Capt. Edward Hutchinson

Edward was born May 28, 1613 at Alford, Lincolnshire and died August 19, 1675 in Marlboro, Massachusetts after being mortally wounded by Indians. Edward came to New England a year before his parents in 1633, and was admitted to the First Church of Boston in 1634. Edward he returned to England for a brief time for in 1636 in Lawford, Essex he married Katherine Hamby. Katherine, daughter of Robert Hamby and Elizabeth Arnold, was born October 19, 1615 at Ipswich, Essex county and baptized there December 10, 1615 at St. Matthew's Church in Ipswich.

In the two printed abstracts of the marriage license, Richard Hutchinson, the groom's uncle, is said to have attested that the bride's mother, who gave her consent (although the bride was 21 and above) was "Katherine Hambie of Ipswich" - almost certainly a mistake for Elizabeth. Either Richard Hutchinson or the clerk who recorded the license apparently confused the names. A marriage license dated October 19, 1636 states: Personally appeared Richard Hutchinson [signed] of St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street [London], ironmonger, and alledged that Edward Hutchinson of Wanflet, Lincoln, mercer, bachelor, 24, intendeth to marry Katherine Hanbie, spinster, 21 and above, with consent of her mother Katherine Hanbie of Ipswich, Suffolk, who gives her consent, at Lawford Essex. The date of the marriage, which is not recorded in the Lawford parish register, has been given as October 13, 1636, but this is before the date of the license and is probably an error for October 23.

Edward returned to New England with his new bride sometime during 1637 and followed his family to Rhode Island where he was one of the signers of the compact at Portsmouth, March 7, 1638. His name appears in the roll of freemen at Newport in 1641, but he seems to have retained his connection with Boston, for all his children were baptized there from 1637 to 1658, and his wife, Katherine, was admitted to the First Church in Boston on February 10, 1639. Edward probably returned permanently to Boston after his father's death in 1642.

Katherine died after June 10, 1649 (when her last child was born), probably at Boston or Mt. Wollaston where the family had a farm. Edward married secondly, Abigail Firmage or Vermais ca 1650. Abigail was born probably at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England and was the daughter of (____) and Alice (Blessing) Firmage. By her first husband, Robert Button, she had four children. Abigail died August 10, 1689 in Boston.

Edward was a leading businessman and pillar of Boston by the 1660s. He became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1638, was Lieutenant in 1654, and Captain in 1657. Edward served in King Philip's War with the Massachusetts forces as chief officer of cavalry. While on a mission of friendship to the Nipmuc Indians near Wickabaug Pond, West Brookfield, Edward was mortally wounded and died at Marlboro on August 19, 1675. The incident was described by one historian:

But Philip's [King Philip] escape now soon after day-light being discovered, the English, assisted with a party of Monhegin-Indians, pursued them as fast as they could, and in the pursuit slew about thirty of them e'er the night obliged 'em to give over. However, Philip now escaping to the westward, he enflamed the several nations of the Indians in the West wherever he came, to take part with him, until the flame of war was raging all over the whole Massachusset-colony. The first scene of the bloody tragedy was in the Nipmuck-country, whither captain Hutchinson, accompanied with captain Wheeler, went, August 2 upon a treaty of peace with the Indians there, who had agreed with him a place of meeting for the consummation of the treaty, and the renovation of the covenant, wherein they had the month before promised under their hands, that they would not assist Philip in his hostilities. The Indians not coming to the place assigned, Captain Hutchinson rode a little further, and so far, that the perfidious villains, from an ambuscado, mortally wounded him, and shot eight more dead upon the spot.

Edward was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Marlboro. On July 16, 1675, Edward Hutchinson Senr. of Boston, "in perfect health and memory," made his will as follows: my beloved wife during her natural life according to my former promise and Engagement all that my farme at pulling pinte rented only by Lease to James Bill senr. and James Bill Jun. for £30 per yeare. As also that Land in the possession of Barnard Ingles rented out to him for 30s. per yeare and after her decease to be disposed of as hereafter followed. As also I give unto her that part of my house in Boston wherein I now live which I have reserved for her during her naturall life as apears by the writing I made to her children which she had by Mr. Robert Butten wherein I made over the sd house and Land to them both that which was there fathers and also that which I built and purchased since for the payment of there portions onely with yt reservation aforesd. As also I give unto her that bedsted and featherbed and boulster pillow, Blankets, Rugg, Curtains and valans which my unkle Samuell in his lifetime usually Lodged in together with One pr of Sheets and one pillow-beere and hereby cut her from any further Benefit by estate. It[em] I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Winslow during her naturall life ye peace of ground that I have reserved out of the pasture I sould to my Cozen Elia[k]im Hutchinson lying next to the house and Land that was built by Mr. Whitingham it being ten Rods in Length and forty foote in breath together with a highway to ye futher end of the sd ten Rods thorow the pasture as appeares by the sale made by me to my Cozen Elia[k]im and after the decease of my sd daughter my will is and hereby I give it to such child or children as she now hath or hereafter may have borne of her body as shell shall appointe and give it unto and further I give unto her mye daughter Elizabeth that house or the money it is already sould for together with the rent of £9 per yeare while the money is paid.

