Oberotterbach Lutheran Confirmations
Confirmations always took place on Palm Sunday in Oberotterbach, and appear to have taken place when a child was between 12 and 15 years old.
1827 (8 April) 1828 (30 March) 1829 (12 April) 1830 (4 April) 1831 (21 March) 15 April 1832
Heinrich Örther Friderich Jacob Hezl Nicolaus Seibel Phillip Lohr Michael Lutz Heinrich Brendel
Georg Dahl Friderich Schneider Phillip Gragÿ Phillip Anthes Jacob Lehr Georg Peter, son of Franz Heinrich Peter
Philip Anthes Georg Nicolaus Anthes Jacob Brunk Jacob Metz Friedrich Lohr Lorenz Hook
Philip Kalthenbach Georg Brendel Sebastian Walther Michael Lohr Friedrich Heublauf Johannes Hiziger
Johannes Höchst Wendel Beker Michael Hej Phillip Oberthür Johannes Weinmann Jacob Heraucourt
Valentin Dahl Sebastian Brunk Jacob Kuntz Sebastian Schneider Friedrich Lohr Jacob Walther
Frederich Höchst Johannes Hüther Phillip Brunk Johannes Oberthür Johannes Metz Wilhem Örther
Philip Friedt Lorenz Schindler Phillip Conrad Johannes Örther Friedrich Lohr Friedrich Weber
Johannes Kuntz Johannes Conrad Jacob Scheib Friderich Mak Phillip Jacob Dörr Johannes Oberthür
Georg Jacob Dahl Georg Vosselmann Georg Nicolaus Wendel Johannes Dahl Johannes Wendel Georg Daum
Jacob Weinmann Phillip Örther Jacob Leitz Johannes Dahl Heinrich Örther Georg Peter, son of Balthasar Peter
Frederich Eibert Gabriel Wellermann Johannes Eibert Anna Catharina Weinmann Georg Michael Mehrer Luise Neuz
Phillip Lay Jacob Schmitz Catharina Held Elisabetha Seibel Georg Nicolaus Kastner Catharina Dirrenberger
Georg Hay Jacob Hüther Dorothea Kastner Catharina Höchst Georg Kraft Loretta Nenter
Peter Grimm Michael Kastner Catharina Dahl Catharina Örther Peter Pfeiffer Christina Conrad
Georg Gedgy Phillip Weber Rosina Conrad Catharina Elisabetha Schneider Rosina Schwartz Catharina Westermann
Phillip Pfeiffer Catharina Hook Anna Maria Krej Elisabetha Pfeiffer Catharina Höther Catharina Lohr
Johannes Stok Catharina Salome Lehmann Catharina Margaretha Bernius Margaretha Vosselmann Rosina Lehmann Elisabetha Claus
Frederich Sprenger Magdalena Dirrenberger Rosina Westermann Rosina Humbert Elisabetha Walther Margaretha Cunz
Elisabetha Anthes Magdalena Held Louise Westermann Rosina Grasel Rosina Heublauf Elisabetha Hez
Rosina Lutz Rosina Weinmann Eva Margaretha Weber Barbara Brunk Rosina Weber Elisabetha Vosselmann
Rosina Vosselmann Elisabetha Dahl Christina Hüther Rosina Örther Catharina Margaretha Brunk Salome Schmitz
Louisa Schopfer Margaretha Höchst Susanna Anthes Elisabetha Anthes Margaretha Seitz Phillippina Anthes
Elisabetha Mehrer Sussanna Margaretha Weinmann Catharina Lohr Margaretha Lej Elisabeth Oberthür
Catharina Clod Margaretha Conrad Christina FŸller Anna Margaretha Vosselmann Rosine Hüther
Barbara Örther Salome Schopster Magdalena Kastner Elisabetha Eibert Margaretha Hüther
Sophia Conrad Elisabetha Scheib Barbara Gander Elisabetha Held Elisabetha Ehrhardt
Frederice Herancourt Maria Elisabetha Hambert Rosina Stok Catharina Oberthür Rosina Bergmann
Elizabetha Cuntz Margaretha Gragÿ Anna Maria Nidel Catharina Margaretha Örther Catharina Grimm
Catharine Lohr Elisabetha Lehmann Barbara Bohna Louise Weber Margaretha Brunk
Elisabetha Biderwolf Magdalena Wern Anna Maria Kastner Rosina Grimm Margaretha Lohr
Margaretha Fuller Catharina Hüther Magdalena Kastner Margaretha Jund
Louisa Peter Louise Lohr Margaretha Hüther Margaretha Kitterling
Anna Elisabetha Maurer Phillipin Grimm Barbara Hüther
