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ANGELL, Alice10th great grandmother, dated before 15 January, 1694/5.
ANGELL, Thomas10th great grandfather, dated May 23, 1685
ANGELL, Stephen7th great grandfather, dated March 27, 1771
BLISS, Margaret (Hulings)10th great grandmother, dated September 30, 1684
BLISS, Thomas10th great grandfather, oral will dated February 14, 1650/51
BUNKER, Joan11th great grandmother will dated April 20, 1625
BUNKER, Oliver11th great grandfather, will dated November 15, 1611
BUNKER, Roger13th great grandfather, will dated December 15, 1515
BUNKER, William12th great grandfather, will dated September 30, 1558
BURR, Benjamin9th great grandfather, dated January 2, 1677/78
CASWELL, Thomas9th great grandfather, dated September 28, 1691
CHOATE, John10th great grandfather, dated December 7, 1691
CHURCHILL, Josiah9th great grandfather, dated November 17, 1683
COOKE, Francis (Mayflower)11th great grandfather, dated June 5, 1663
COOKE, John10th great grandfather, dated November 9, 1694
CURTIS, Elizabeth (Hutchins)10th great grandmother, dated April 4, 1658
CURTIS, Thomas8th great grandfather, dated May 4, 1736
DOOLITTLE, John12th great grandfather, dated March 17, 1543
EDDYE, William10th great grandfather, dated August 20, 1616
FITCH, Zachariah9th great grandfather, dated May 3, 1662
GAYLORD, William10th great grandfather, dated January 31, 1671/1672
HOLMES, Obadiah, Rev.10th great grandfather, dated April 9, 1681
HUTCHINSON, Capt. Edward9th great grandfather, dated July 16, 1675
KNAPP, William9th great grandfather, intended (oral) will dated July 5, 1655
OLNEY, Thomas10th great grandfather, dated approximately 1679.
SMITH, Rev. Henry10th great grandfather, dated May 8, 1648.
SMITH, Richard10th great grandfather, dated July 14, 1664
TUTTLE, Symon/Simon9th great grandfather, dated December 19, 1627
WARREN, John "The Middle"11th great grandfather, dated March 27, 1613
WARREN, John12th great grandfather, dated April 21, 1576.
WARREN, Robert13th great grandfather dated October 29, 1544
WIGHTMAN, George8th great grandfather dated April 26, 1716.
WILLIAMS, Alice (Pemberton)11th great grandmother dated August 1, 1634
WILLIAMS, James11th great grandfather dated September 7, 1620


BRYANT, Chloe Leaming Great, Great Grandmother who died April, 1912.
BRYANT, Edmund Great, great uncle who died May 2, 1943.
BRYANT, John Great, great grandfather who died October 24, 1910.
BRYANT, John Winchester First Cousin 1R who died 1943.
DELANEY, RichardGreat, great grandfather who died August 15, 1899.
HINEY, Eliza ("Doll") (Bryant)Great grandmother, who died September 4, 1930.
HARRIS, Inez (Bryant) (Parcel)First Cousin 1R who died August 2, 1989.
HINEY, KirkGreat grandfather, who died February 16, 1942.
MATTHEWS, Albert C.3rd great uncle, who died February 26, 1902.
MATTHEWS, Emma ElizabethGreat, great grandmother who died August 25, 1909.
MOSHER, Lucretia MelvinaGreat, great grandmother who died May 30, 1909.
MOSHER, Martin3rd Great Grandfather who died August 20, 1900.
WAITE, Guy "Willie"Great great uncle, who died January 1, 1949.
WAITE, Julius PorterGreat, great grandfather who died December 22, 1910.
WILLIAMS, Arthur KinleyGrandfather who died August 23, 1955.
WILLIAMS, Edna Wean MountainGreat Aunt who was murdered July 19, 1914.

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