The earliest known Hutchinsons are siblings who named each other in their wills. Their parents are unknown. Christopher, was a clergyman who was instituted to the church of South Leasingham on the August 6, 1522, and to that of Scremby (both in Lincolnshire) on October 22, 1526. He probably died about June, 1556, as his will was proved on the 8th of July of that year, having been made on the 18th of November 1554, when he described himself as still "Parson of Leasingham". He bequeathed legacies to his sister and three brothers, and their children, perfectly identifying them all. His brother John was his Executor and proved the Will.

Nothing is known about the next sibling, Thomas except that he is mentioned in his brother Christopher's will, as having a daughter Margaret, who is also again named in her uncle William's Will as still living.

William, who, at the time of his death, was a "citizen and alderman of the city of London," was another brother. On a monument to one of his daughters, in one of the Lincoln churches, he is called "Alderman and Tanner". In the ancient records of the Corporation of the city of London he is sometimes designated as "Glover". He appears to have worked himself up from his apprenticeship to a position of some standing as early as 1540, when he was appointed to collect certain moneys in behalf of the Corporation. In September 1541, he was elected Sheriff of the city; in March 1545, an Alderman; and in September 1552, Mayor. His will is dated January 4 and proved March 6, 1556/7. In it he mentions his brother John (to whom he leaves his official scarlet gown, and also his interest in certain land in Whisby), his sister Remington and her husband, and his brother Thomas's daughter. His wife's Christian name was Dorothy, by whom he had three sons and three daughters.

Alice, who married James Remington, survived him, and she made her own will on February 19, 1559/60. However, it was not proved until March 27, 1567. Her brother, John Hutchinson, was named as Supervisor of her will, the contents of which sufficiently indicate that her station in life was very humble.

The remaining sibling was my ancestor, John.

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