Will of Alex Russell

Last Will and Testament of Alex Russell, deceased

Know all men by these presents, that I, Alexander Russell of Saline County, Arkansas, do make and establish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking two former wills made by me, one made on the 24th day of May 1888, and one made on the 23rd day of July 1895.

1st I will that my executors hereinafter named pay all my just debts.
2nd I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, should she survive me, all my personal property of every kind and description, absolutely; and for her life as a homestead the following lands:
Viz:  N ½ of SW of SE of S. 29---20 acres
                    SE. SW of S. 29---40 acres
        S ½ of NE of SW of S 29---20 acres
  and            SW of SW of S 29---40 acres 
to have and to hold use and occupy as long as she lives, and at her death to be divided as hereinafter provided.
3rd I give, devise and bequeath to my three living sons, H.B., E. C. and J. A. and to the children of John A., deceased, and to Jennie Hogue (whom I reared) share and share alike all my property not otherwise disposed of herein. I mean for the children of John A. deceased to have a one fifth part.
4th I will and by these presents appoint and constitute E. C. Russell and D. M. Cloud executors of this my last will and testament.
    I especially request and desire that they perform this trust without giving bond or being required to make any settlement with any court and that no costs be paid except the cost of framing and probating this will.
5th I will and request that my executors have full power to sell and convey all other lands belonging to me and of the proceeds of said sales to first pay off a debt to John L. Hughes, and the residue to be paid to my heirs and beneficiary as herein before specified, and after the death of my wife that her homestead be sold and conveyed by my executors, and the proceeds to divided in proportions as before stated.
    Subscribed to by me on this 18th day of January 1904.
Alex Russell
Witnesses: W. A. Russell, James M. Russell
Proved: September 30, 1905

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