Robert Hulme

The name Holme/Hulme/Holmes is said to be a derivative, like Hill, Dale, Wood and others, from the character of the land or place of residence of the first person who bore it, and signifies a meadow surrounded by water, low, flat land, the deposit where two rivers or streams intersect. Robert is mentioned in the will of John Reddish, Esq. 1569, and was also mentioned in 1598 as a witness to the will of Otis Hulme of Redytch (Reddish), husbandman. Robert was baptized at Reddish, Manchester, England on August 18, 1558. He died at Stockport, Cheshire, England on January 13, 1604/5. His will, dated August 11, 1602 and proved at Chester January 28, 1604/5 bequeathed his lands to his eldest son, Robert and his widow, Alice.

Alice, whose surname is unknown, was buried on September 7, 1610 at Collegiate Church (now cathedral), Manchester, as "Alyce Wydow to Robte Hulme of Reddiche".


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