Individuals A, 1889 directory
Springfield and
Clark County, Ohio
Before 1900

1889/90 Springfield City Directory

This information may be useful as a substitute for the 1890 federal census.  The pages were scanned and converted using OCR, so there may well be errors that I did not catch.  If you find one, or any other error, please let me know.  Lagonda and East Springfield were separate villages in 1890.  The directory covers only the city of Springfield, and not all of Clark County.

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  Abbott Alvira, widow of J. W. res 212 W. Washington
  Abbott Geo.  W. painter, res 55 Fisher
  Abbott Henry E. machinists res 212 W. Washington
  Abbott Wm.  A. shooting gallery, 47 W. Main, res 212 W. Washington
  Abele Jos. stone mason, res e s Urbana Pike north of Corp. Line
  ABELL J. B., Attorney at Law and Business Solicitor Springfield
      Daily Democrat, Office, 26,@ S. Market; Residence, 150 W. Main
  Abell Wm. W. cigar maker, res 96 E. Main
  Ackerman Chas.  F. molder, res 304 S. Yellow Springs
  Ackermann Anna. domestic, 233 Clifton
  Ackerson D. H. slate roofer, res 60 Clifton Av
  Ackerson Della, saleslady, 38 S. Limestone, res 60 Clifton Av
  Ackerson Edward H. (T.  C. & E. H. A.) res 68 E. Mulberry
  Ackerson T. C. & E. H. (Thos.  C. & Edward H.) roofers, 138 S. Lime-
  Ackerson Thos.  C. (T.  C. & E. H. A.) res 68 E. Mulberry
  Ackley Alfred H. foreman core maker, Springfield Malleable Iron Co. res,
      683 W. Main
  Ackley H. H. res s w c Main and Isabella
  Adam Barbara, widow of Fred. res 321 W. Mulberry
  Adam John W. clerk, res 321 W. Mulberry
  Adana Mary, res 321 W. Mulberry
  Adam Rosa A. dress maker, res 321 W. Mulberry
  Adams Albert, res Obenchain Av nr Water Works Av
  Adams Benj. florist, res 398 W. Southern Av
  Adams David, coachman, 76 N. Limestone
  ADANS EXPRESS CO., C. M. Day, Agent, 22 S. Limestone
  Adams Geo.  C. clerk, Jas.  E. Adams', res 26 E. Mulberry
  Adams Geo.  W. grocery, cor Clifton and Clifton Av, res s e c Pleasant
      and Factory  Adams J. M. res 121 1/2 W. Main
  ADAMS JAMES E., Restaurant, n s Washington b Market and
     Limestone; Residence, 20 E. Mulberry
  Adams John, laborer, res w s Oak b Clifton and Eastern Av
  Adams John E. daily market, 195 S. Yellow Springs, res 273 W. Pleasant,
  Adams Mary res 32l W. Mulberry
  Adams Mary L. widow of Nathan, res 122 E. Columbia
  Addlesberger Luther, tinner, res 136 S. Race
  Adelman John, carpenter, bds 207 E. High
  Adelsperger Chas.  C. (Rightmyer & A.) res 139 S. Plum
  Adenau Frank R. detective, res 79 Monroe
  Adkins Belle, cook, 33 W. Jefferson
  Adler Fannie, rooms 14 N. Factory
  Adler Leon, solicitor, Union Central Life Insurance Co. res 330 S. Market
  Adlington Frank M. fireman, bds 608 Lagonda Av
  Adlon Fred. peddler, res s s Central alley b Main and Columbia and Syca-
     more and Murray
  Adlon Gregor, laborer, res Fred. Adlon's
  Adlon Katie, res Fred. Adlon's
  Advent Christian Church, 377 W. Main
  Etna Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. 5 E. Main
  Affleck Elizabeth, widow of Wm. res 127 W. Jefferson
  Affleck Henry, machinist, res 127 W. Jefferson
  Affleck Wm. machinist, res 127 W. Jefferron
  Agnew Patrick J. florist, s s Grand Av b Limestone and Clifton Av, res
  Agricultural Insurance Co. of Watertown, N. Y. 3 Commercial Building
  Ahlenfeld Labema, res room 18 Lagonda House Block
  Ainge Henry, machinist, res 38 Taylor
