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Charles Henry Gauss - 1909-07-26

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Interview with Henrietta Fawcett

Boone Co Mo. July 26 - 09
Talking with Mother about her recollection of incidents in her early life she told me the following - she is now in her 93d year - and her mind and memory are clear - she said - Her Mother, Lucretia Keyes, was 16 yrs old when she was married to my Grandfather, Joseph Fawcett.  He at that time had a general store in Harrisonberg Va - Mother remembers that her father had and two farms near Harrisonburg that town - one quite near - she remembers in her 9th year walking from the farm to town when a small girl - with her brothers Erasmus & Marcellus - they went for fruit & she brought peaches back in her apron & was glad to get the fuzz off her hands  Grandfather - was bondsman for the sheriff of his county (a man named Daniel Ragon) and was obliged to pay a considerable sum of money on the account - His property including household goods was sold to pay the debt.  Mothers older brothers Abner & Branston bought the household goods & gave them back to their Mother This occurred when Mother was about 12 yr old & the brothers were grown - After losing his property the family moved to Staunton & kept tavern about three years & then moved to Callaghans where he took a four year lease on property - for a tavern - after two years was finding it profitable he sold his lease & in March 1834 they started from Callahans for Missouri.  First Grandmother Fawcett took with her Uncle Keyes - the youngest child then only 7 years old - Uncle Curtis & her Mother  and Mother then 17 yr old - Grandfather remained at the old home a week with Aunt Va who was older with Aunt Lucretia an Uncle Niles to close up their affairs - when he came The first part of their journey was a two day ride over the Manitou to Charleston on the Kanawa river then the whole party took passage on a small steam boat - called the Kis - Kill - wah built & owned by some men named Ruffner - on this boat they went to Cincinatti reaching there the next morning - at Cincinatti they changed to a Steamboat called the Banner & went down the Ohio river & up the Mississippi to St. Gennevieve Mo - when they landed & Grandfather went across the country to the [] Mountain in SE Mo 0 where he had a friend in the iron business - he hoped to find something profitable, but did not & they then took a boat larger than either of the others, named the Majestic & went to St. Lou - from there they at once went by boat - the John Hancock to Booneville Mo - Mother has where they landed the 8th of May 1834
Mother has no recollection of St Lou in 1834 as they did not remain there any time at all

Boone Co 7/27 - 09

Cousin Susan McCarty who is here helping Sis care for Mother - told me that uncle Abner Fawcett - the oldest child of Grandfather Fawcett had married in Va a lady named Crawford - when Grandfather came west Uncle Abner left his wife & two children - girls - in Va & came with him in search of fortune - Soon after they reached Booneville - Uncle Abner took a lot of Cattle, for another man, to New Orleans - after selling them he started back North but died with Cholera a short time before reaching St. Louis - one of his children died in childhood but and the other married a man n Physician named Hopkins in Va.
In 1907 - Susan with Aunt Lucretia & cousin Net - were in Va - & met a Mr A. C. Hopkins - pastor of a Presbytern Church.  They had little time to speak to him the Sunday they met him at church - but afterward they learned that his name was Abner Crawford Hopkins and they are quite certain - that he is a Grandson of Uncle Abner Fawcett

Benjamin Fawcett - married Delilah Rigney - To them was born a son Joseph Fawcett in 1770 or 1771
Joseph Fawcett on the 25 of January 1801 - married - Lucretia Keyes - in her 15th year - she the daughter of Humphrey & Phoebe Keyes - They were married in Harrisonburg Va - in the house known as the Whitehouse - sign of the Green Tree ceremony by Revd Mr Walsh a Methodist minister-
To Joseph Fawcett & his wife Lucretia were borne the following
(1) Abner Fawcett Feb 25 1802 in Harrisonburg Va -
(2) Lyle Branston Fawcett - July 8 - 1804 Harrisonburg
(3) Virginia Fawcett Dec 29 - 1806 in Harrisonburg Va
(4) Willis Fawcett July 15th - 1809 in Harrisonburg Va
Erasmus Rigney - Jan 5 - 1812 Harrisonburg Va
Marcellus Fawcett - June 28 - 1814 Harrisonburg Va
Henrietta Fawcett Monday Jan 3d 1817 in the house purchased of David Kyles Harrisonburg Va
Joseph Fawcett - 12th of Jun 1819 Kyle House
Lucretia Catherine Fawcett June 2nd 1822 in the David Kyle House Harrisonburg
Niles Fawcett - Wed Dec 15 - 1824 Kyle House Harrisonburg Va
Benjamin Keyes Fawcett Nov 14 - 1825 in Harrisonburg in the house known as the Castle
Juliette Fawcett - on Aug 28 - 1830 in Staunton Va at the Eagle Tavern


Abner Fawcett to Jane Crawford daughter of Wm Crawford at the residence of the latter in Rockingham Co - Va - date not given.

Lyle B. Fawcett to Mrs. E R C Bell at the residence of Mrs Cocke in Green Co, Alabama Dec 10th 1836

Willis Fawcett to Susan Stabler daughter of Edward Stabler of Alexandria Va Apr 4th 1938

Samuel C McCluer to Lucretia Catherine Fawcett Dec 22 - 1841 - in St. Charles Mo

Eugene Gauss to Henrietta Fawcett at the residence of Joseph Fawcett in St. Charles Mo - Feb 14 - 1844

Phoebe Keyes  Mother of Lucretia Fawcett - wife of Joseph Fawcett - died on the 7th of Sept 1779 - at the [Chadybenti] springs in Shenandoah Va
Delilah Fawcett  Mother of Joseph Fawcett (nee Rigney) died at her residence in Bath Va Dec 31 - 1819 -

Benjamin Fawcett - father of Joseph Fawcett (husband of Delilah F) died at home of John Whittington near Lynchburg Va. Dec 27th 1820

Juliet Fawcett - daughter of J & L Fawcett died Feb 27th 1831
Joseph Fawcett - Sept 11th 1844 in St. Charles Mo

Lucretia Fawcett (wife of above) July 19th 1849 - in St. Charles in the Emmons House - Clay street

Curtis Fawcett May 15 - 1849 while crossing Isthmus of Panama on his way to California

The "Cabin" in St. Charles Co Mo -- The Cabin - was the home of Niles & Keyes Fawcett on the bank of the Marias Croche Lake - where they lived with Marcellus & Virginia Fawcett

Niles Fawcett - killed Aug 30 1862 in the battle of Manassis in Va

Susan wife of Willis F - died Jan 14th 1852 at the house of her Mother in Alexandria Va

Ann wife of Erasmus F. died at their residence in Gonzales Co Tex Sept 8 - 1868

Erasmus F. died in Gonzales Co Tex Dec 16 - 1862

Ben Keyes Fawcett was killed by a Mexican sheep herder in his emply on the 16th of Decr in West Texas

Willis Fawcett died in Texas Sept 6th 1878 - His body is burried under a live oak tree a few miles from Yorktown Texas

Virginia Fawcett - died Oct 5 - 1882 at the residence of S. C. McCluer on Dardenne Prairie St. Charles Co Mo

Eugene Gauss - Sr died at his home in Boone Co Mo - July 4th 1896 - aged nearly 85 yrs

When Grandfather Fawcett left Callaghan to travel to Mo - He put a lot of beds & bedding in bales & loaded them on wagons to be hauled to Charleston- Va The wagon was in charge of Uncles Abner Erasmus & Marcellus - Grandfather then took Aunt Va- Lucretia & Niles & went by stage - when all of the party - had gathered at Charleston they took the boat & went to Cincinatti - &c



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