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Norma Beall Leeman, of Kansas...married Raymond Stallings McLain of Loretto, KY and they had
Dorothy Vernon "M" McLain ("First Border Baby" born to Company "M" on the Texas border during the War with Pancho Villa)  This is Norma and Dorothy, 1917

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Immigrants on my line
Liberty to Bardstown
A very short introduction to the transmigrations of these families between the closest settlement from VA (Liberty, inclusive then of Lincoln and Casey Counties, to the hub of change and beginning of strong new communities in and around Washington, Marion and Nelson Counties)

 Courtney Milliner's Shop, Topeka, Kansas, where the families of Beam (Wilson), and Courtney, Phillips (Bealle), and McLain come to dwell with the Leeman Family
Includes LIGHT animation  ... takes a couple of minutes to load

Identified Immigrants

English Immigrant 
(traveled with Penn during the second colonization)

English Immigrant
(Much debated originations, but first settled in Philadelphia)

Came from Donegal Ireland ca. 1750
(First Settled in VA and Built a Mill along the Slate River)
Waters family, d. of Moses and Lizzy, Celah
March 2000

Find here information of related families
Beall and Phillips also
(this contains the little Phillips to Beall to Magruder Chart)


Colored Chart on Family Connections in KY
including surnames:
Sweeney, Stallings, Hall, Phillips, Peake, Bealle, McLain, Gardner, Riggs (see below), Magruder

Searching for Elizabeth Riggs added June 2002

McLain, William Duncan of Kentucky
to his son High Sherrif of Washington County, KY
William Thomas McLain
family date study

Unidentified Photo in McLain Possession, Probably taken in Loretto, KY
may have families from Stallings, Sweeney, Phillips, Peak, and Beall
takes a while to load...please help if you can

Beginning with John Peake of England b. ca. 1627
discussion of MD and VA Peakes, Publications
and a short bit of the line (3 generations)
Immigrated into VA 1652

Kentucky Connections
Bardstown to Liberty

info added August 2000
As part of Bardstown to Liberty You will find the work
of Clayton Stallings on the lines of Stallings, Sweeney's and Halls
The first installment on the Stallings is up, with more to come

The Mysterys Surrounding the Phillips, Stallings
Noe, and Beam families
Photo Page Hugh Cox, Alice Noe and Rachel Wilson Mysteries

To Include but not limited to the Surnames:

McLain, Gardner, Leeman, Phillips, Peak, Nevitt, Owsley, Beall, Sweeney, Stallings, Hall, Cartwright, Milburn, Beam, Noe

Nelson County Researchers:  Searching for Jerry Clark's Family Graphic?  Click Here


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