According to the Lease made by me to Thomas Hull deceased is now in the possession of Mr. Shipway and Seth Perry with which rent or principal money my order and appointment is that such a house as the money will beare shall be built upon the Land formerly mentioned to be giving lying neere to the Land sometimes Mr. Whitinghams all which shall be as before to her during her naturall life and after her decease to such Child or Children of hers as she shall dispose it unto and to ther heires for ever but in case none of Children should live to age to possess the sd Land and house then my will is it shall be to her sister Susanna Hutchinson and Such Child or Children as she shall or may have and there heires for ever whom I appointe to be heire to her sister Winslow. It[em]: I give unto my daughter Anne Dyer whom I have already given her portion in land, what bedding or other household stuff I have at Narragansett as also one Maire ther such as she shall choose. I give unto my daughter Susanna Hutchinson my farme at Rhode Island which is in possession of Giles Slocum rented out for £10 per yeareÉin case she should depart this life without heirsÉor that she should have no Child or Children to possess the sd farme arive to the age of twenty one yeares or day of marriage then my will is that the Child or Children my daughter Winslow hath or may have and attaine to the age as before shall be heires to her estate also my will is that my daughter Susana shall have the furniture of Bed, Carpet, Cupboard and Cupboard Cloath and all the furniture of the chamber wherein I Lodge besides the maire seh already hath and her Increase.

It[em]: I give to the Children I have by my present wife to say Edward, Katherine and Hanna my farme at pullinge pointe after there mothere decease to witt to Edward and Katherine three quarter parts of it to be equally divided betwixt them and the fourt quarter part to Hanna to them and there heirs for ever and in case any of them dye before they come to the age of one and Twenty yeare or day or marriage or in case they should dye without Issue as before then thre part of parts to be equally divided to the survivors or survivor together with there mayers and increase formerly given to them never the less my will is notwithstanding anything herein contained if my sone Elisha Hutchinson, Katherine [sic] Winslow, Anne Dyer and Susanna Hutchinson whome I make Executor and Executrixes of this last will shall within twelve months after my wifes decease pay or cause to be paid to my sd Sonn Edward, £150 in money and to my daughter Katherine, £150 in money. And to my daughter Hannah, £150 in money. Then my sd farme shall bee to them and their heires for ever and for the present maintenance of my daughter Katherine and daughter Hanna untill such time shall come to be possessed by them and noe longer I doe give them the rent of my part of my farme at Naraganset or whatever benefitt may further arise to me upon any land belonging to me upon any division of Land at naragansett.

Together with my part of Rent due from James Bill for my 45 sheepe he hath of mine together with the rent of my Island that lyeth before my farme. It[em]: I give unto the Children of my sister Susanna Cole 50 acres of Land out of my farme at Narraganset according to my promise to her which is not set out but shall bee sett out by Exctr and Executrixes at some outside of my farme where they see cause sett itt out. It[em]: I give to Richard Huthinson Sonn to my brother Samuell Hutchinson 50 acres of Land at Naraganset where my Executors see cause to appointe it to be provided hee live to the age of 21 years and that he either by himself or his appointement shall come to take possession ofo it and Enjoy it. It[em]: I give unto my Sonne Elisha, my daughters Elizabeth Winslow, Anne Dyer and Susanna Hutchinson whom I make joynte Executor and Executrixes of this my last will and testament all the rest of my Lands both at Naraganset as also my Island Commonly called Round Island or Hutchinson Island and all other lands, goods, debts, household stuffe, Plaite or any estate whatsoever by this my will undisposed of they paying my Just debts and funerall charges as before.

The will was witnessed by Capt. Tho. Clarke and Henry Batholmew Junir, both of whom were present when it was proved September 17, 1675. In a codicil dated August 19, 1675, witnessed by Wm. Brinsmead, Philip Reade, and John Waldo, the testator clarified his legacy of £9 per year to his daughter Elizabeth Winslow, stating that she was not to have it until the death of his wife; in the meantime it was to be improved for the maintenance of his three youngest daughters, Susanna, Katherine and Hannah. His inventory amounted to £750.

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