  Ainge Wm. coachman, 538 E. High
  Ainsworth E. L. machinist, res 77 S. Factory
  Ainsworth Essie, milliner, res 77 S. Factory
  Aird Grace, res 151 York
  Aird Jas. machinist, res 151 York
  Alber Rosa, domestic, 16.1 E. High
  Albin Bruce, painter, res 259 W. Mulberry
  Albin Cyrus, painter, n w c Clark and Mechanic, res same
  Albin E. E. time keeper, Whiteley Malleable Iron Co. res 28 N. Factory
  Albin Florence E. res 286 Grand Av
  Albin Forrest E. carpenter, res 286 Grand Av
  Albin L. Belle, res n w c Clark and Mechanic
  Albin Rodnev W. house and sign painter, res 333 W. Pleasant
  Alcorn John, laborer, bds 119 E. Main
  Aldrich A. R. florist, e s Belmont Av north of Main, res same
  Aldrich Aaron, huckster, res 148 S. Spring
  Aldrich Albert E. traveling salesman, res 135 Chestnut Av
  Aldrich Chas.  F. carpenter, res 368 W. Liberty
  Aldrich Geo.  W. res 535 E. High
  Aldrich Lucinda, ies 410 S. Market
  Aldrich Mara D. painter, res 148 S. Spring
  Aldrich Sarah M. widow of Azro, res 535 E. Hivh
  Aldrich Wm.  M. carpenter, res e s Oak b Clifton and Eastern Av
  Alexander Anna J. (widow of John) dress maker, res 137 Rice
  Alexander Arthur H. printer, res 98 E. Pleasant
  Alexander Chas. driver, 8 S. Market
  Alexander Chas. J. street contractor, 168 Clark, res same
  Alexander Clara, teacher, res 562 N. Belmont Av, Lagonda
  Alexander Clarence H. painter, res 202 S. Factory
  Alexander E. L. cabinet maker, res 113 York
  Alexander Edward, machinest, wks The Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co
  Alexander Eliza, widow of Nicholas, res rear 184 Winter
  Alexander Enoch, laborer, res 184 Winter
  Alexander Fanny, teacher, res 73 Clifton Av
  Alexander Geo. laborer, res 191 Mound
  Alexander Geo.  E. machinist, res Shop st, Lagonda
  Alexander Geo. F. painter, res 202 S. Factory
  Alexander Hartford, printer, res 98 E. Pleasant
  Alexander Henry, laborer, res off w s N. Limestone north of Corp. Line
  Alexander Horace E. res 206 S. Yellow Springs
  Alexander John, painter, res 184 Winter
  Alexander John T. painter, res 28 Taylor
  Alexander Jos. P. machinist res 73 Clifton Av
  Alexander Kitty, widow of Alex. res 20 S. Spring
  Alexander Maggie, widow of Daniel, res 86 1/2 W. Main
  Alexander Marietta, laundress, res 20 S. Spring
  Alexander Mary, widow of John, res 168 Clark
  Alexander Thos.  M. laborer, res 46 Maiden Lane
  Alexander Wm. painter and paper hanger, res 168  Clark
  Alexander Wm.  B. assistant foreman, The Warder, Bushnell & Glessner
     .Co. res 562 N. Belmont Av, Lagonda
  Alfred Daniel, cook, res e s Primrose alley b Main and High
  Algire Andrew L. carpenter, res 467 W. High
  Algire E. Kurtz, res 467 W. High
  Alig Adam, baker, bds 66 Clifton
  Allamon Mrs. E. M. assistant matron, Clark County Children's Home
  Allan C. B. student, res 42 Walnut
  Allan Jos. engineer, res 42 Walnut
  ALLAN STEAMSHIP LINE, H. M. Brooks, Agent, 64 Kelly's
  Allen Albert, bricklayer, res rear 305 W. Main
  Allen Alvin A. bricklayer, res 262 W. North
  Allen Austin, painter, rooms 206 S. Center
  Allen Bert, molder, res rear 305 W. Main
  Allen C, H. carpenter, rooms 584 W. Main
  Allen Caddie, res 525 Lagonda Av
  Allen Chapel A. M. E. Churcb, n s Summer b East and Central Av
  Allen Clifton A. painter, res rear 305 W. Main
  Allen Effie, res Mrs. Julia Allen's
  Allen Elijah, iron worker, res 525 Lagonda Av
  Allen Elizabeth, widow of John Wm. res 879 n s W. High nr Sigler
  Allen Eugene E. laborer, res rear 305 W. Main
