Timothy Tuttle

Timothy was born about 1682 in New Haven, CT and he removed with his father's family when he was about 8 years old to Wallingford. In early life he explored the country to the westward of Wallingford and selected land for a farm, which he cleared with his own hands. There he built a home for his family, working through the week as it was too far to go home every night and returning only on Saturdays, guided by a line of blazed trees he had marked through the woods. The spot is about a mile east of the central part of the village of Cheshire. In 1715, it is referred to in the division of Wallingford into school districts, the west division to extend "as far as west of the river, as high as Timothy Tuttle's and Timothy Beach's." Later he erected the first frame house in the town of Cheshire. It was a good specimen of the Connecticut farm house in the olden times; under its roof were born children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren of the builder. In 1727 the West Wallingford district was made a society, and at the first meeting Timothy Tuttle was voted Moderator for the year ensuing. (In early times the Moderator presided at the Town Courts, which consisted of three, five or seven of the chief inhabitants or selectmen, and in case of tie he had the casting vote.)

Timothy was married three times. He first married Thankful Doolittle on November 2, 1706 in Wallingford. The daughter of John Doolittle and Mary Peck, Thankful was born on May 4, 1688 in Wallingford and died there on November 23, 1728. Timothy secondly married Mary Peck on June 9, 1729 at New Haven, CT. The daughter of Joseph Peck and Sarah Alling, Mary was born October 6, 1689 in New Haven, and died in Cheshire, CT on January 22, 1747/8. Timothy's third wife was Sarah Atwater whom he married on June 28, 1749 in Wallingford. The daughter of Ebenezer Atwater and Abigail Heaton, Sarah was born on April 6, 1693 in New Haven and died 28 May, 1761 in Wallingford. There were no children by this last marriage.

Timothy died in Wallingford on April 15, 1756.


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