John Farmer

John, called "John Farmer alias Johnson" in his will, was born between 1571 and say 1580. Either he or his father may be the man who on November 12, 1604 transferred land in the parish of Ansley via a final concord to Humphrey Smyth and Thomas Packwood (the latter apparently his first cousin). He made his will September 22, 1625; an inventory was dated October 20, 1625, and the will was proved March 17, 1625/6. The will indicates he also held land in Twycross, Leicestershire, where a Farmer family is well attested. John had a wife Elizabeth, named as executrix in his will, to whom (if she was the mother of all his children) he was likely married to say 1600 to 1605, since he named seven surviving children in his will, only one of whom was then married.

Elizabeth's surname and origin are not known, though she may be connected to one of John's "loving friends and kinsman" who were to be overseers of the will, either William Brooke of Elford or Willing Keeling of Hollerton. Elizabeth was perhaps the "Elizabeth Farmer, widow" was buried in Ansley November 20, 1652.

John's will named two sons, John, who was to inherit "the house and land where I dwell" in Ansley, and Edward, who was to inherit "my house and land at Twycrosse," as well as "ten poundes to set him up in his trade." The will named five daughters, beginning with Hannah, who was to receive, along with her two daughters (names not given) 12d. each. The other four daughters, Elizabeth, Patience, Mary and Lydia, were to receive sixteen pounds each "at the day of their marriage or within three years after my decease." The will also named two godsons, Josias Packwood and James Bush, and three "loving friends and kinsmen" who were to be overseers. An inventory of John Farmer's estate was sworn in October, 1625, showing that he died shortly after making the will.

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