  Allen F. R. fruits, 18 E. High, res same
  Allen Geo.  E. laborer, res 164 W. Main
  Allen Harry, clerk, bds 129 E. High
  Allen Henry C. carpenter, res 53 1/2 W. Main
  Allen J.   real estate and insurance, 3 Commercial Building, res 92
     Clifton Av
  Allen Jackson, cook, res 293 Patton
 Allen James G. base ball player, res 87 W. Jefferson
 Allen Mrs. Jennie, cook, res 293 Patton
 Allen John, stone mason, res 400 W. State west of Jackson
 Allen John P. optician, res 67 N. Spring
 Allen Mrs. Julia, res n s Cedar al b Yellow Springs and Race and Cedar
      and Grant Av
 Allen Lillie E. res rear 305 W. Main
 Allen Mattie A. res 82 E. Patton
 Allen Milton, laborer, bds Hardy Burt's
 Allen Myrtle, res 525 Lagonda Av
 Allen Reuben, painter, bds Edward Studer's
 Allen Robert, elevator conductor, bds 43 Kizr,
 Allen SadieL. res 82 E. Patton
 Allen Samuel, engineer, bds 101 Mound
 Allen Samuel C. grocery, 29 Scott, res same
 Allen Thos.  H. laborer, res 164 W. Main
 Allen Walter J. engine valves, res 800 W. High
 Allen Walter S. machinists bds 150 W. Main
 Allen Wm.  Henry, grinder, res 82 E. Patton
 Allen Willie H. hammerman, res rear 305 W. Main
 Allison Benj.  F. res 350 Clifton
 Allison Bejj.  F. jr. collector, Second National Bank, res 340 Clifton
 Allison Cora B. res 24 W. Liberty
 Allison Geo. carpenter, rooms 65 N. Market
 Allison Jas. J. wood turner, res 723 W. Main
 Allison L. A. printer, Springfield Sunday News, res 77 Greenmount Av
 Allison Luther C. foreman, res 24 W. Liberty
 Almbs August, machine hand, res 172 Winter
 Almoney Wm. assistant baggage master, C., C., C, & St. L. R. R. Pass-
      enger Depot, res 171 Clark
 Alsheimer Chas. engineer, res 264 E. Columbia
 Alt Chas.  A. res 9 Pearl
 Alt Geo.  W. res 15 Pearl
 Alt Margaret, widow of John W. res 171 Lagonda Av
 Althoff Albert C. S. clerk, 31 S. Limestone, res 218 W. Columbia
 Althoff Anna M. clerk, res 218 W. Columbia
 Althoff Elenora L. dress maker, res 218 W. Columbia
 Althoff Rev. Fred. W. pastor German Evangelical Lutheran Church
      (Zion's) res 218 W. Columbia
 Althoff Fred. W. student, res 218 W. Columbia
 Althoff Henry F. bricklayer, res 251 S. Factory
 Althoff Mary, clerk, res 218 W. Columbia
 Altschul Arthur, clerk, 62 Kelly's Arcade, res 60 N. Limestone
 Altschul Chas. optician, res 60 N. Limestone
 Altschul Louis S. book-keeper, 71 E. Main, res 173 S. Factory
 Altschul S. jr. & Co. (Samuel A. jr. & Michael Einstein) cigars and
      liquors, 62 Kelly's Arcade
 Altschul S. Mack, correspondent, 71 E. Main, res 173 S. Factory
 Altschul Samuel, jr. (S.  A. jr. & Co.) res 60 N. Limestone
 Altschul Sarah, widow of Samuel res 173 S. Factory
 Altvater Bertha, res 161 W. Main
 Altvater Berthold, daily market, 161 W. Main, res same
 Altvater Wm. clerk, res 161 W. Main
 Amann Magdalena, res 77 W. Main
 Amann Mrs. Magdelenaa, proprietress Globe Restaurant, 77 W. Main, res
     Bookwalter Block; D.  R. Hosterman, Agent
 Ambler A. A. foreman drop forging department, Warder, Bushnell &
     Glessner Co. res 141 S. Market
 Ambrose Fred.  E. molder, rer, 113 S. Race
 Ambrose Jas.  R. res 1161 W. Main
 Ambrose Julia E. widow of Jos. W. res 113 S. Race
 American Central Insurance Co. of St. Louis, room A Arcade Building
 AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., D. L. Dolson, Agent, 68 Kelly's
 American Fire Insurance Co. of N. Y. 5 E. Main
 American Insurance Co. of Boston, 27 S. Pliitn
     PRIA, Wallace & Dye, Agents.
