William Edward ANDERSON / Mary Cynthia WITHINGTON

William Edward ANDERSON / Mary Cynthia WITHINGTON

Husband: William Edward ANDERSON

Born: 1873at:
Married: 1902at:
Died: 1947at:
Father: John Crawford ANDERSON
Mother: Jennie DAUGHTERY
Spouses: Mary Cynthia WITHINGTON
Sources: [28]

Wife: Mary Cynthia WITHINGTON

Born: 1874at:
Died: 1940at:
Father: Francis Edward WITHINGTON
Mother: Mary Rebecca ROHRER
Spouses: William Edward ANDERSON
Facts: Census: 1880, Shirley Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA [30]
Sources: [29]


Name: Frances Rebecca ANDERSON
Born: 8 Jun 1903at:
Married: 1925at:
Died: Nov 1987at: Huntingdon, PA
Spouses: Lynn MITCHELL
Facts: Nickname: Betty
Notes/Sources: See here

Name: Philip Kenneth ANDERSON
Born: 30 Sep 1904at:
Married: 1928at:
Died: 16 Feb 1990at: Absecon, Atlantic Co., New Jersey
Spouses: Margaret HANN
Notes/Sources: See here

Name: Thomas Eugene ANDERSON
Born: 25 Mar 1910at:
Married: 1940at:
Died: Jun 1972at: Pennsylvania
Spouses: Ruth SHEPP
Notes/Sources: See here

Name: Ella Mae ANDERSON
Born: 15 May 1912at: Petersburg, PA
Married: 2 Jul 1936at: Anderson Home, Petersburg, PA
Died: 1 Jun 1965at: Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland
Buried: at: Oakland Cemetery; Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland
Spouses: William Wampler NACE
Notes/Sources: See here

Name: Edward Withington ANDERSON
Born: 14 Jun 1917at:
Married: 24 Dec 1939at:
Died: 9 Dec 2004at:
Spouses: Ruby Virginia GRIMM
Facts: Occupation: United States Postal Service, Vehicle Maintenance
Residence: Altoona, PA
Residence: Newry, PA
Notes/Sources: See here

Anderson Siblings during WW2 The Anderson siblings and their father, probably taken during World War II.

Left to right: W. Edward, Betty (Frances), Phil, Tom, Ella, and Ed.

Ed and Tom Anderson during WW2 Probably taken the same day as the above photo: father Ed and son Tom Anderson.
Mary Anderson and her first grandchild, Marjorie Anderson Mary Anderson holds her first grandchild, Marjorie Anderson, about 1926.

At right are Marjorie's parents, Phil and Peggy (Margaret). At left is Phil's younger brother Ed.

Nace-Anderson Wedding held on July 2nd, 1936 William Nace and Ella Anderson wedding guests are shown at the Anderson home in Petersburg, PA on July 2nd, 1936.

From left to right:

  1. Mary Anderson
  2. Tom Anderson
  3. Marjorie Morton
  4. Julia Morton
  5. Phillip Anderson
  6. Jean Morton
  7. Carrie Withington Williams
  8. Joan Morton
  9. Mary Longenecker or Ella Cresswell
  10. Ed Anderson
  11. Mary Logon Nace
  12. Merrill Williams
  13. T.Roy Morton
  14. William Nace
  15. Merrill Nace
  16. Ella Anderson Nace
  17. Alice Dickson Nace
  18. Marjorie Anderson
  19. Juliet Danner Nace
  20. Frank Houser
  21. Mary Houser
  22. Donald Anderson
  23. Harriett Kocher
  24. Grover Kinzy (Bill Nace's boss at Hagerstown Soil Conservation Service)
  25. Elizabeth Dickson Nace
  26. Frances Rebecca Anderson Mitchell
  27. Ella W. Jackson
  28. W. Edward Anderson
  29. Unknown
  30. Unknown
Mary Anderson, 1936 Mary Anderson; probably taken on the same day as the above photo.

[28] [S8] Charts by Cynthia Withington Nace Barnes

[29] [S8] Charts by Cynthia Withington Nace Barnes

[30] [S69] 1880 United States Census

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Husband: Robert SLOAN

Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Father: William SLOAN
Mother: Ann MEANS
Spouses: Mary MACBRAYER
Sources: [428]


Born: at:
Died: at:
Father: David MACBRAYER
Mother: Elizabeth CAMPBELL
Spouses: Robert SLOAN
Sources: [429]


Name: Susannah SLOAN
Born: 1773at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: John SLOAN
Notes/Sources: See here

[428] [S10] Mamam's Notebook

[429] [S10] Mamam's Notebook

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