Joseph Wilson

Joseph was born November 10, baptized 12 November, 1643 in Boston, MA. He was one of the heirs of the estate left by his widowed mother. She placed him with Thomas Faxon of Braintree, but he did not treat Joseph just right and another master was secured for him. Francis Elliott, brother of the "apostle" to Indians, a teacher of Braintree, had charge of the estate until Joseph was of age, in 1663.

Joseph was a cooper by trade in Braintree and Roxbury. About 1669 Joseph Wilson moved to Andover where he became a proprietor. Joseph's estate lay on the parish line between North and South parishes, the present "Wilson's Corner." The first Grammar School, 1701, was near Joseph Wilson's.

On July 4, 1670 in Andover, he married Mary Lovejoy, daughter of John and Mary (Osgood) Lovejoy and a niece of Christopher Osgood. She died June 18, 1677. Joseph married secondly in Andover, MA on April 24, 1678, Sarah Lord, daughter of Robert and Mary (Waite) Lord. Joseph died April 2, 1718 in Andover, MA.


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