Robert Warren

Robert was born perhaps about 1485 and married Margaret (____). He lived in Wissington, Suffolk, England when he wrote his will, abstracted as follows:

The Will of Robarte Warren, aged and sick in body, 29 October 1544. To be buried in the churchyard of our lady at Wyston [Wissington]. To the high altar there 12d. To wife Margarett the house that I dwell in now which I did purchase of the widow Payne, with all the lands, groves, woods, meadows, and pastures unto the same belonging, as I myself hold it by copy of court roll of the manor of Alpheley Hall, during the term of her life, and after her death to James my son and his heirs, and if he die before his mother then to his next brother and to his heirs lawfully begotten, and so from one brother to another. My milch beasts and oxen to be sold and the money used to pay debts, and the residue to my wife. To my son James a white bullock. To son Lawrence and to daughter Anne 20s. each after the decease of their mother. To son Thomas three horses, harness, a cart, plough, etc. All the wheat being in Hawkyns barn to be divided equally between my wife and son Thomas, he to pay my son William 20s. out of my land called Wynston Prestney at twenty years of age. Residue of all goods to wife Margarett, with an hundred of wood out of Wyston Prestney, and I make her my whole executrix. Mr. James Abbs of Nayland, supervisor. Witnesses : Henrye Lorkyn, Willm. Plampyn of Wyston, and Thomas Gostlynge of Grotton, and others. Proved 22 February 1544/5 by the executrix.


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