Edward Hutchinson

Edward, the fifth and youngest son and probably youngest child of John Hutchinson, was born about the year 1564, in the parish of St. Mary le Wigford in that city. Unfortunately, although the Marriage and Burial Registers of that parish begin as early as 1562, the Baptismal Register previous to 1621 is not now in existence, or is, at least, missing, so that the exact date of his birth cannot be ascertained.

In the Corporation Records, however, during the year 1579, there appears an entry substantially as follows: Edward Hochynson, son of John Hochynson, Alderman, deceased, enrolled apprentice to Edmund Knyght, Alderman and Mercer, of Lincoln, for eight years from the Feast of Pentecost, 19 Elizabeth [say the 27th of May 1577]. A later record, on February 8, 1579/80, says that the said Edmund Knyght came before the Mayor, and assigned over the said apprentice and his indentures to Christopher Dobson, mercer, for the remainder of their term. The object of thus antedating the commencement of the term of apprenticeship is not quite clear, but the probability is that the Mercer's Company required a service of eight years, and that, in order that the term should expire when he became of full age, his master, Edmund Knight, (who was also his brother-in-law, and an alderman as well) conveniently counted the years preceding the date of the record, during which he had perhaps lived with his family, as a portion of his actual term of service. The fact that he was so soon afterwards transferred to a new master also appears to make this assumption correct, and that the object of his friends was to secure his freedom at the usual age of twenty-one. This would establish the date of his birth as above given.

Edward is mentioned in his brother William's will in 1582/3, and proved that of his brother in 1586, when he must have been of full age. In 1592, he proved (as one of the Executors) the will of his cousin Christopher (son of his uncle William Hutchinson) and is therein described as of Alford, and a Mercer. On July 10, 1611, he is again mentioned by Margery Neale, daughter of his uncle William, who calls him her cousin, and appoints him Supervisor of her will. After completing his apprenticeship, he must have removed almost immediately from Lincoln to Alford, and established himself there in business, where he continued until his death. Edward was buried at Alford on February 14, 1631/2. His wife's name was Susan or Susanna, whom he married before 1586, and by whom he had eleven children, all baptized at Alford.

Susanna came to New England with her son, William in 1634 and she died at the home of her son-in-law, Rev. John Wheelwright at Wells, Maine in 1645/6. Of her parentage nothing has yet been discovered. She was still living in 1644, when her son John bequeathed her a small legacy. Susanna herself also left legacies to her daughter Hester (her goddaughter) and to her other children indiscriminately.


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