William Hutchinson

William was born August 14, 1586 at Alford, Lincolnshire, England and died in 1642 at Newport, Rhode Island. William, a wealthy sheep farmer and textile merchant, married Anne Marbury on August 9, 1612 at Saint Mary Woolnoth, Lincoln, England. William and Anne made their home in Alford where fourteen of their children were born. (The fifteenth would be born in America.)

The Hutchinson family came to New England in the ship Griffin, landing at Boston, September 18, 1634. The family consisted of William's widowed mother, Mrs. Susanna Hutchinson; a younger sister of Anne's, Katherine Marbury, about 24 years old; and William and Anne's eleven children (three died young in Alford). William was made freeman with his sons Richard and Francis on March 4, 1635.

William became very active politically. Already elected a deputy to the General Court in May 1635 (representing the approximately one hundred freemen of Boston whose attendance at all meetings of the legislature would have been too cumbersome), he was additionally honored by his Boston neighbors who chose him as Boston selectman, responsible for local problems such as maintenance of roads, prevention of fire, allotment of land (a post to which he would be elected three more times, serving four consecutive six-month terms.) At the same time, the court appointed him appraiser to settle small cases in the so-called particular courts.

In consequence of the Antinomian controversy, which resulted in the banishment of his wife, William removed with most of his family in 1638 to Rhode Island. As first treasurer of the new colony, he succeeded William Coddington as Judge (Governor) on the formation in 1639 of the Newport Colony. In 1640, on the union of the two towns, when Coddington was elected Governor, William was chosen one of the Assistants.

William died in Newport in 1642. His widow, Anne and her younger children moved to Pelham Bay, New York where a year later, they were massacred by Indians.

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