Lewis Family Bibles

Presented to William A. Lewis by Aunt Phoebe Fix
Sarah Melissa Cole was born April the 4th 1836 on Monday at Howard Steuben Co New York
Benjamin Franklin Lewis was born October the 23rd 1827 at Mt. Vernon Knox Co Ohio
William A. Lewis was born Novermber the 24th 1859
Mittie T. Peden was born January the 13th 1869 in Mississippi
Myrtie Irene Lewis was born April the 8th 1888
William Ernest Lewis was born October the 11th 1890
Ada Rosabelle Lewis was born January the 1st 1892
Charles Stewart Lewis was born June the 19th 1894
Vida Viola Lewis was born March the 18th 1912
Harold Powers Lewis was born January the 10th 1915 and died August the 8th 1924 at 3-5 p-m being 9 years 6 months and 28 days old
Agnes R. Lewis was born April 5th 1873
Edward M. Lewis was born June 24th , 1869, Died Feb 7th, 1937
Gladys Wanda Gould was born Dec the 5th 1912
James Benjamin Lewis was born December the 14th 1896 and died January the 12th 1897
Arthur Herbert Lewis was born June the 15th 1898
William A. Lewis and Mittie T. Peden were married January the 28th 1886 at 3 p.m. on Thursday
Henry Gould and Myrtie Lewis were married Feb 12th 1912 on Monday
W. A. Lewis and Agnes Powers were married Feb the 21st 1901
Sarah M. Lewis died December the 27th 1891 at 11-15 p.m. on Sunday aged 55 years 8 months and 23 days
William Ernest Lewis died October the 17th 1892 at 1-35 a.m. aged 2 years and six days
Benjamin F. Lewis died May the 2nd 1894 at 6-30 p.m. aged 66 years 6 months and 9 days
Elizabeth E. Peden died July the 27th 1890 at 12-40 p.m. on Sunday
Charles Stewart Lewis died March the 2nd 1895 aged eight months and eleven days
Additional information from Bible of Alfred Homer Lewis, William's brother:
Samuel Cole died February 25, 1872 Aged 71 years, 4 days old
Cynthia Cole died April 26, 1859, Aged 54 years, 8 months, four days
Amelia Saline Cole was born May 13, 1839 on a Monday
Mary Judith Cole was born October 17, 1841, on a Sunday
Eunice Emily Cole was born June 7, 1845, on a Saturday
Phebe Ann Cole was born May 6, 1850 on a Monday

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