Isaac Colton

Isaac was born on November 21, 1646 at Longmeadow, Massachusetts and died there September 3, 1700. On June 30, 1670, he married Mary Cooper at Springfield.

June ye 30th 1670 Isack Colton & Mary Cooper Joined in Mariage. Leiut Tho Cooper & Quarter Mr. Geo: Colton Attested their Legall Publication.

Mary, daughter of Thomas Cooper and Sarah Slye, was born at Longmeadow on Octber 15, 1651 and died there on August 30, 1742 at the house of her son, George. On March 26, 1676, Mary was captured by Indians, as she, with others, was going to meeting. She was badly wounded and left for dead, but she recovered.

After her husband's death she married secondly, Edward Stebbins as his second wife, on October 18, 1701. There were no children from this marriage. Edward, son of Thomas Stebbins and Hannah Wright, was born April 14, 1656 at Springfield and died there October 31, 1712. Edward was also captured by the Indian in 1676 while he was with Samuel Bliss and he was carried to the falls above Deerfield. With a youth named Gilbert , Edward made his escape from the Indians and told the authorities where they were, whereupon the English went and destroyed three hundred or more of them.

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