     Kelly's Arcade
 Amerique Mary, widow of Jos.  E. res 158 W. Jeffersoii
 Amos John, laborer, res 124 E. Washington
 Amsden Noah C. res 222 W. High
 Amstutz Jacob, carriage maker, res  rear 303 W. Columbia
 Anberg August, baker, bds 541 E. Main
 Anderson Abraham, carpenter, res n s National Pike west of Corp, Line
 Anderson B. C. waiter, Lagonda House
 Anderson Chas. plasterer, bds 11 W. Washington
 Anderson Chas. waiter, res 114 E. Main
 Anderson Chas.  A. laborer, res west of Mad River Valley Pike b National
     Pike and N. Y., P. & 0. R. R
 Anderson Clarence, res Sampson Anderson's, Clifton Av
 Anderson Con. machinist, res 23 W. North
 Anderson Eliza B. hair work and dress making, 310 W. North, res same
 Anderson Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, res 23 W. North
 Anderson Emma, domestic, 162 S. Yellow Springs
 Anderson Emma M. res Sampson Anderson's, Clifton Av
 Anderson Emry C. carpenter, res 213 W. State
 Anderson Ernest, blacksmith, res n s alley b Mulberry and Jefferson and
     Center and Factory
 Anderson F. B. machine hand, res 116 Taylor
 Anderson Fred. laborer, res w s alley b Factory and Mechanic and Jeffer-
     son and Washington
 Anderson Gabriel, head cook, St. James Hotel, res n w c Water and
 Anderson Geo. B. driver, res n s Summer b Kelly Av and Elder Av
 Anderson Geo. W. blacksmith, res 236 N. Murrav
 Anderson Ida, res 114 E. Main
 Anderson Isaiah W. wheel maker, res s s Washington nr Walter
 Anderson J. C. boots and shoes, 114 E. Main, res same
 Anderson Jas. res 647 W. Main
 Anderson Jas. carpenter, 227 S. Market, res same
 Anderson Jas. W. A. laborer, res 386 W. Southern Av
 Anderson John H. salesman, 92  S. Center, res 119 S. Factory
 Anderson John W. bds 262 Gallagher                                 
 Anderson John W. stone mason, res n s National Pike west of Corp. Line
 Anderson Julianna widow of David, res 92 Clifton
 Anderson Keziah Elizabeth, res 76 Winter
 Anderson Lizzie, res 72 Winter
 Anderson Martha P. res 386 W. Southern Av
 Anderson Mary, res 92 Clifton
 Anderson Mary A. res 386 W. Soutern Av
 Anderson Mary A. res 21 Clifton Av
 Anderson Mary A. widow of John, res 21 Clifton Av
 Anderson Mary J. cook, res 114 E. Main.
