St. Mary's Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

36th & Q Streets
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska

I visited St. Mary's Cemetery mid-May 2002 and again on Memorial Day 2002. While I went looking for specific gravesites, I also came across stones with surnames in common with those I am researching.

St. Mary Cemetery Entrance St. Mary's Cemetery
Main Entrance
at 33rd & R Street
Omaha, Nebraska

1904 - 10 Jul 1952
1907 - 11 May 1981
Eugene was a son of Maurice and Susie MILAN COPENHARVE. I found a microfilm index for St. Mary's Cemetery at the Omaha downtown library. It listed Eugene's cause of death as T.B.

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Josefa Forman Josefa FORMAN
Roz. 25. Dub. 1892
Zemr. 19. Pros. 1918
There is a branch of the FORMAN (FOREMAN) family that connects with my GALUS line. I do not know if Josefa is related to these FOREMANs.

Louis Forman S/Sgt. Louis J. FORMAN
1915 - 1945
Stanley Forman Stanley J. FORMAN
Pvt US Army - World War II
May 17, 1925 - Jan 14, 1986
There is a branch of the FORMAN (FOREMAN) family that connects with my GALUS line. I do not know if Stanley or Louis is related to these FOREMANs.

Elmer Galus
Elmer Joseph GALUS
1918 - 30 Jul 1978
Elmer GALUS is my third cousin once removed. He was a son of Frank and Clara LASSEK GALUS. Accoding to the microfilmed index for St. Mary's Cemetery that I found at the Omaha downtown library, Elmer was born in Duncan, Platte County, Nebraska.

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John J. ZACH
1905 - 1944
1905 - 1984
My Maternal Grandmother was Julia ZACH THOMAS. I do not know if this John J. ZACH is related in any way to my family.

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John and Eva ZIEMBA
5 Sep 1888 - 20 Jan 1979
1894 - 22 Sep 1950
Serendipity.... I was visiting St. Mary's Cemetery to photograph the stone of Eugene and Mary COPENHARVE. As I was wandering back to my car, I browsed the names on the stones I was passing. The surname ZIEMBA stood out for a couple of reasons: (1) One of my Aunts married a ZIEMBA, and (2) in a round about way there was a John ZIEMBA connected to my KUDRON family. It turns out that this John T. ZIEMBA is the one who connects to my KUDRONs.

My Grandmother, Martha KUDRON GALUS, had an Aunt Anna KUDRON who married Louis SOKOL. Anna and Louis' son Anthony first married Cathrine KOLODZEY. Anthony and Cathrine later divorced. After the death of Anthony, Cathrine married widower John Thomas ZIEMBA. Cathrine died 13 Aug 1976 and is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Omaha. John and Cathrine were not buried together and I figured John was probably buried next to his first wife. I had no idea where. Then I "accidentally" came across the ZIEMBA stone while researching another line.

I have not made a connection between John ZIEMBA and the ZIEMBA family that my Aunt Laura married into.

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May 2002

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