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The MORITZ Family

The FOREMAN/FORMAN family connects with my GALUS family and is the paternal line of a couple of my first cousins. The MORITZ family connects with the FOREMAN/FORMANs.

In the 1890 online Nebraska State Gazetteer Farmer List for Platte County is the following listing:
Moritz Geo, Platte Centre.

1900 Federal Census enumeration for Lost Creek Twp., Platte County, NE. Ages, dates, etc. were effective for 1 Jun 1900. The enumerator was Alfred E. Hoare.

Soundex Code M632, page 10a, Dwelling 167, Family 169
Moritz, George, age 55, b Apr 1845 in Aust Poland
Head; Farmer; Married 25 years, c1875. No child information; Parents born Aust Poland; Immig. 1879; In the US 21 yrs. Naturalized citizen; Cannot read, write or speak English; Owns a mortgaged farm, ag. sched. #82.
Moritz, Anna, age 55, b May 1845, Aust Poland
Wife; Married 25 years, c1875. She had 6 children, 3 living; Parents born Aust Poland; Immig. 1879; In the US 21 yrs; Cannot read, write or speak English.

1910 Nebraska Census, Lost Creek Twp, Platte Center Village, Platte County
Dwelling 137, Family 137
Moritz, George, head, male, white, age 65, married once, 37 years, immigrated 1871, naturalized, born Aust Poland
Moritz, Anna, wife, female, white, age 65, married twice, 37 years, mother of 3 children, 3 living, born Aust Poland, immigrated 1871
The family listed just before George and Anna in the census is John and Mary Forman, Mary was the daughter of George and Anna.
(Omaha Nebraska, Downtown Public Library - 13 Feb 2000)

1920 Nebraska Soundex (Omaha Public Library)
Moritz, George; Vol 42, E.D. 194, Sheet 7, Line 83
White, age 74, bp Poland, citizenship - 1878 Na 1879
Platte County
Moritz, Anna, wife, age 75, bp Poland, NR
**** Census shows this was for Lost Creek Twp

In October 2000 my husband Bruce and I visited the St. Michael's Church in Tarnov, Platte County, Nebraska. We photographed many of the tombstones in the cemetery there. Here is the tombstone for George and Anna MORITZ.

George and Anna MORITZ George and Anna MORITZ

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October 30, 2000
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