 Anderson Nancy, widow of Isaac, res 117 Fair
 Anderson 0. H. foreman core maker, Whiteley Malleable Iron Co. res
      231 S. Market
 Anderson Sampson, shoe maker, res w s Clifton Av south of Rice
 Anderson Samuel, brakeman, bds 230 E. North
 Anderson Sanford, blacksmith, 393 S. Yellow Springs, res 386 W. South-
      ern Av
 Anderson Wm. rooms 161 Clifton
 Anderson Wm. H. flagman, res n s Court b Light and Shaffer
 Anderson Wm. H. huckster, res 213 W. State
 Anderson Wm. H. painter, res 9 N. Shaffer
 Anderson Wm. S. res Sampson Anderson's, Clifton Av
 Anderson Wm. W. varnisher, res 191 Fair
 Andreas Chas. A. drug clerk, 22 E. High, rooms 235 S. Center
 Andrew Mrs. Lavina, res Anthony C. Rockafield's
 Andrews Benj. machinist, res 274 W. Southern Av
 Andrews Chas. W. traveling salesman, res 255 East
 Andrews John, laborer, res 25 Scott
 Andrews N. H. president The Andrews & Putnam Co. 42 S. Limestone,
      res s w c Center and High
 ANDREWS & PUTNAM CO. (THE), N. H. Andrews,
      President, Samuel Clark, Vice President; W. S. Putnam, Secre-
      tary and Treasurer; Dealers in Furniture, Carpets, Queensware,
      Stoves, Ranges, Mantels, Grates, Curtains, Rugs and Draperres, 42
      and 44 S. Limestone
 Angell John H. foreman foundry, Blakeney Foundry Co. res 553 W. High
 Angell Lillie E. res 553 W. High
 Anglo-Nevada Assurance Co. of San Francisco, Cal., 7 Arcade Building
 Ansbury Peter, boiler maker, bds 60 East
 Ansley L. M. laborer, res 231,W.  Mulberry
 Anway John D. molder, res cor Water Works Av and Obenchain Av
 Anway Milton B. brakeman, res 350 E. Pleasant
 Anway Wm. laborer, res rear 820 E. High
 Anzinger Frank, wholesale cigars, 41i W. Main, res same
 Appelton C. E. printer, n w c High and Factory, res 50 Walnut
      Groceries, Flour and Provisions- also, Public Auctioneers,
      Red Men's Building, 638 Lagonda Av
 Applegate J. W.  (Applegate & A.) res 614 Lagonda Av
 Applegate John E. (A. &- Applegate)-; also, public auctioneer, office, 638
      LagonA Av, res 614 Lagonda Av
 Applegate W. A. physician, office, room 5 Arcade Building, res Irwin
 Appleton Andrew M. harness maker, res 327 Dibert Av
 Appleton Wm.  E. molder, res 76 Summer b Kellev Av and East
 Aquarone Naomi, teacher, Springfield Seminary, res same
 Arber Fred. machinist, res s s Catharine east of Clifton Av
 Arber Mary, widow of Samuel, res 6S N. Spring
 Arbogast Alice D. res 156 S. Yellow Springs
 Arbogast Mrs. Annie, res 59 N. Market
 Arbogast Chas. H. foreman bending room The Tricycle Manuf. Co. res
      263 W. Pleasant
 Arbogast Clinton D. farmer, res John A. Arbogast's
 Arbogast E. G. wagon maker, 20 S. Race, res 263 W. Pleasant
 Arbogast Eli M. carpenter, rear 141 S. Yellow Springs, res 141 S. Yel-
      low Springs
 Arbogast Geo. W. carpenter, i@es 141 S. Yellow Springs         
 Arbogast Ida R. clerk, County Atiditor's Office, res 156 S. Yellow Springs
 Arbogast J. Forrest, blacksmith res 91 W. North
 Arbogast J. H. carpenter, res 156 S. Yellow Springs
 Arbogast J. 0. carpenter, res 40 Franklin
 Arbogast Jas. R. molder, res 156 S. Yellow Springs
 Arbogast Jolin A. farmer, res south of State b Center and Factory
 Arbogast Lydia 0. res John A. Arbogast's
 Arbogast Nellie M. res 156 S. Yellow Springs
 Arbogast Nettie C. res 263 W. Pleasant
 Arbogast Sheridan, painter, res 59 N. Market
 Arbogast Victor R. machinist res 293 W. Main
 Arbogast W. A. collector, Springfield Gas Light & Coke Co
