Timothy Barnard

Timothy was born at Nantucket in 1738. On January 1, 1759 at Nantucket, he married Love Swain. Love, daughter of George Swain and Love Paddock, was born in Nantucket on 16d 10 mo. 1739.

Timothy's grandson, William Barnard wrote in his autobiography:

My grandfather Barnard's name was Timothy, and grandmother's name was Lovy (Swain). My grandfather Barnard, not many years before his death, moved to Alabama, and died there. My grandfather while living on the Island of Nantucket followed the seas for a living. He was a ship captain and used to make long voyages to sea, some times be out three years or more. He followed that business for many years, but when old age began to creep on he found himself failing in strength and activity, he began to look about for some business more suitable for old age, and about that time North Carolina was settling up, and he moved there, and bought a farm and went to farming. My grandmother lived many years after his death. I do not know her age, but she was over 100 years.

The exact dates of their deaths is unknown, but both presumably died in Alabama.

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