Thomas Barnard

Thomas was born on January 21, 1574/5 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England where he was buried May 24, 1621. Thomas was a shipwright, or a builder of ships. On August 22, 1602, he married Ann Cooke.

Ann is mentioned several times in Ann Cooke's (her mother) will, proved at Beccles, England, May 27, 1626. [Note: source did not give her father's name.] Ann's children, Sarah, Thomas, Simon, Elizabeth, Ann & Robert Barnard all received 40s. when 21. Ann receives a feather bed, bolster and 2 blankets. She also receives all wearing linen and "woollenclothings," which testator usually wears, in 3 weeks. All linen divided three ways between her, brother John and all grandchildren in one month. After Thomas's death, Ann married secondly Thomas Deynes.

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