William Wilson

William, son of William and Alice was born in England and he had interests in Dunnington, for between 1638-1641, he sold or leased land there, which adjoined that of his father, William Sr. and his brother, Thomas. On September 6, 1636, William and his wife Patience (____) were admitted to the First Church of Boston, of which the Rev. John Wilson was pastor.

William took oath was made a freeman on May 25, 1636. William was a joiner or carpenter by trade; a jailer and deputy marshal by office (1642); and a planter or farmer by occupation.

In 1637 he was forbidden to carry arms, being one of the 58 Boston follows of Mr. Wheelwright and Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, who were punished by being "disarmed". "He may have been tinctured with Mrs. Hutchinson's heresies before leaving Lincolnshire, for she emigrated from that place, to Boston." William died in 1646, in Braintree, MA.

After her husband's death, the General Court had some difficulty in persuading Patience to move from her comfortable quarters in the public jail building. On October 7, 1646, it was ordered: "Whatsoever appears due to the widow Wilson from the country with respect to her late husband's wages, appearing under the hands of the Treasurer, she shall be forthwith paid and satisfied by Richard Fairbanks, as far as that comes to, which he oweth to country for the customs of wines, and the rest by the Treasurer, so as she departs the prisonhouse and quietly resign it to the Keeper!"

On May 28, 1647, widow Patience was allowed 23 [blank] "due for expenses her husband was at for laying out of charges in the prison, and to be allowed her." Patience went to the farm in Braintree and remained there until her death about 1663, in which year her estate was divided. The children were not mentioned by name in the settlement.


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