Robert Barnard

Robert was born ca 1614 in England and died in 1682 at Nantucket, Massachusetts. Robert and his brother, Thomas both came to New England, though it is not known exactly when. Robert was listed as a yeoman living in Salisbury 1642 - 1644; in Andover, 1645 - 1663; and on the island of Nantucket the remainder of his life. In Andover he had a house and lot near Mr. Simon Bradstreet's as one of the first settlers, and he was one of the founders of the church there in 1645. He married Joan or Joanne Harvey some time before the birth of their first child in Salisbury in 1642/3.

Robert and his family came to Nantucket in 1663 and he purchased a half share of his brother Thomas. The Town Records show that on the 5d 12 mo. 1663, "John Bishop, Mr. Coffin, Robert Barnard and Peter Folger are appointed to view and consider of Land in order to the Laying out thereof for cornfields or other use."

Robert died at Nantucket in 1682. Joanne died on March 31, 1705/6 at Nantucket.

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