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Bruce and I, Marge, married in the summer of 1990.  We created a "blended family", so to speak.  Bruce had three cats; I have two sons.  Our 9th grandchild was born in December 2011. 

In 1995 I revived my genealogy hobby and Bruce eventually caught the bug.  Together we researched our family histories.  We were both computer programmers by profession.  In the fall of 1998 we took a non-credit web page building class.  We combined our interests in computing and genealogy to compile and present some of our research.

In 2009 Bruce was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer and died in August 2011.  I am now retired and can spend even more time researching our family lines.  I continue to maintain and update our web page, which "celebrated" its 20th anniversary in October 2018.

  Our Family Pages

When we began, our focus was on a few family names:
Braun, Brownback, Canfield, DeVitis, Fruechte, Galus, Graham,
Humphreys, Keeley, Kudron, Paprocki, Pennypacker, Rittenhouse,
Sandlier, Santoleri, Sandelier, Sandler,
Showalter, Thomas, Wiegrefe, Zach

Over the years and many hours of research, we both added many more
family lines

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