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ScrollSunset's Genealogy "Cute and adorable" are words I usually associate with puppies, kittens and babies, but those are the words that leaped to mind at my first visit to Sunset's (aka Paula) genealogy pages. It's the graphics that prompt this thought. Every one is perfect and used in the appropriate spot, and many are some I've never seen before, so this is a refreshing change from some sites which use the same old graphics over and over. This is not a large site, but the information that is here is excellent and very well organized and detailed. There are vital records, military records, cemetery records, family photos, maps which show where Sunset's ancestors lived, and even a "Special Family Tunes" telling about which music has played a part in this family's life. I also liked the "Family Jewels" where Sunset keeps current on birthdays and anniversaries. A neat little site and I wish more home pages were this clever and as fun to visit!
ScrollThe Island Register - P.E.I.'s Premiere Genealogy Site Who would've thought that tiny Prince Edward Island could produce such an abundance of genealogy information? Dave Hunter's page is part of the Canadian Gen Web project and if you have P.E.I. ancestry, this is an absolute "must see". Among the features are the 1752, 1768, 1798 and 1848 Census records; Island Directories, P.E.I. Ship Arrivals/Departures Database; information on P.E.I. family reunions; queries; cemetery listings; historical information and several biographical sketches. All links work, the graphics are very nice and the entire site is very easy to navigate. Even if you don't have P.E.I. ancestry, I'd recommend a visit to see an exellent site!
Scroll Christine's Genealogy Website If you have African American ancestry, or are interested in it, you will LOVE this site. In addition to her own genealogy, complete with marriage and census records, Christine offers a wealth of genealogical data for those researching their African American roots. There are wills, biographies and obituaries, a list of Emigrants to Liberia, census records, Slaves mentioned in Wills on the Web, African American Civil War Web sites, and links galore. Her featured links include Black History, Slave Stories and the Underground Railroad, Runaways in the Virginia Gazette. A beautiful site and easily navigable. Not to be missed!
ScrollThe Mining Co. Terri Lamb's fantastic site has a little bit of EVERTHING - bulletin boards, chats, links, a newsletter, a message board, a contest to vote for your favorite site, FAQ's, etc. One of my favorite sections was the Genealogy 101 area. This is a terrific spot for "newbies" to genealogy to get their feet wet and have their questions answered. There are pages for forms and other aids, genealogy program software, links to Jewish resources, Native American resources and Hessian resources, and MUCH more. Terri is clearly out to help you wherever she can. Take advantage of it, and visit her site!
ScrollStanderfer, etc. Research Site Carol Lee Yarbrough has a one-name study home page that I simply adore, even though I do not share this surname. I was hooked after reading her "Women Biographies" section. There are marriage records, births and court records, census records, deeds, bible records, military records, wills and court orders, and yes, "Men Biographies", too. : D I especially enjoyed the "Old Letters" section as nothing else can give such an insight into one's ancestors. Carol gives all variations of the Standerfer surname and an explanation of its origin. And, of course, there are the lineages themselves. Her genealogy is laid out well and is easy to follow and comprehend. The graphics are nicely done and quick to load, and the little animated horse & buggy makes sure you can safely get back to the home page.
ScrollMark Ellsworth Hickman's Genealogy Pages Mark isn't kidding when he says he has 99 pages, so be prepared to spend a LOT of time here. He is extremely html literate and it shows in his graphics, forms and links. In addition to his genealogy pages, which are a breeze to understand and navigate (many photos, too), he has dozens of pages related to his work in mental health. He offers a Memorial Links Page in honor of his mother as well as a wonderfully touching tribute to her. There are links to many other sites of those researching the same surnames, genealogy links, computer-related links and a page where one can access several Search Engines. Kudos to Mark for being the first in 1998 to earn this award!
ScrollThe Gene Pool Joanne Todd Rabun has one of those web pages you bookmark and return to again and again. I've been there several times over the past year and each time, something new has been added. This is like a visit to your genealogy library - there's something for everyone here. There's a Quaker Corner which contains queries, surnames and a Quaker Meetings database. Another section, "Gifts From Our Forefathers", includes, among others, "Ye Olde English Sayings" and "Ameri Speak". There are dozens of biographies, a history of the Horseneck Riots, a page on Hiding the Regicides, another on N.J. Founders of Newark, the Legend of Plymouth Rock, a list of New England ministers, East Haven, CT Death Records, Oregon Roots, European Roots, and much more. There are numerous links to other sites, libraries, archives, etc. There are no frames or midis or other distraction and the graphics are, in a word, perfect. Whether you share surnames with the web master or not, you will truly enjoy this terrific site.
