand C and John S. died when they were about grown. Margaret T. married THOMAS JONES, and died soon after. Samuel M. was married 1st to SARAH EMMETT, and 2nd to MARY WILKERSON. He had 3 sons and 3 daughters by his last wife. George W., married AMANDA WILKERSON, and they had one son and one daughter. Enoch C. married MINERVA WILKERSON, and died, leaving a widow and 2 daughters. William M. married AMANDA DOZIER, and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Milton D. died in Mexico in 1847, while serving as a soldier in the war between that country and the United States. Paul H., Enoch C., William M., and Milton D. were all soldiers in the Mexican war. Thomas Duley, a brother of Nathaniel Duley's wife, settled in Callaway Co. in 1817, and died in 1830. He took a great deal of interest in politics, etc., he subscribed for the Missouri Republican in 1817,k and continued his subscription until his death, when his nephew, Paul H., assumed it and still takes and reads the paper.

DAY, Thomas Day, who was born in VA., removed to KY., and married MARY SANDERS, by whom he had Louis T., William, Ackley, Sanders, Polly, Milley, Elizabeth, Truman and Charles A. Mr. Day was married the 2nd time to CATHARINE WILLIAMS, and by her had Fanny, Rebecca, Martha, Middleton and Dudley. Louis T. married CATHARINE MCINTIRE, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Ackley married SALLY FOWLER, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. Milley married GARRET DAVIS, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. Charles A. settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. He was married first to ANNA SPEED, and 2nd to her sister, DINAH SPEED. He died in 1850 leaving 2 children. Mr. Day was the founder of the town of Portland, on the Missouri river.

DAWSON, Elijah Dawson, of Nelson Co., VA., married a MISS GENTRY, and had Robert, Martin, Elizabeth and James. He was married the 2nd time to JUDITH GILLIAM, by whom he had Achilles G., Mary, Samuel and Judith. Most of his children live in Callaway Co.

DYER, Samuel Dyer was born in Bristol, England, and came to America when he was 14 years of age, with a merchant named BRECKENRIDGE, to whom he was bound. When the Rev. war began, Breckenridge returned to England, but young Dyer enlisted in the American army and became a commissioned officer. After the war he settled in Albemarle Co., VA., and married CELIA BRICKLEY, of Hanover Co., by whom he had William H., Samuel, John, Ann, Frank B., Eliza and Robert. William H. married MARGARET BRIDLE, of Richmond, VA., and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1827. Their children were Alexander B., Eliza A., Margaret, William F., Randolph H., George M., Celia B., John N., Isaac C., and Henry. Samuel married a MISS WATKINS, of Goochland Co., VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1821. He was the 2nd merchant in the town of Fulton. His children were Thomas B., Mary J., Martha, Samuel R., Virginia, Edward B., Eliza and Susan. John Dyer married EVILENA WARREN, of MO., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1822. His children were Sarah, Helen, Emily, Samuel W., Israel G., Mary and Ann. Ann Dyer, daughter of Samuel Dyer, Sr., married GEORGE ROBINSON, of Richmond, VA., who settled in St. Louis, MO., in 1828. Frank B. and Eliza lived in Virginia. Robert married SARAH A. MORRIS, of Augusta Co., VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1850. His children were Catharine E., Frank M., Ann M., Robert, Thomas W., and Samuel.

DULIN, Thaddeus Dulin, of Loudon Co., VA., married ELIZABETH POWELL, and they had John, Edward, James, Nancy, Sally, Fanny, Winifred, Susan and Lydia. Most of the children came with their parents to KY at an early date. Edward married MARY GORDON, and they had Thaddeus, Sally, William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Fanny, John, Richard, Nancy and Lydia. Thomas settled in St. Charles Co., MO. in 1819, and married MARY LYLE, by whom he had 2 sons and 4 daughters. He was married the 2nd time to a widow, whose maiden name was MARIA HILL. He removed to Callaway Co. in 1831. Richard settled in St. Louis. He was married twice. Thaddeus settled in St. Charles Co.

DUNCAN, Roger and John Duncan were sons of Roger Duncan, Sr., of Scotland. The two brothers came to America and settled in Bourbon Co., KY. John married ELIZABETH WAM, by whom he had Thomas, John, Jr., Alexander, David, William, Ann and Mary. He subsequently removed to Callaway Co., MO. Roger, Jr., married SALLY RODMAN, and remained in Bourbon Co., KY. Their children were John, Thomas, George, Polly A., and Amanda. John married SALLY J. ADAIR, and settled in Callaway Co in 1833. His children were Eveline, George T., Angeline, Anna A., Joseph W., and Mary E. Mr. Duncan was married the 2nd time to NANCY LOID, by whom he had John, Hiram J., Polly J., Solomon R., Susan, Nimrod N., Benjamin R., and Nancy F.

DUNCAN, David Duncan, of Scotland, came to America with his wife, and remained some time in Boston, after which they removed to Mercer Co., KY. They had 9 children. Mrs. Duncan died, after which he married again and had 11 children more. William, the eldest son by his first wife, married ELIZABETH HENDERSON, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. His children were Alfred R., Joshua M., William G., Nancy M., Amanda E. and Elizabeth J.

