Letter from Sarah Nelson

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Presbyterians here  they are mostly Baptist and Methodist and
some few Cumberland Presbyterians  there is a Methodist campground about a quarter of a mile from us and we live about two miles from a Baptist church--there is a school going on at this time two miles from us--the Country is about as much broken here as it is in Hawfield  we have good spring water here plenty and the people all look very well and I am in hopes that we will enjoy good health here--Father has not bough land yet  he has rented a place this

year and expects to buy it when it comes in market  the owner of it died last spring  it has a large double hous on it and good chimneys in each end and a kitchen and all other out houses--we have been envited to one quilting but did not go as we had not got acquainted with the people--they do not have many frolics like they do in most new countrys  there is hardly ever a ball in this neighborhood and but very few persons that dances--I must tell you what have been doing  we have quilted our spreads since we came here and have been kniting socks to sell and get 5 cents a pair  we have got a wheel and we are spining and feel as at home as we did in North Carolina  but I think of you all very often and would be glad (to see) you but I have not felt discontented yet not wished myself back--Menece Jane says you and Mr. Jones must hurra and make up the match and come out here and not think of setting in that old country  tell Emily if she will come here I will give her a beau  tell Cornelia Tinen that Calvin Check came out here with us and is living in Little Rock but he says he intends to (go to) NC after his girl--we live twenty miles southwest of Little Rock and it is a flourishing and beautiful town--you must write soon as you get this and tell me all about the Hawfields  give our best respects to ___ert polly and Betsey and all the neighbors  when you write direct you letter to Benton PO Saline County  Jane sends her love to you all  give my love to your Father and mother and all the family and accept a full portion yourself

    Sarah A. Nelson

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