John Warren

John, born about 1525, was of "Corlie" in Nayland, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Nayland on April 23, 1576. The name of his first wife is unknown, but he married secondly at Nayland on September 5, 1563, Agnes (or Anne) Howlet. She was buried on November 25, 1567. John married thirdly at Great Horkesely, January 30, 1568/9, Margaret Firmety. Margaret was buried April 19, 1576.

While it was not uncommon for people to name their children after their deceased siblings, John Warren's two sons, both named John, were alive at the same time. To distinguish between them, the eldest John was called "the elder" while the second John, the middle child, was called John "the middle." Perhaps John the Elder was a sickly child and wasn't expected to live at the time of John the Middle's birth five years later. John Warren and his wife may have wanted to ensure that at least one of their sons survived with the name.

The Will of John Warren of Nayland nexte Stoke in the County of Suffolk, husbandman, 21 April 1576. To John Warren my eldest son and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten my house that I now dwell in with the lands, woods, and pastures thereunto belonging with the appurtenances lying in the parish of Nayland, known by the name Curlie, held by copy of court of Sir Thomas Danby, knight, Lord of the Manor, which I now deliver by surrender to John Prentise and Robert Patton to the use of my eldest son John, on condition that he pay 20 out of the said lease and lands to my second son John Warren. If he die without living issue then to my second son John and the heirs of his body, and if the said John my "myddle" son die without living issue then to son Richarde Warren and to his heires lawfully begotten. For lack of such heirs to daughter Anne Warren and her heirs. To son John the elder my farm implements, and to him and his brothers John the middle and Richard and his sister Anne the household goods, pewter, brass, and livestock. To Agnes Coole, my wife's daughter, all the appurtenances that did belong to my wife that last was. To John Cole, my wife's son, a chafing dish and a candlestick. To twelve of the poorest people of Naylond 12d. to be divided among them. All residue of my goods and chattels, debts paid and my expenses discharged, to be equally divided among my four children and my two brothers James and William Warren whom I make executors, and I give them five loads of wood lying felled on my ground for their pains. I make John Prentise supervisor and I give to him 12d. Witnesses : John Prentise, Roberte Patten, Anthonye Speed, and James Warren. Proved 5 June 1576 by the executors named, William Warren in his own person and James Warren in the person of said William.

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