Walter Gaylord

Walter was born about 1626 probably in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. He came with his father to Dorchester, Massachusetts on the Mary and John in 1630 and moved with his family to Windsor, Connecticut.

On April 22 or 29, 1648, Walter married Mary Stebbins, the daughter of Deacon Edward Stebbins and Frances Tough who was born ca 1629/30. She died June 29, 1657 in Windsor and Walter married secondly, on March 22, 1657/8, Sarah Rockwell, daughter of William Rockwell of Windsor by whom he had at least two children.

Walter had an acre lot and dwelling house from Matthew Sension in the Palizado at Windsor. He was admitted as a member of Windsor Church on May 5, 1651. He contributed 2s. 6d. to the Connecticut Fund for Relief of Poor in other Colonies, 1676. His wife gave in cloth 6s. 3d. and his son Eleazer, 1s. 6d. in flax.

Sarah, died on August 7, 1683 in Windsor, and Walter died there on August 9, 1689.

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