Benjamin Cady

Benjamin was born about 1707 and baptized April 4, 1714 at Killingly, Connecticut. On March 11, 1739/40, Benjamin's father gave him a deed by gift "a certain tenement of housing and lands that is to say, ye East End of my Dwelling house from top to bottom, Even that that my son Benjamin aforesaid now lives in, with a third part of my barn, also one third part of my farm I now live on, as well as low land, mowing land, pasture land, wood land, orchard and fences, all lying and being in Killingly."

On November 24, 1733, Benjamin married Elizabeth Church. Elizabeth, daughter of John Church and Elizabeth Evans, was born ca 1714 and died at Killingly on July 6, 1788. Benjamin died a few months later on November 1, 1788. The Cadys appear to have lived in a part of Killingly which is now Brooklyn, CT.

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