 Arbogast W. Edward, student, res 263 W. Pleasant
 Arbogast Walter H. machinist res 263 W. Pleasant
 Arbogast Wm. H. foreman carpenter, n e c Columbia and Center, res 293
      W. Main
 Arcade Building, High, Washington and Market
 ARCADE HOTEL, E. M.  Munger, Proprietor, High, Market and
      Washington, opposite the Depot
 Archdeacon Richard, janitor Wittenberg College, res same
 Archer Daniel C. laborer, res s s Pleasant nr Isabella
 Argabright Mrs. S. A. widow of W. H. res 241 W. Columbia
 Argabright Wm. (Snvder & A.) res 381 W. Columbia
 Argabrigbt Wm. F. painter, res 241 W. Columbia
 Armand Mary, res 268 Lagonda Av
 Armstrong Arthur, laborer, res 132 Fair
 Armstrong Bernard B. (A. Bros.) es 78 Greenmount Av
 Armstrong Bridget, widow of Jas. res Jas. Armstrong's, Laurel st
 Arynstrong Bros. (Bernard B. & Wm.  C.) boiler manufs. s w c Burt and
      Sheridan Av
 Armstrong Chas. molder, res Thos. Armctrong's, Eastern Av
 Armstrong Chas. A. painter, res 1.15 S. Center
 Armstrong Chas. M. salesman, 27 S. Limestone, res 164 W. Columbia
 Armstrong David, (A. & Goody) bds 366 E. Pleasant
 Armstrong Emma F. res 182 Fair
 Armstrong Emma L. dress maker, 67 S. Centre, res same
 Armstrong Frank, helper, bds 64 Lincoln Av
 Armstrong Geo. driver, res 132 Fair
 Armstrong Geo.  F. foreman molder, The Superior Drill Co. res 155 Scott
 ARMSTRONG & GOODY, (David A. & Chas.  G.) Wine and
      Beer Saloon; Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars Co'nstantly on
      Hand; also, Pool and Billiard Room, 372 E. Pleasant
  Armstrong Grace, widow, of Robt. res rear 66 E. Liberty
  Armstrong Jas. laborer, res 57 Farlow
  Armstrong Jas. laborer, res s s Laurel east of Lagonda Av
  Armstroug Jennie, res 132 Fair
  Armstrong John, laborer, res 413 W. North
  Armstrong John, molder. res Thos.  Armstrong's, Eastern Av
  Armstrong Maggie, res n e c Forest Av and Mound
  Armstrong Maggie, res Jas.  Armstrong's, Laurel st
  Armstrong Mary, chambermaid, Arcade Hotel
  Armstrong Mary, widow of John, res 67 S. Center
  Armstrong Mason, machinist, res 285 S. Center
  Armstrong Nona, res 132 Fair
  Armstrong Robt. coachman, 352 E. High
  Armstrong Robt. machinist, bds 21 W. Washington
  Armstrong Samuel, laborer, res 279 E. Pleasant
  Armstrong Samuel S. forenian molder, Armstrong Bros.' res n e c Mound
      and Forrest Av
  Armstrong Thos. res s s Eastern Av east of Kelly Av
  Armstrong Tbos. laborer, res rear 66 E. Liberty
  Armstrong Tbos. jr. molder, res Thos.  Armstrong's, Eastern Av
  Armstrong Wm. boiler maker. res n e c Forrest Av and Mound
  Armstrong Wm. laborer, res 285 S. Center
  Armstrong Wm. machinist, res 123 York
  Armstrong Wm. C. (A. Bros.) res n e c Forrest Av and Mound
  Arnett Andrew, shoe maker, res 15 E. Southern Av
  Arnett Mary, widow of Thos. res 15 E. Southern Av
  Arnett Nancy, res, 15 E. Southern Av
  Arnold Andrew, carpenter, res 18 N. Spring
  Arnold Anna, res 18 N. Spring
  Arnold Chas. W. driver, res e s Winter b Mulberry and Pleasant
  Arnold Edward, peddler, res, 18 N. Spring
  Arnold Geo.  A. peddler, reg IS N. Spring
  Arnold Geo.  P. laborer, res 61 E. Literty
  Arnold J. T. peddler, res 167 W. Washington
  Arnold Wim. 0. machine hand, res 114 N. Race
  Aron Abraham, jeweler, 17 E. Main, res 148 S. Center
  Aron Morris L. salesman, 17 E. Main, res 148 S. Center
  Arthur E. C. clerk, The Warder Bushnell & Glessner Co. res 330 S.
