Summary of Fawcett Information

Summary of Fawcett Information

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[ This information was summarized by the 1950's at the latest.  I'm sure that not all of it is accurate.  I do not want to publish inaccurate information, but it is an accurate account of their understanding, and may contain clues to stimulate further research.  Where I just couldn't resist putting in comments, they are in square brackets. -- S.]
Benjamin Fawcett
b. ---  d. Dec. 27, 1820
m Delilah Rigney
b. -----  d. Dec. 31, 1819
Their son    
Joseph Fawcett
b. Sept. 15, 1820 - d. Sept. 11, 1844
Lucretia Keyes
b. 1780 - d. 1849

Their children were:

1. Abner - B. Feb.25, 1802  --- d. March 10, 1835
Died of Cholera on steam boat from N. O.
2. Lyle Branson - b. July 8, 1809  ---  d. Mar. 24, 1938
3. Virginia (Aunt Gee) b. Dec. 29, 1806 - d. Oct. 5, 1882
4. Willis - B. July 15, 1809 - d. Sept. 6, 1878 (Uncertain)
5. Erasmus Rigney - b. Jan. 5, 1812 -- d. Dec. 16, 1868
6. Marcellus - b. June 22, 1814  -- d. May 8, 1851
7. Henrietta - b. Feb. 5, 1817 --- d. 1909 - (I think)
8. Curtis - b. June 19, 1819 --- d. May 5, 1849
Died crossing Isthmus [of Panama] on way to California
9. Lucretia Catherine -- b. June 2, 1822 -- d. ?
10. Niles ---  b. Dec 15, 1824 - d. Aug 30, 1862
Killed in battle of Manassas.
11. Benjamin Keyes - b. Nov. 14, 1827 -- d. Dec. 16, 1870
Killed by Mexican
12. Juliet -- b. Aug. 28, 1830 - d. Feb. 21, 1831.




Abner married Jane Crawford  
Lyle (1836) Mrs. E. R. C. Bell [comment: nee. Elizabeth Scott.  She married Lyle's partner, 
 Robert McMahon, after Lyle's death -- S.D.C, 1999]
Willis (1838) Susan Stabler (married twice) comment: married Jerusha Wight in 1860 -- S.D.C, 1999]
Erasmus married Ann?  
Henrietta Feb. 14, 1844 Eugene Gauss, Sr.   
Lucretia Catherine Dec. 22, 1844 Samuel McCluer  
Marcellus did not marry    
Virginia did not marry    
I can't find the record of any other marriages though I am sure at least some of the others married.


        Niles Fawcett was killed at Manassas which means that we could join the U.D.C., and Keyes Fawcett, in a letter that he wrote to Grandma and Grandpa Gauss from Gonzales Co., Texas in 1867, said, "I took care of the sheep during two lambing seasons after I was wounded at Sharpsburg"  This letter was about the estate of Niles Fawcett.  We evidently had two great-uncles in the Confederate army.
        These are some rather scattered notes and in some cases there seems to be a difference of opinion.
        Lucretia Keyes, wife of Joseph Fawcett, was the daughter of Humphrey and Phoebe (Styder of Strider) Keyes.
        Aunt Lucretia McCluer thought that the Fawcetts went from France to Wales, then to Ireland and from there to America.  Delilah Rigney, wife of Benjamin Fawcett, came from France when a young girl, with her parents and the Fawcetts.  They weere in London and whild they were there she married Benjamin.  They were refugees from Catholic persecution.  Just when they came to America is not known but they settled in Bath Co., Va.
-- o --
        From another paper I got this.  It was evidently written by Father [Charles Henry Gauss] and may have been given him by Grandma Gauss.
        The Father of Benjamin Fawcett was born in France and moved to England -- after a short time there he came to America.  (How old he was is not known) and when Benjamin Fawcett was born is know known.  His wife, Delilah rigney, was born in England & came over when young (probably not grown) and was adopted & reared by a Quaker minister & wife who brough her over.  (This doesn't quite "click" because I do not think Quakers have ministers). The last statement is my own idea.
        Joseph Fawcett was born in Berkeley Co., Va. in 1770 & died in 1844 in St. Charles.
        Benjamin F. was engaged in the manufacture of iron at Jorden's Forge either in Rockbridgs or Rockingham Co., Va. -- After this he was engaged in raising cattle in Bath Co.  He died in Lexington, Va. while away from home to buy cattle.  His wife died in Bath Co. where she lived a widow a long time. (Now, this last statement is one that I don't understand because in two places it is stated that Benjamin F. died in 1820 and Delilah, his wife, died in 1819.  If it refers to his 2nd wife, if he had one, he must have married in a hurry because he lived just a year after Delilah died.  Either this happened or the dates are wrong.]
        Joseph F., son of Benjamin F., was employed by his Father in the iron works for a while.  He afterward was Sheriff of Rockingham Co. and later had a store at Harrisonburg.  All of the children were born at Harrisonburg, Va. but Juliet who was born in Staunton.

         (From notes Father evidently made.)

        Grandmother Fawcett (Lucretia) was a good sized person - good looking - fair skin - heavy suit of hair (!!) - mouth large - good teeth - hair very dark - eyes dark blue.  Her mother had dark red hair.
        Grandfather Fawcett (Joseph) was a short square shouldered man - Black hair and blue eyes.
        Joseph Fawcett at one time had a store in Harrisonburg where he made a good deal of money but he went security for the sheriff and lost his property paying for the shortage of the Sheriff!  After this he went to Stauton.  He came to Mo. 1834 -- Went to New Franklin first and came to St. C. about Sept. 11, 1835.  He was Postmaster & kept a hotel.

        I re-read a letter written to Aunt Sis by Aunt Lucretia McCluer in which she made the statement that her "Grandpa Fawcett married the second time and had a large family of that wife."  Evidently there is a mistake in the date, either of his death or the death of his wife, Delilah, because it would have been impossible even for a man in his generation to acquire a wife and a large family in one year!

Source:  Handwritten original, private collection, the Chambless family.  Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.



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