Nathaniel Bliss

Nathaniel was baptized on December 28, 1622 at Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England. He came to America with his parents and removed from Hartford to Springfield, Massachusetts with his mother in 1643, about seven years after that place was purchased from the Indians by William Pynchon. His homelot was ten rods wide and was the second below the present William Street. Three years later on November 20, 1646, after he was well settled, Nathaniel married Catherine Chapin at Springfield. Nathaniel died in Springfield on November 8, 1654.

Catherine, daughter of Deacon Samuel Chapin and Cicely Penny, was baptized in 1626 at Berry Pomeroy, Devonshire, England, and died in Springfield on February 4, 1712/3. Her grandfather, Henry Penny, in his will of April 6, 1630, bequested to her 12d. After Nathaniel's death, Catherine married secondly, Thomas Gilbert on July 31, 1755. She had four more children by him. After he died on June 5, 1662, she married thirdly, Samuel Marshfield on December 28, 1664, by whom she had four more children. Samuel, the son of Thomas Marshfield, arrived in Springfield in 1658 and was married to Hester Wright, a daughter of Deacon Samuel Wright. It is inferred by some of his account with John Pynchon that he was a tailor, for he is charged with "100 Needles 2s 6d, 2 lbs. of thred 7s," and he is credited with "Taylery worke of old 4 4s 4d,". From 1663 to 1668 inclusive, he held the office of Selectman thirteen years, and in 1680, 1683 and 1684 he represented Springfield as Deputy in the General Court. He was one of the witnesses to Margaret (Hulings) Bliss's will.

Catherine died in Springfield on February 4, 1712. Her third husband, Samuel died May 12, 1692.


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