  Arthur Edwin L. law student, Oscar T. Martin's, res 165 S. Plum
  Arthur Geo. res 478 W. Mulberry
  Arthur Goo. attorney, n w c Main and Limestone, res s e c Pleasant and
  Arthur Isabelle, res 165 S. Plum
  Arthur Robert, foreman furnace department, The Wm.  N. Whitely Co.
      res 30 Vine
  Arthur T. L. res 165 S. Plum                                         
  Ashbaugh M. H. notions, 56 Kelly's Arcade, res room 19 Arcade Building
  Ashbrook Anna U. res 210 E. Librety
  Ashing Jos. laborer, res 312 Harrison
  Ashing Thos.  J. machine hand, bds 66 E. Main
  Assebrock Geo, laborer, res 176 Lagonda Av
  ASSOCIALTED CHARITIES, Office, West County Building,
      s w c Columbia and Limestone, H. H. Cumback, Superintendent
 Atchison Chas. driver, res 75 E. North
 Atchison Emma E. res 424 Dibert Av
 Atchison J. Clifford, machinist, res 198 Chestnut Av
 Atchison Joseph, machinist, res 198 Chestnut Av
 Atchison Katie, res 198 Chestnut Av
 Ater Wilson, carpenter, res alley b Eastern Av and Summer and Kelly
     Av and Elder Av
 Atherton Caleb, painter, res 190 E. Pleasant
 Atherton Emily, widow of James B. res 110 Front
 Atherton Emma, res 190 E. Pleasant
 Atherton Margaret, widow of Thomas, res 190 E. Pleasant
 Atherton Minerva, res 190 E. Pleasant
 Atherton S. J. painter, res 190 E. Pleasant
 Atkins Belle, cook, res rear 38 W. Jefferson
 Atkins Jefferson, expressman, res 253 W. Grand Av
 Atkins Joseph, laborer, res 253 W. Grand Av
 Atkinson Anna E. widow of Chas. res 62 E. Mulberry
 Atkinson J. G. coachman, 149 S. Market
 Atkison Anna, waiter, St. James Hotel
 Aton Jane, widow of Wm. res 527 Harrison
 Auchey Jeremiah, machinist, bds 45 Chestnut Av
 Aufsehlag Fred. shoe maker, res 302 Clifton
 Aughe Mrs. Abbie, widow of Jefferson, res 50 Clifton Av
 Augustus Clarence H. car repairer, res 143 Pearl
 Augustus Fred.  T. res 184 E. Patton
 Augustus James H. car repairer, res 143 Pearl
 Augustus L. W. blacksmith, bds 96 Mound
 Augustus Pearl, helper, bds 64 Lincoln Av
 Augustus Sarah J. widow of Presly T. res 143 Pearl
 Ault Gertrude G. res John W. Ault's
 Ault John W. engineer, res w s Kelly Av b Essex and Clifton
 Austin Frank D. machine hand, res Belmont Av nr C., C., C. & I. R. R
 AUSTIN J. M., Eclectic Physician and Surgeon, Office, 106 W.
     Main; Telephone 45; Residence, 76 N. Yellow Springs; Telephone 40
 Austin Mary, res 76 Mound
 Austin Michael W. clk. res 76 Mound
 Austin Thos.  P. boiler maker, res 76 Mound
 Austin Timothy J. brakeman, res 76 Mound
 Austin Walter, medical student, L. E. Niles', res 153 S. Factory
 Autz Ludwig, laborer, res 683 E. Main
 Axmann Clara B. music teacher, res 158 N. Yellow Springs
 Axmann Minnie E. res 158 N. Yellow Springs
 Ayers Mrs. Alice, res 102 E. North
 Ayers Clarence, white washer, res rear 139 E. Main
 Ayers Henry, laborer, res Albert Bowman's
 Ayers Jas. res 143 E. Main
 Ayers Jas. laborer, res Albert Bowman's
 Avers John N. laborer, res 21 Greenmount Av
 Ayers Jos. blacksmith, res 139 E. Main
 Ayers Katie, res 102 E. North
 Avers Mrs. Marian W. res 113 S. Race
 Ayers Samuel, res 9 Orchard
 Ayres Lee, res Wm.  M. Ayres'
 Ayres Thos. laborer, res Wm.  M. Ayres
 Ayres Thos. teamster, bds 80 W. Jefferson
 Ayres Wm. M. laborer, res n s Pleasant b York and East

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