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Cemetery Location

The map below shows a portion of Clinton Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  The village of Annandale is in the center of the inital Google maps view.  The cemetery can be found by taking State Rt. 31 north towards Clinton, which is just off the top left side of this initial map.  About two miles south of Clinton you pass the North Hunterdon High School on the left.  At the next intersection on the right go right on Old Allerton Road (shown on the map as Co. Rt. 633, Allerton Road) towards Annandale.  On the left just after entering this road is the old Adam Runkle house.  This road then goes down a hill, and then back up another.  At the top of this hill there is an old red brick house on the left, which is the old McCloughan mansion.  Just past this house on the left is the lane to the cemetery.  Turn left and drive down the lane and park out of the way near the end.  The cemetery is located behind the old red barn at the end of the lane.  NOTE:  When you arrive, it is strongly recommend that visitors notify anyone found at white house near the end of this lane that you wish to visit the cemetery.  The cemetery is maintained by the Runkle family Association, and there is a permanent easement across private land for access to the cemetery.

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Burials in the Cemetery

Note: The "[ Red numbers ]" below refer to Fisher's system for numbering the descendants of Adam Runkle.  Refer to: Ben Van D. Fisher, 1899, The Runkle Family, T.A. Wright, Publisher and Printer, New York, 366 pp.  The following information on the burials is taken from the Runkle Family Association Newsletter No. 15, March 1998.

Adam RUNKLE [ 1 ]; d. Nov 1800  (Adam was the first burial.)

Mary YOUNGBLOOD RUNKLE; d. 1805  (the wife of Adam RUNKLE [ 1 ])

Jacob RUNKLE [ 7 ]; b. 1763; d. 8 Sep 1825(sic)  (Note that both Jacob's headstone and Fisher show Jacob as having died in 1824 rather than 1825, as shown in the Runkle Family Association Newsletter No. 15, March 1998.)  (Jacob owned the farm after Adam and Mary RUNKLE's death.)  (His headstone reads, "In Memory of JACOB RUNKLE Who died Sep 8 1824 Aged 60 years")

Euphemia "Effy" Eick RUNKLE; b. 21 Nov 1772; d. 17 Dec 1834 (the wife of Jacob Runkle [ 7 ])

Philip RUNKLE [ 34 ]; b. 10 Jun 1792, s/o Jacob and Effie RUNKLE; d. 8 Mar 1833  (He left a wife, Sarah, and 5 children. Sarah later remarried.)

Catharine RUNKLE WERT [ 38 ]; b. 1 Jan 1799, d/o Jacob and Effie RUNKLE; d. 22 Oct 1874

John C. WERT; b. 27 May 1783; d. 23 Jul 1841  (husband of Catharine RUNKLE WERT)

Christiana WERT WEART [ 206 ]; b. 29 Jan 1826, d/o John and Catharine RUNKLE WERT; d. 24 Dec 1882  (Christiana and Jacob were third cousins.   Note also that Fisher says Christiana is buried in Mechanicsville, NJ.)

Jacob S. WEART; b. 18 Jul 1823; d. 28 Dec 1886  (husband of Christiana WERT WEART)

Amanda R. WERT [ 210 ]; born 1839, d/o John and Catharine RUNKLE WERT; d. 12 Jun 1843

Sallie RUNKLE [ 39 ]; b. 15 Aug 1800, d/o Jacob and Effie RUNKLE; d. 6 May 1801  (buried in a small unmarked grave near Adam and Mary)

Elizabeth RUNKLE PRALL [ 41 ]; born 19 Apr 1804, d/o Jacob and Effie RUNKLE; d. 8 Jun 1835  (She was wife of William PRALL and left 2 daughters.)

Cemetery Notes

Note: the following information is take from several newspaper articles in the Flemington, New Jersey Democrat dating from 1989.

In early 1989, the owner (the Clinton Point Associates of Morristown, New Jersey) of the property surrounding the cemetery (19.5 acres between Routes 31 and 78) tried to have the Runkle family remains moved to another cemetery so that the land could be declared free from designation as a cemetery so that they could develop the property.  However, Judge Wilfred Diana, Superior Court, Somerset, NJ, ruled in March, 1989 that all of the Runkle direct descendants own the cemetery, and the Clinton Point Associates must obtain permission from them before the Runkle family remains can be moved.  It was this action that catalyzed the Runkle descendants to form The Runkle Family Association so that they could work together to look after the cemetery and pursue other common goals, such as tracing their Runkle family heritage.  Late in 1989, the Clinton Point Associates hired an archaeologist to take test borings in the cemetery to determine where the graves were located.  When the Association found out about this, they had Judge Diana issue an order to stop, because the Association had not given them permission for this work to be done.

The McCloughan mansion, built in 1860 with additions made to it in 1900, is also located on the 19.5 acre property, was also slated to be razed by the developers.  All of this land was once Adam Runkle's farm.  It was owned by the Runkle family until 1837, when it was sold to Henry McCloughan, who built his house there.  This is the old red brick house mentioned in the directions, above, to the cemetery. As of March 1998, the Runkle Family Cemetery was being registered with the New Jersey Graveyard Preservation Society.

Cemetery Images

The Cemetery Before 1899

1999 Cemetery Photo

Another 1999 Cemetery Photo

Sign installed in 2001


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