Boggs Births in Gallia County,Ohio(1864-1881)
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Gallia County BOGGS Births

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1864 thru 1881
Anna Boggs 9/15/1879 Moses S. Boggs N.J. Clark
Bertha Boggs 11/17/1871 A.N. Boggs Sarah J. Miller
Charles Isaac Boggs 1/4/1873 A.W. Boggs Margaret Harman
Charles T. Boggs 2/1/1871 George W. Boggs Taphena S. McMillen
Commodore Boggs 6/7/1874 Samuel Boggs Nancy Albright
Cora B. Boggs 7/6/1877 Moses L. Boggs Nancy J. Clark
Edith Boggs 9/15/1876 W.S. Boggs Martha Slagle
Edna Boggs 2/28/1870 A.W. Boggs Margaret Harman
Edward Boggs 11/22/1868 George W. Boggs Phina Boggs
Elizabeth Boggs 12/24/1879 Samuel Boggs Nancy Albright
Esco Boggs 7/3/1875 A.W. Boggs Margaret Hammons
Homer Boggs 3/28/1873 Moses S. Boggs Nancy J. Clark
Joseph William Boggs 6/1/1873 George W. Boggs Sophena S. McMillen
John Fred Boggs 3/23/1874 John Boggs Mary E. Maloon
John H. Boggs 7/14/1875 Moses Boggs Nancy J. Clark
Lester Boggs 1/22/1878 W.S. Boggs Martha Slagel
Lillian M. Boggs 9/27/1878 James W. Boggs Annis L. Marrow
Mary M. Boggs 5/17/1870 Frances M. Boggs Lovica Prose
Ora M. Boggs 3/4/1878 James A. Boggs Matilda A. Waugh
Sady B. Boggs 12/13/1877 Samuel Boggs Nancy J. Albright
William E. Boggs 1/20/1880 James A. Boggs Matilda A. Waugh
----Boggs 3/19/1870 John Boggs Mary Malone
----Boggs 3/4/1872 F.M. Boggs Louisa Prose
----Boggs 12/2/1875 Samuel Boggs Nancy Albright


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