Anthes, Elisabetha Anthes, Georg Nicolaus Anthes, Susanna Anthes, Elisabetha Brunk, Catharina Margaretha Anthes, Phillippina
Anthes, Philip Beker, Wendel Bernius, Catharina Margaretha Anthes, Phillip Dörr, Phillip Jacob Bergmann, Rosina
Biderwolf, Elisabetha Brendel, Georg Bohna, Barbara Brunk, Barbara Heublauf, Friedrich Brendel, Heinrich
Clod, Catharina Brunk, Sebastian Brunk, Jacob Dahl, Johannes Heublauf, Rosina Brunk, Margaretha
Conrad, Sophia Conrad, Johannes Brunk, Phillip Dahl, Johannes Hüther, Catharina Claus, Elisabetha
Cuntz, Elizabetha Conrad, Margaretha Conrad, Phillip Eibert, Elisabetha Kastner, Georg Nicolaus Conrad, Christina
Dahl, Georg Dahl, Elisabetha Conrad, Rosina Grasel, Rosina Kraft, Georg Cunz, Margaretha
Dahl, Georg Jacob Dirrenberger, Magdalena Dahl, Catharina Grimm, Rosina Lehmann, Rosina Daum, Georg
Dahl, Valentin Gragÿ, Margaretha Eibert, Johannes Held, Elisabetha Lehr, Jacob Dirrenberger, Catharina
Eibert, Frederich Grimm, Phillipin FŸller, Christina Höchst, Catharina Lohr, Friedrich Ehrhardt, Elisabetha
Friedt, Philip Hambert, Maria Elisabetha Gander, Barbara Humbert, Rosina Lohr, Friedrich Grimm, Catharina
Fuller, Margaretha Held, Magdalena Gragÿ, Phillip Hüther, Margaretha Lohr, Friedrich Heraucourt, Jacob
Gedgy, Georg Hezl, Friderich Jacob Hej, Michael Kastner, Magdalena Lutz, Michael Hez, Elisabetha
Grimm, Peter Höchst, Margaretha Held, Catharina Lej, Margaretha Mehrer, Georg Michael Hiziger, Johannes
Harancourt, Frederice Hook, Catharina Hüther, Christina Lohr, Michael Metz, Johannes Hook, Lorenz
Hay, Georg Hüther, Catharina Kastner, Anna Maria Lohr, Phillip Örther, Heinrich Hüther, Barbara
Höchst, Frederich Hüther, Jacob Kastner, Dorothea Mak, Friderich Pfeiffer, Peter Hüther, Margaretha
Höchst, Johannes Hüther, Johannes Kastner, Magdalena Metz, Jacob Schwartz, Rosina Hüther, Rosine
Kalthenbach, Philip Kastner, Michael Krej, Anna Maria Oberthür, Catharina Seitz, Margaretha Jund, Margaretha
Kuntz, Johannes Lehmann, Catharina Salome Kuntz, Jacob Oberthür, Johannes Walther, Elisabetha Kitterling, Margaretha
Lay, Phillip Lehmann, Elisabetha Leitz, Jacob Oberthür, Phillip Weber, Rosina Lohr, Catharina
Lohr, Catharine Lohr, Louise Lohr, Catharina Örther, Catharina Weinmann, Johannes Lohr, Margaretha
Lutz, Rosina Oberthür, Phillip Nidel, Anna Maria Örther, Catharina Margaretha Wendel, Johannes Nenter, Loretta
Maurer, Anna Elisabetha Scheib, Elisabetha Scheib, Jacob Örther, Johannes Neuz, Luise
Mehrer, Elisabetha Schindler, Lorenz Seibel, Nicolaus Örther, Rosina Oberthür, Elisabetha
Oberthür, Barbara Schmitz, Jacob Stok, Rosina Pfeiffer, Elisabetha Oberthür, Johannes
Oberthür, Heinrich Schneider, Friderich Walther, Sebastian Schneider, Catharina Elisabetha Örther, Wilhelm
Peter, Louisa Schopster, Salome Weber, Eva Margaretha Schneider, Sebastian Peter, Georg (son of Balthasar Peter)
Pfeiffer, Phillip Vosselmann, Georg Wendel, Georg Nicolaus Seibel, Elisabetha Peter, Georg (son of Franz Heinrich Peter)
Schopfer, Louisa Weber, Phillip Westermann, Louise Vosselmann, Anna Margaretha Schmitz, Salome
Sprenger, Frederich Weinmann, Rosina Westermann, Rosina Vosselmann, Margaretha Vosselmann, Elisabetha
Stok, Johannes Weinmann, Sussanna Margaretha Weber, Louise Walther, Jacob
Vosselmann, Rosina Wellermann, Gabriel Weinmann, Anna Catharina Weber, Friedrich
Weinmann, Jacob Wern, Magdalena Westermann, Catharina


Information from Oberotterbach, Germany Parish Records, microfilmed by LDS, film no. 193102.

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