ScrollCain Connections Genealogy Dona Cain Clement has a beautiful little site in her corner of cyperspace. It goes without saying that she is researching the name "Cain" and maintains a genealogist's sense of humor about it (look for groaners about Cain and Abel). There are delightful little nooks to explore at this site, including a surname variation page which shows how a surname can be folded, spindled and mutated through several generations. There are wonderful biographies of some of her ancestors (the layouts here are excellent), an amusing "how to tell if you're addicted to genealogy" page, and a "Claim your Ancestors" page where Dona lists the surnames she discovered in a genealogy book that really has nothing to do with her research. (Anyone with the Henry Palmer Line, or MA Bay surnames from the 1600's may wish to investigate.) Her site is extremely easy to navigate, quick to load, and graphically perfect. I wouldn't change a thing and only hope she adds much more!
ScrollRootsLady's Home, Home on the Web Barbara Yancey Dore has created a fun personal genealogy site, and one of the most enjoyable I've ever visited - even though I don't share a single surname! From the opening page with a lovely photo of a covered wagon, you are directed to the index page which is broken down into various links - the Loft, the Kitchen, the Library, the Fireplace Room and my favorite, the Outhouse, and to further areas of the "property" including the Garden, Barn and Family Cemetery. You'll feel right at home while you listen to "Home on the Range" and read witty and homey one-liners posted throughout (the Outhouse is chock full of genealogy humor), and Barbara's often humorous essays on her genealogy research and her involvement with the Texas US GEN WEB project. It seems she can't stop adopting counties. : ) The pages are easy to navigate and the graphics are clever and consistent with the overall theme. Nicely done, Barbara!

ScrollLane Descendants Heather Bowers has put together an exhaustive in-depth study of the LANE name. Not content to concentrate on one specific region, she includes EVERYBODY with the name from everywhere, and even several variations of the name. There are court records, marriage records, newspaper articles, photographs, bible records, biographies, census records, military records, land records, a page for queries, a newsletter and even a Lane Web Ring! For anyone thinking of doing a one-name study, this site is an excellent example. A breeze to navigate, there are dozens of links to other related sites. Good job, Heather! ScrollWilliam Martin Genealogy And Civil War Roster Library The first thing that hits you about this page is how incredibly beautiful it is. William's use of graphics, while making the page a bit slow to load, is the epitome of tastefulness. It is, in a word, perfect! I'm truly bowled over every time I look at this homepage. He concentrates on a select group of families rather than his entire tree, specifically those from VA, WA and PA. His lineage pages contain few graphics and are thus quick to load. WIlliam's work on adding the Rosters of Civil War Soldiers (he is currently working on Ohio) has gained him recognition and kudos from Civil War and Veterans groups. His links to other web sites are relevant to his pages. A marvelous site and a definite "must see". Congratulations, my friend! ScrollCyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet What can be said about Cyndi's List that hasn't already been said? My own meager link page says of her site, "Go here and your family may never see you again." What an understatement! Cyndi's site is the glue that holds the entire Internet Genealogy community together. Her site is the hub of the wheel while the rest of us are mere spokes. Without her incredible list of genealogy sites, the rest of us would be surfing the Net without direction. Cyndi's site was one of the first places I found on the web and I probably visit there at least twice a week now. When I need to find something, I know to go to Cyndi's List FIRST! Thank you, Cyndi for all your hard work and keeping the rest of us organized! ScrollCyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit As if "Cyndi's List" wasn't enough, Cyndi has put together a comprehensive web page to help the rest of us learn everything about creating our own web pages. Not only does she lead us by the hand with very easy to understand step-by-step instructions, she offers yet another dazzling array of links to a gazillion other sites where we can find even more information. Included is detailed information geared specifically to creating genealogy web pages. For anyone who is "html-challenged", this is the place to go. ScrollNative American Genealogy If you have Native American Genealogy, or are simply interested in the history and culture, this is the perfect site to start from! A team of Native American researchers from AOL has created numerous pages at this site which are jam-packed with everything from Population Records of Southeastern Tribes to tribal rolls, and numerous links leading everywhere around the web to pages on specific Tribes, events, pow-wows, listservers, books, biographies, history, resources of every description, and a query page. It would take me five more pages to list everything that's at the site, so you'd best visit it for yourself! Congratulations to all involved at NAG for tackling a difficult research subject so thoroughly!

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