David Church

David was born in Watertown, MA on September 1, 1657. He married Mary (____) before June 16, 1686 at Watertown. David was an innholder or innkeeper in Watertown 1687-1688, though he is called "tailor" in some documents. His wife, Mary was admitted to the church in Watertown on November 6, 1687, the same day their son, John was baptized.

In 1701 and 1703 he purchased land in Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. In 1708, the family removed to Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut. He was an original Patentee of the Town and its first Town Clerk, an office he held for twenty years. On July 8, 1710, David Church was one of nineteen citizens of Woodstock and Killingly who petitioned the Town of Providence to lay out a road for their use into Providence because "Wee have great Occasion to Come to your Town in an Ordinary way shall have more and more." The David Church who signed this petition was undoubtedly the Town Clerk of Killingly.

In 1738 he deeded land to his "well beloved son" John and mentions his grandson John. The records of Killingly have the death of Mary "widow of David Church" December 7, 1751, so it is clear that David died some time before his wife did, though the exact date is unknown.

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