DUNCAN, Joseph C. duncan, of Buckingham Co., VA., was of Scotch descent. He married NANCY MADDOX, and settled in Christian Co., KY., in 1817.l In 1829 he removed to MO and settled in Callaway Co. where he lived the rest of his life. His wife died in 1860, and he died in 1870. They had 9 children, but 2 of them died before they were grown. The names of the other children were Elizabeth A., Frederick W., Ouslow G., Jerome B., Artinicia, Merrett B., and Edward. Elizabeth A. married JOHN MCMAHAN, and is now a widow. Frederick W. lives in Oregon. Ouslow G. married JULIA A. BROADWATER, and lives in Audrain Co. Jerome B. married MARY GEORGE. Artinicia married COLONEL MARSHALL S. COATS, of Coats' Prairie. Merrett B. married MARY E. BERKETT. He is a prominent banker of Mexico, MO. Edward married MARTHA MCMAHAN and lives in Monroe Co. Joel and Richard were the two who died before they were grown.

DUNLAP, Robert and David Dunlap were born in Ireland, but came to America with their parents when they were small boys, and settled in North Carolina. Robert was born Feb. 26, 1763, and at the age of 25 years, he was married to ELIZABETH WILE, of N.C., by whom he had John, David M., Robert, Thomas, Eliza, and Elizabeth S. In 1801 he removed to Bath Co., KY., and in 1832 he and his brother, David, removed to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. In 1825 they settled where Fulton now stands, and Robert Dunlap gave the name to the town, which for a number of years was called BOB FULTON, on his account. He died in 1848, is wife having died in 1834. John Dunlap married ELIZABETH GUDGELL, and they had 2 children, Robert and Jane. The former was killed in the Florida war, and the latter married MILTON V. DAVIS, of Callaway Co. David M. son of Robert Dunlap, Sr., married POLLY GUDGELL o KY., by whom he had Elizabeth, Andrew, Thomas, Jane, Robert A., James and Mary. Robert and Eliza, children of Robert Dunlap, Sr., died in childhood, and Thomas died when he was 23 years of age. James married SALLY S. CRUMP, of MO. Elizabeth married SOLOMON CRAIGHEAD. David, brother of Robert Dunlap Sr., taught the first school in Fulton. He had but one leg, and supplied the place of the lost member with an old fashioned wooden peg-leg. He married and had 1 daughter, and died of cholera, at Portland, in 1840. The citizens of the place had such a dread of the disease that they buried him as soon as he was dead, in the dress he had on at the time. It was ascertained soon afterwards that he had $2,800 in a pocket in his undershirt, and two or three of the boldest citizens ventured to take the body up and get the money.

DARBY, Basil Darby, son of George Darby, of England, married REBECCA ALLNUT, of Maryland, by whom he had Samuel, Thomas, George, Jane and Ann. Samuel married JANE VIERS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1840, where he died in 1869, in his 76th year; his widow still survives. They had 2 sons and 8 daughters.

DAVIS, James, Harrison, Benjamin and Robert Davis were sons of James Davis, of PA. Robert married DEVORA HORNBUCKLE, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1819. His children were William, Emeline, James M., Thomas, Julia A., Susan, Jane H., Amanda C., Rufus, Martha, Nancy, Elizabeth and Sarah A. Thomas Davis married NANCY GEE, daughter of JOHN GEE, of England, and ELIZABETH PUGH, of Tennessee, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1822. The children of John Gee were Nancy, Silas, Elizabeth, Emeline, Willoughby and John J.

DAVIS, Richard Davis, of Halifax Co., VA., married POLLY WHITE, and they had Thomas, Henry, William, John and Daniel. William married ELIZABETH MULBERRY, and they had James, Elizabeth, Catharine and John. James was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married his cousin, FRANCES DAVIS, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. They had John W., George W., Richard A., James H., Cynthia E., Martha J., Delila, Polly, Elizabeth F., and Mary F.

DAVIS, Richard Davis was a rev. war soldier. He married PRISCILLA COE, of Maryland, and they had Matthew, Catharine, Eli, James, Elizabeth, William, John, Presley, Richard and Alexander. Matthew married ELIZABETH KING, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. Jane married BAYLIS RENO, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Elizabeth married ROBERT RANDOLPH, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1833. William married MARY RANDOLPH, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. John married MALINDA LUTRELL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1837. Garret Davis, son of Eli, married MILLEY DAY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1826.

DOZIER, Zachariah Dozier, of Pennsylvania, married SUSAN EVANS, and they had John, Evans, William, Thomas and Zachariah, Jr. William married SALLY COMBS, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830.

DOUGHERTY, Charles Dougherty, of Ireland, settled first in Baltimore, MD., and removed to Callaway Co, Mo., in 1817. His children were Hugh, John, Matthew, and Nancy. Hugh married HANNAH DOYLE, and they had 11 children. John married ELIZABETH HUDSON, and Nancy married WILLIAM WALLACE. They all live in Callaway Co.



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