Wilson's of Rutherford, TN

The Wilson's of Gibson County, Tennessee

by Vicki Wilson Shaffer

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I am researching the Wilson family who lived in Gibson County, Tennessee during the period of 1850-1876.  These Wilson's apparently were in Wilson County, Tennessee before they settled in Gibson County near Rutherford.  I created these pages to share my research.  Wilson's are extremely hard to research, as there were so many of them but these pages contain data that myself and cousins have found so far about our Wilson's.

Table of Contents                                                 

The Prospectus Page  An unusual genealogy story of how I discovered my Wilson family in Gibson County, Tennessee.

Wilson Family Outline  An outline of our Wilson family

1874-1876 Estate Settlement   Benjamin Franklin Wilson died intestate ca 1874 and his estate settlement can be viewed here.  There are many names from Rutherford, Tennessee.  This also gives you a good idea of what became of a woman and her children when her husband died without a will.

1852 Land Deed A deed of sale   of 30 1/2 acres in Gibson County, TN between Thomas, Catherine and Charity Flowers to B.F. Wilson.

1852 Land Deed  A deed of sale of seventy acres in Gibson County, TN between Jesse Carraway of Obion Co. TN and B.F. Wilson.

1857 Apprentice Bond of John Warren  An apprentice bond made for John Warren between B.F. Wilson, Thomas Flowers and Wm. P. Ward

1861 Land Deed  A deed of sale of 100 acres in Gibson County, TN between B.F. Wilson and Sintha Wilson.

1876 Land Deed  A deed of sale from Charlotte A. Wilson to Stephen Witherington

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