John Choate

John was born in Chebacco-Ipswich on June 15, 1661. He was married four times: (1) Elizabeth Graves on July 7, 1684; (2) Elizabeth (____) Giddings, widow of Thomas Giddings on May 19, 1690; (3) the widow Sarah (____) Perkins in 1723; and widow Prudence (Woodward) Marshall on March 17, 1728/9. He had children by his first two wives only, though the death date of either is not known precisely. His third wife, Sarah died November 19, 1728, and his fourth, Prudence died June 9, 1732.

In 1702, John Choate was chosen a selectman of the town, and in 1712 a deacon of the church in Chebacco, of which the Rev. John Wise was the pastor, and he continued in the office deacon until his death. He was a man who took an active part in town and church affairs and was universally esteemed in the community. His house stood on the part of the old Choate homestead. Among the most ancient gravestones standing in the old cemetery in Essex, MA are those of the four sons of John and Elizabeth (Giddings) Choate who all died of fever in 1718 within five weeks of each other between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four years. John himself died in Chebacco on July 17, 1733.

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